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The Cession of Venetia.

The Lata Government.


The Lata Government. How far Mr. Gladstone is primarily answerable for j the many disadvantages un^er j had to act during this session depends lae par- he took in the Cabinet before the meetm., of Ptuliamen^, and of hi? conduct as leader of the J-IOTSS of Commons it is unnecessary to speak. The past iS past, and we have now t» pay attention to tne present, and look forward to the future. Liberated from ouieiai engage- ments, Mr. Gladstone will be ab.e to consult tne wishes of the party which he desenoect ad a moietj of the House," and it is for him «o cOiisiuer Ui3 interests with reference to his public ooiigaiaons. Meanwhile, the country, having higjier interests to protect, must be allowed to look, as it were, over heads of parties, and to bestow its confidence Without respect to persons. The Government of which Mr. Gladstone was the foremost Parliamentary representa- tive has fallen down under the burden of its own imprudence; and it only remains for us to take note of the fact, and to accept, and make the best of, the consequences.-Morning Post. t

The Derby Policy.

Mr. Eyre and his Accusers.

01J}1 MISCELLANY. --+-


Derbye hys Straite Fytte.

Oft in the Chilly Night.

A Dangerous Habit.

Proverbial Foolosophy.'

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