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Deaths through Sunstroke. — Tws deaths through sunstroke occurred oi Thursday aud Friday last near Nottingham. AlabQlring man named Eyre, aged 60, was making hay in a fieM at Codaor on Thursday, when he was 0739tvad to fall, and died almost immediately. Oa F4day afternoon a man named Smith, while at work is the hay field at Calver- ton, was ssnatruck. Ha was obeyed home instantly, but died the same evening. FrpfesEor Agassiz sajs the general impres- sion in regard to the Amasontiver is very erronsous, not only in regard to the climiteof-that region, which if aad been informed was tahealthy, but also as to its iertility. Ho found the villgy of thg Amazon un- commonly fertile, and its elismte very healthy. It is his opinion that it will one (ay become the* mart of ffhabiSntsSaP?0rtinSr iQ CCKfsrt twentymilIjons of Importation of Sgga.-lu the first five months of this year the enormously large quantity of 127 millions oi eggs have been imjjrted into this countrv • ot this quantity, 56-| milliots were brought in the 4 month of May. Compared Hth tha same months of last year, an increase is showi of 38^ millions.' Pro- gressing at this rate, the sex, year's" consumption of eggs produced abroad may bass'timated to greatly ex- ceed 500 millions. b J The Public Health.—Hie births registered in London and twelve other Isaje towns of the United Kingdom during the past wee: were 4554; the deaths registered 2,519. The annua rate of mortality was 25 per 1,000 persons living, [n London the births of 982 boys and 937 girls, in all 1,919 children were registered in the week. In th( correspond ing weeks of ten years 1856-65, the average number, corrected for increase of population, was 1991. The deaths regis- tered in London during the pist week were 1,400. It was the twenty-sixth week oi the year, and the ave- rage number of deaths for that week was, with a correction for increase of fcpulation, 1,263. The actual return is, therefore, hgher than the estimated number by 137. Terrific Thunderstorm and Fall of Ice.- A violent thunderstorm visied N owoDolOtle and the neighbourhood on Friday .fternoon. The storm, which came from a north-westerly direction, com- menced about three o'clock and lasted till between five and Bix o'clock—attain:^ its height about 20 minutes past five o'clock, rhen the thunder was terrifically grand as it bursi over the town, and the igiitmng most vivid. Danige was done, especially -i.?.^6333' where fruit trees were" almost stripped with the heavy sbwers o? hail and rain, Thres Jflrig aImoa £ tb sizs o £ pigeon's egg. nf n ?' masor!S, were vroinng upon the scaffolding naQt fl-n.r G-ateshess; when, about 20 minutes ports snllff ,the lig'hfcBi^ struck one of the sup- jjPT itting a large spar nto ribbons, so to sneak. inin? Ji %mere Ehakil!?. however, the men were not nr JAT 111611 m°wing I a grass field at Benweil, v'vll, were kuooka down, but not seriously ['! • ijfe? °?.la tho evenig the ttorm passed away felt in^l nf 7 ai^c.fciV2- ,Ti> storm was also severely