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ABERGAVENNY. INQUEST.—On Tuesday an inquest was held at the London Apprentice Inn, before E. D. Batt, Esq., coroner, on view of the body of Thomas Morgan. It appeared that deceased had been run over by a waggon, on the previous Thursday, by which his left leg was broken, and he received other serious injuries, from the effects of which he died after lingering three or four days. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental death." THE FORESTERS' FETE.—This Grand Fet which had been much talked of, came off on Monday last, but it turned out anything but what it was announced it would be. Not above half the number of persons came from Tredegar that were expected, and one brother" only came in by the Great Western Railway. With regard to the games, notwithstanding an extensive programme had been issued, we only observed cricket, quoits, and wheel. oTThiT affair -bftd-nt be found m the fact that there were on the same day excursions to Shrewsbury, Cheltenham, and other places. WEATHER DURIIN'G JUNE.—The weather throughout this month was generally fine, though some very severe thunderstorms were experienced. On tho 1st one of these took place, the rain and hail falling in torrents for at least half-an-hour. On the 16th there was also another storm, though slighter than the one previously recorded. On the-evening of the 27th, the neighbourhood was again visited by storm, the lightning being very vivid for some hours. The total rainfall amounted to 3.26 inches, which fell on 13 days, the greatest daily fall being 0.97 in. on the 1st, of which 0.90 in. fell in 20 minutes. The heat during the last week was excessive, 81° in the shade being reached on several occasions; the lowest marked by the self-regis- tering thermometer was 35°, thus giving a monthly range of 46°; the greatest range in 24 hours was 31°; maximum in sun lllip. The barometer was not remarkably high. Its variations were frequent. Highest reading, 30.345 in; lowest, 29.608 in.; monthly range, .737 in.; greatest range in 24 hours, .455 in. Direction of wind as followe:- W.. on eight days; N.W.,2; N.N.W.,1; S.W.,6; S.,1; S.E., 2- N.E., 5; N., 2; uncertain, 3. The following thermo- m'etricai'readings will show tho greatest heat in sun and shade during June :— Sun Shade Sun Shade Sun Shctdt 1st.. 83 58 11th..75 65 21st.. 72 59 2nd 85 65 12th.. 58 22nd.. 82 68 3rd.. 83 71 13th..82 68 23rd 96 72 4th.. 92 70 14th..85 68 21th ..100 75 6th.. 60 15th.. 60 25tb ..102 76 6th..75 65 16th.. 75 60 26th.. 103 79 7t.Ð..82 68 17th..70 60 27th..105 81 8th.. 87 66 18th.. 58 28 th.. Ill J 81 9th.. 82 68 19th..75 59 20th..105 81 10th.. 82 67 20th.. 58 30th.. 96 75 PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, before the Rev. J. FARQUHAR (chairman), and J. C. ITILL, Esq. INFRACTION OF CATTLE ORDERS.—Edward Powell, farmer, Llandenny, was charged with moving cattle along the turnpike road, near Llandenny, between sunset of Wednesday, the 27th of June, and sunrise of Thursday, June 28th. Fined 10s. and costs.- William Lewis, jun., butcher, Abergavenny, was also charged with infringing the orders. P.C. 72 deposed to having seen two boys driving two calves, belonging to defendant, along Monk- street, on the 21st of June; when asked for the license the boys produced one for store stock, which they said Mr. Walter Watkins (of whom Mr. Lewis bought the cattle) had furnished them with. It appeared that it was the duty of the seller, and in this instance part of the bargain, to obtain a license for the removal of the cattle; and it seemed Mr. Watkins had not given the boys who drove the calves the proper license. The Bench therefore dis- missed the summons. Walter Walhins (the farmer above referred to), who did not appear, was charged, on the information of P.C. Hopkins, with moving cattle without a license. Having proved the service of the sum- mons on Monday, July 9th, the officer stated that he met defendant's servant driving a cow and calf on the Aberga- vonny-road, near Llanarth; he demanded his license, and the man produced a fourteen days' license, dated June 18th, and signed by Mr. Henry Gosling, a Monmouth borough magistrate; witness told the man that the license had expired, and that he was to call his master's a!tention to it when he got home. Defendant was fined in the miti- gated penalty of 5s. and costs.—The same defendant was also charged with allowing cattle to be removed with a wrong license. P.C. 72 deposed to finding two boys, as before stated, driving two calves along Monk-street, Aber- gavenny, on the 21st of June, having instead of a license for fat stock one for store cattle. Defendant was fined 5s. and costs in this case also. A BAD HUSBAND.—Michael Murphy was charged by Mr. Lewis, relieving officer, with allowing his wite and family to become chllrg-eable to the parish. It was stated in evidence that defendant was addicted to drink, and neglected his family very much. Mr. Lewis had relieved the wife previously, to the amount of 4s. The prisoner was committed to the House of Correction for one month with hard labour. DRUNK AND RIOTOUS.—John Boyce, labourer, was charged with this pffence, P. C. Hopkins prove 0 finding defendant at a bcerhouse at Lanvihangel-mgh-Usk; he wished to fight, and witness could hardly get him away. Defendant admitted the offence, and was fined 2s. 6d. with C°I)BUNE. Mary Berryman was charged on the infor- mation of P.C. Dare with being drunk and Ijing asleep in Cross-street, about 1.3) on Sunday morning last. Fined Is. and costs. ASSAULT.—Frederick Hill, charged with assaulting his wife, was remanded in custody, at the request of Supt. Freeman, until Wednesday next. ASSAULTING THE POLICE.—Michael Hanley, labourer, Blaensifon, was brought up in custody, and charged with his offence, P.C. 72 stated that. he was sent to shew de- fendant, who was intoxicated, his road home; while going lown V ctoria-street, defendant, without the slightest orovoc.ition, struck the officer a heavy blow in the face ivith his fist; the latter afterwards, with assistance, brought ■iim to the station. The Bench, having remarked on defen- dant's ingratitude in assaulting a man who was doing him 4 kindness, fined him in the mitigated penalty of 20s. and costs.



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