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I THE WAYZGOOSK This annual feast among printers is observed in London. The working men upon these occasions dine with their employers and the heads of depart. ments. Usually the rendesvons is in the outskirts of the metropolis, not far from the sound of Bow bells; { to which they are driven in four-in-hands or carriages, I This year, however, the employes of Messrs. Cassell, Fetter, aim G-alpin, La Belle Sauvage-jard, Ludgate- ■nill, determined to try the experiment of a journey to the sea-side. Thus, on Saturday, about 150 men assembled I at the Ludgate station for a trip to Margate; these, although only a fraction o £ the persona employed in the Li a Belle Sauvaga Works, exceeded the number ot former years. Arrived at Margate, the men strolled along the sands, on the cliff, on the pier, or rowed or saued_ on the water, where they esjoyed themselves to their hearts' content, free from Lsndon smoke and London Dastle. Soon after two o'clock a sumptuous &nd abundant djnner was prepared at the Fountain Hotel, at which T B. Galpin, Esq., one of the partner of the firm, presided. After the cloth had been withdrawn and the usual loyal and patriotic toasts given, Mr. J. F. Wilson, one of the practical managers, proposed toe health of the remarking upon the immense growth of business and the amount of labour performed unaer their guidance. Mr. GaIpiD, in responding, thanked all for their co- operation, without which it would be impossible to carry on successfully the large and rapidly-eztendins business in which the firm waa engaged, It was gratifying to know that the numerous works issued by the firm were highly appreciated in America as weU as .1 in this country, as proved by the success which had attended their that country. He felt a sincere pleasure in presiding at meetings of this cha- racter, and trusted that employers and employed would continue to work together in the same snirit for their individual as well as the general welfare. Mr. Jeffery, in proposing "the editorial staff," re- marked upon the difficult duties gentlemen in the lite- ra.ry department, had to perform. Editors and writers, while keepsag in view that the pablieationB issued by the firm had for their object the instruction of the reader, were under the necessity of administering that instruction in an attractive forBi, and were bound to please the public, while exerting themselves to the utmost in the endeavour to diffuse useful knowledge and elevating sentiments. and elevating sentiments. I;v?attoofc,u in for himself, and nmvra^wffiemK8rSt°' editorial staff who were 4,no absent, reminded them that that day six months they celebrated the ration of their now journal, the" Working Man," they had reMoTto lZow\7gh}j ing it would be^Sty £ £ £ T? °u £ °bUin- of its elder brother, which'lmd i Worth'y week for its support. The new ''w v-W°P^ce a would, he felt assured, bo made hv it« Y I™? Man useful and amusing; and he trJfJ fw °a be rewarded by a large circulation. ^ey would publishing departmen^'0" of "the to the success of the enterprises in which tbo a nes8 engaged, and believed that in America tho S™ wa? Cassell, Petter, and Galpin was bSZ L as m this country. ° pop alar The men returned home some by late trains in the evening, others remained by the sea-side till Mondat the London, Chatham, and Dover Company permithW the return ticket to be available till that time A51 were, however, highly pleased with their trip and determined next year to have a similar journey. 40, ■

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