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The Cession of Venetia.

The Lata Government.

The Derby Policy.


The Derby Policy. Lord Derby's Ministerial programme is too meagre to reward, or even to afford, matter for discussion. Commonplaces about the blessings of peace, and the dntv of neutrality; and compliments to the United States-which show only how highly the Conservative chief admires snccess even in a demoeratic Republic -scarcely constitute an exposition of foreign policy. In domestic matteis we are promised that the law of bankruptcy shall le grappled with, and that Mr. Gathorne Hardy, wlom, on the principle of strengthen- ing his weakest pont, Lord Derby singles out among his colleagues for exceptional eulogy, will look into the Metropolitan Unions. As to Parliamentary Re- form, Lord Derby tays in substance, that he will not bring forward any bill at all if he can help it; and that if he is forcedto produce a measure of some kind he will try to mak(it a spurious one. Ireland is to be redeemed by handing her over from the neutrality of the official magislrature to the fierce sectarian and political bigotry )f the squirearchy. Such is the promise of Tory siatesmanship through the mouth of its most distinguithed representative. It is sufficient to contrast it witt the performance of Liberal states- manship, as narrated in the clear and concise language of Lord Russell.- Daily News.

Mr. Eyre and his Accusers.

01J}1 MISCELLANY. --+-


Derbye hys Straite Fytte.

Oft in the Chilly Night.

A Dangerous Habit.

Proverbial Foolosophy.'

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