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I PRESENTS MADE TO HER ROYALHIGEf-1 NESS THE PRINCESS HELENA ON I HER MARRIAGE. I From her Majesty the Queen A cluster necklace of diamonds and opals.-A deesa brooch of diamonds and opals.—A pair of diamond and opal earrings to ¡ match.—A very large pendant composed of seven large handsome diamonds with a ruby in the centre and a large emerald drop, the diamonds, ruby, and emerald taken out of India jewels presented to her Majesty in 1863.-A tiara, necklace, brooch, and earrings, com- posed of turquoises set in diamonds.—Four diamond hair pins in the form of Sowers. These had belonged to her Eoyal Highness ;ho Duchess of Kent. I From H.E.H. Prince Christian of Sehles wig-Holstein: A gold chain bracelet vitli a large gold centre, bearing the initial letters C EL a&d a crown in rubies, sapphires, and diamonds, the initials surrounded with diamonds containing tie miniatura of his Royal High- ness Prince Christian h uniform. From the Queen Iowagor of Denmark: A large gold oval locket, with a star of diamonds in the centre, containing thehair and miniature of the Queen Dowager. I From the Queen of Prussia: An elastic gold band bracelet, with a heartlocket afHxed composed of lapis lazuli and diamonds. From the Sisters o! Prince Christian: A locket, re- presenting a shamroc; leaf, composed of emeralds with a j.arge diamond, eacl leaf containing at the back the miniature of one of frince Christian's sisters. From their Majes'ies the Kin? and Queen of fcha Belgians: A gold b&id bracelet, with "souvenir" in turquoises, with a turquoise and diamond locket. « wi1 tteis' Eighnesses ths Prince and Princess oi Wales: A handsone diamond tendeau;for the head. -A veyy handsome nby and diammd ring. From H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh: A very large diamond star. o j s, From their Eoyal Highnesses tie Princesses Louise and Beatrice, and the Princea A'thur and Leopold: Two very handsome diamond stajs. From E.B.H. Princess Louis of Hesse (Princess Alica^of Great Britain and Irelaad): A large crystal iU'Ckea a the shage of a he&if;, with the initials L., m diamonds aad rubies,in the centre. From H.R.H. the Dilke of Cambridge: A gold bracelets ornamented with pearls and emeralds. 1 From H.R.H. the Duchess of Cambridge: A gold bracelet, composed of amethysts and diamonds, sur- rounded with pearls. 3 From H.R.H. the Ducheas o: Mecklenburgh: A < circular gold locket with in diamonds on a 3 blue enamel centre'j a gold chain attached with lapis 1 lazuli beads. s From H.E.H. Princess Mary if Teck: A crystal heart locket, ornamented with rtbies and diamonds; ~T a gold ribbon sot in rubies and ditmonds at the top. Prom. the Princess Marguerie of Orleans: An 1 oxyeiseu, silver bracelet, containing the miniature and c hair of Princess Marguerite. s From the Comte da Paris and 'he Due de Chartres A tan, painted in different con&astments, and very 1 rickty mounted in carved ivory, rith the initial H." which Bad J0OS. giYQn to tho X)aoIiess of Orleans which Bad been given to the lat. Diiohess of Orleans (goamother to Priaoesa Helena) in hercwbeil de 1 noces. t From Princess Amelie of Sa18 Coburg Gotha: A fan, wisn the portrait, surroundd by flowers, of Prin- cess Amelia of Saxe Coberg Gctha, painted by the Prmeeee. J ^Froni the Prince and Princess if Leiningsn: A gold UlclCSit} fjm From the Archduchess Clotilde An oval gold locket, wito pearls and aiamonds, contttning the miniature and hair of Prinoess Clotilda. i F^°,,n tIaf Maharajah Dhuleei Singh: An elastic band bracket, ornamented with je&rls and rubies, the centre composed also of rubies ard pearls, with a large ruby in the middle. Fr@m theDuKe and Duchess ofEoxburghe: A gold band bracelet, the centre composed of a large ame- thyst, surrounded by an openwirkad border of blue and white enamel arid pearls. From Sari Granville: An o^al gold locket, with | horse-shoe of diamonds and sappiires. j From the bridesmaids (Lady jfargaret Scott, Lady j Caroline Gordon Lennox, Lady Laura Phipps, Lady Caroline Gordon Lennox, Lady LMfa. Pbipps, Lady x-i.peruha ^Hamilton, Lady Murr FitEwilliam, Lady I Aissaadrina Murray, Lady Muriel Campbell, and LeuoN- | -Bdgoatabe) i AT' i&hly-coloured enamel Holbein locket, with pink, greau, and straw-coloured brilliants, a largo black pearl centre, and a large white pearl drop. From the Ladies and Gentlemen of theEonsehoId: A Coromandel wood dressing caM, with silver-gilt fit- tings, richly cut glass dishes aid trays, mounted with engmvea silver-gilt tops, and fee cypher and coronet in raised letters, &e. A richly, chased five. light silrer candelabra in the Queen Anne style. ¡ Presents made to E.R.H. Prince Ctfristzan. From her Majesty the Queer: A silver service for the dinner table, comprising a largo centre and two side pieces, the design representing tall cicmps of btUlrushes rising from clear pojls of water, on which are placed figures of swans witx groups of water lilies and other aquatic plants. Sx chased silver table candlesticks.—Four small dittt.—Four hand candle- sticks. Presents from the Parents of. H.E.H. Prince Chris- tian to Prince Christian and Princess Helena: A richly traced silver oak-tree eeitrepieee, surmounted by a large silver-gilt dish for fmit, with a chased vase in the centre of the dish to lr>M. flowers; round the base are deer, &e.—Two ditto ditto to match. Two smaller ditto.—Oourt Newsman ■■ o

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