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FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. II THE ETJBOPfAN AVAR. I- BERLIN, JULY 16. M. Benedetti, the Frenoh Ambassador, and the Count do Barral, Italian Minister at Berlin, have I accompanied the King to the Prussian head-quarters at Brunn. Negotiations are in progress for a truce of three days, and not for an armistice. m, ffiMo, ■; i„ BERLIN, JULT' 136. The omoial of to-d^y says:—- The assertions of various newspapers that Prussia has demanded the cession of Bohemia and Moravia as a condition of peace are entirely unfounded. A glance at the map shows that the possession of these countries by-Prnssia. would got be.: a source bf strength but of weakness. National interests also would render such an acquisition undesirable. The aim of the policy of Prussia is directed towards the establishment of a new Confederation and the convocation of a German Par- liament. Connection with countries only in part appertaining to German nationality would place obstacles in the way of the assembly of the Parlia- ment." T, FLORENCE, JULY 18. it is behaved that the Government will send spocwi commissioners into each of the Venetian province COLOGNE, JULY 15. con^ p^ok place yesterday between the Prus- f neftr Aschaffanberg, in which the f0Ter r victorious. Aschaffenberg is m aame3 and the A^ria Bavaria0 and Darmstadt forces are retreatmg. pruagia^ ar0 marohi <= £ wounded It is.expected that in tha event J-4- Federal Diet being removed to of representatives to the Germanic foreign also proceed to that city. 'tion Wlil FRANKFORT- ON-THE-Ma. JULY 14, EVENING. The Federal troops have evacuated this city, an the seat of the Diet has been removed to Augsburg. That body in notifying to the Frankfort Senate its in- tention of removing to Augsburg, states that this step was necessitated by the ill-success of the Federal forces. It also expressed its acknowledgments of the i fidelity of Frankfort to the Confederation, and hopec that the proposed German Parliament would assemble in this city. BRUNN, JULY 13. Eleven Prussian regiments entered this town yes- terday and to-day without opposition. The inhabi- tants maintained a tranquil attitude, and furnished supplies to the troops as far as they were able. The King of Prussia has just arrived here, and thefhead- quarters have been established at the residence of the governor. His Majesty was received by the Bishop of Brunn, Count Schaffgalsch, the burgomaster, and the authorities, who urged the king to spare the city, and treat the inhabitants with lenity. His Majesty replied in nearly the following terms:—" I am not here of my free choice or free will, but because the Emperor of Austria has forced me into war. I do not therefore make war against the peaceful subjects, but against the army of the Emperor. Up to the present I have been victorious, and the valour of my army in- spires me with confidence in our further success. I have been obliged to lead hither an unusually large army. It is very possible that in isolated cases the inhabitants may have cause for complaint, but this will be avoided by their readily supplying my brave troops with the necessaries of life." His Majesty has given a reception to Prince Frederick Charles, and all the Prussian generals in Brunn. 45,000 Prussian troops have been quartered upon the inhabitants, who have received them m a friendly manner. The Austrian authorities have left, taking with them the funds belonging to Government. The commander of the town, Major-General Lsngfifeld, has appointed Dr. Stieber director of police, and the latter has re-established the civil administration which had been temporarily interrupted. lulau is stated to be already in the possession of the Pruseiaae, who have commenoed marching upon Zndym. FLORENCE, JULY 12. Dispatches received here from the seat of war in Venetia state that the Austrians appear disposed to give battle to the Italians upon their attempting to cross the Adige. The Prussian Government has complimented Italy upon the operations of General Cialdini, as forming part of the plan of co-operation of the armies of the two Powers. TOULON, JULY 11, EVENING. The French ironclad frigate Provence, and the cor- vette Eclarieur, have left suddenly for Venice. The remainder of the squadron ia still taking in pro- visions. BERLIN, JULY 10. The total number of guns captured by the Prussians at the battle of Sadowa and up to the present time is 180. They have also recently captured 400 wagon leads of munitions of war. The official Staatsaraeiger of to-day says :_cc We are authorised to declare that during the recent fight- ing in Bohemia not a single Prussian gun has been captured by the enemy. If, therefore, a piece of Prus- sian artillery has recently been drawn through the streets of Vienna, it can only be the field piece pre- sented to the Emperor by the King of Prussia at the time of their alliance." PARIS, JULY 10.. The Patrie of this evening expects that the armi- stice will be accepted to-day, and adds that the term of its duration will probably be one month. Prince von Reuss has been received by the Emperor. Prince Napoleon had a long interview with his Majesty this morning. The France of this evening states that Prince Napoleon is about to leave for Verona, where his highness will receive from the Austrian authori- ties the preliminary document ceding Venetia to France. FLORENCE, JULY 10, EVENING. The Florence journals of this evening announce that the Prussian Government has officially declared to the Italian cabinet that Italy cannot accept an armistice which, being based upon the cession of Venetia, would be tantamount to a separately concluded peace, and would disengage, to the detriment of Prussia and to the advantage of Austria, the 150,000 men stationed in Venetia. FIGHTING BEFORE OLMUTZ. PRUSSIAN HEAD-QUARTERS, BRUNN, JULY 16. A successful engagement took place yesterday be- fore Olmutz between the Prussians, under the Crown Prince, and the Austrians and Saxons. The Prussians captured six guns. Other engagements are expeeted to take place to-morrow between the first Prussian army corps and the Austrian.forces now withdrawing from Olmutz. < General Benedek, who has been relieved from his functions as commander-in-chief of the Northern army, remains commander of an army corps. An attache of M. Benedetti, the French ambassador at Berlin, left here on the 14th for Vienna. The railway between Prague and Brunn is being employed for military transport. THE DEFENCE OF VIENNA. VIENNA, JULY 11. At the sitting of the Municipal Council held yester. day, the Burgomaster, Dr. Zelinka, made the following statement: — E.M. the Emperor has to-day addressed a mani- festo to his peoples. As many have supposed from the tenor of that document, that Vienna was to form a point of defence, I considered it my duty to request his Majesty to grant me, with the two Vice-Burgo- masters, an audience. His Majesty deigned to receive the prayer we addressed to him, that Vienna might not be exposed to the dangers of war. We further ex- pressed the urgent.,desire that, in view of a hostile occupation, measures might be taken with rsga-rd to the political situation, so aa to reassure and eatisty the public mind. His Majesty deigned to reply: 'The city of Vien will not form the object of defence. It is my n*™ tan the nasaaee of the river. A" "a y Jn 1 wJ to tftkn this step, even supposing it should prove w in nrdli to obviate the reproach that Austria, to'whom tha fortune of arms has been ad- verse has suddenly abandoned aU hope, and permitted the enemy to.pass the Danube" (ciiears). | 4< His Majesty furcaer aeignea to add taat the antno- I ritias, the police, and ths iwiaEancy, wore to con- tinue their functions, and. that he kiiL's elf W, ouid'-pe, vere to the end. His Majesty also ordered that the • words I have the honour to communicate should be brought by proclamation to the knowledge of the city of Vienna." Dr. Mazerhofer, vice-president, then said- I am authorised to state that hia>Majesty ti4a graciously deigned, with reference to^the politroaL question, to lay especial stress upon the fast that, in S'j1C0 kjs promise, home questions shall be o m conformity with the wishes of the people as cheers)3 eign <laestions are arranged" (prolonged PROGRESS OF THE ARMISTICE NEGOTIA- TIONS. mi „ T j -i PARIS, JULY 11. The Journal des Dibats of to-day say a :—" We have reason to believe that Prussia persists in excluding Austria from the Germanio Confederation, and main- tarns her project of Federal reform. She also demands the incorporation of Electoral Hesse, Saxony, Han- over, and the Elbe Duchies with Prussia." The Moniteur de Soir-says The belligerent Powers iiave acoepted in mimiple.. the mediation oflerea by the Empeoror Napoleon. The French Government is making every effort in favour of the conclusion of an armistice, which by preventing farther bloodshed would allow of negotiations being opened for the restoration of peace." FLORENCE, JULY 11, EVENING. The court of Berlin has declared to the Italian cabinet that. an armistice on the basis of the cession of yenetia is inadmissible. The Italian Government in its reply is said to have announoed its resolution to continue offensive operations against the Austrian empire without relaxation, in conformity with the engagements mutually entered into by Prussia and Italy, until both these Powers shall have obtained from Austria satisfactory terms for the conclusion of peace. XUMOURED ARMED MEDIATION OF NAPO- LEON. M, VIENNA, JULY 10 (EVENING). Ihe Abend,post (evening edition of the official Wiener 6eunng) says The Emperor of the French has taken fresh steps arm energetic character to effect the conclusion of an "The. General "bench fleet is on its way to Venice, and ordered to ocof, the French Commissioner, has 'been sent to the PruVenetia. General Froissart has been armed mediation ot -hoad-quartera to announce the It is the pronouncRmperor of the French. French that Austria shouill of the Emperor of the position as a great Power. be weakened in her The Army of the South is and has commenced the march nortli\v-,Kng. "Venetia PARIte," The Moniteur of this morning contains nw 11. nication relative to the armistice. ~,u_ ADVANCE OF GENERAL CIALDINI, FERRARA, JULY 11. General Cialdini is marching upon Rovigo with an army of more than 100,000 men and 200 guns. The Austrians have evacuated the whole territory between the Mincio and the Adige. The greater part of the Austrian forces are stationed at Padua. Lass im- portant concentrations of troops have been made at Bardolini, Caprine, and Monte Baldo. There are very few at Peschiera and Verona. The destruction of the forts at Rovigo appears to confirm the persistent rumours of the departure, partly accomplished and partly projected, of the Austrian troops for the interior of Austria. THE PRUSSIAN DEMANDS. PARIS, JULY 11. The Journal des Debats of to-day says:- "We have reason to believe that Prussia persists in excluding Austria from the Germanic Confederation, and maintains her project of Federal reform. She also demands the incorporation: of Electoral Hesse, Saxony, Hanover, and the Elbe Duchies with Prussia." APPOINTMENT OF ARCHDUKE ALBRECHT AS AUSTRIAN COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. VIENNA, JULY 12. The Archduke Albrecht has been appointed Com- mander-ia- Chief, and Lieutenant Field- Marshal Baron' John, Chief of the General Staff of the whole Austrian armies now in the field. FRANCE. TOULON, JULY 10. The iron-clad squadron has re-entered this port. Orders have been received to arm two more vessels, and to fit out the transport Tarn. PARIS, JULY 12. The Patrie of this evening announces that the Frenoh squadron will leave Toulon to-morrow for the Adriatic. The same journal states that the Prussian proposals relative to the conclusion of an armistice are not yet definitively drawn up, but that sufficient is known ef their general tenor to show that they are more moderate than certain journals have asserted, and that there ia a good chance of their being acoepted. The Pays declares the intelligence published yesterday by the Prance relative to the conditions drawn up by Prussia as a basis for peace to be a pure invention.

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