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RAGLAN. CRICKET MATCH.—On Monday last a match of this description was played on the ground near this village between the Raglan Club and the Monmouth Commercial Club, when the latter came off victorious, with 16 runs and one innings to spare, as will be seen by the score, sub. joined 1st Innings. RAOLAX. 2nd Innings. W. Jones, c. Baker, b. Baker 1 c. Furney, b. Hale 3 W. Davies, c. Bevan, b. Hale 4 b. Baker 1 W. H. Jones, c. and b. Hale -0 b. Baker 0 W. Sullivan, b. Baker 0 b. Hale 0 E. Heywood, c. Bevan, b. Baker 0 not out 2 J. Wysome, b. Baker 1 c. Bevan, b. Hale 1 R. Crawley, not out 3 c. Furney, b. Hale 3 J. Walters, c. Williams, b. Hale 1 b. Hals 0 A. Rolls, b. Hale -2 c. Hale, b. Baker 0 C. Crawley, b. Baker 9 c. Hale, b. Baker 0 A. Goodwin, c. and b. Hale 5 c. Pitway, b. Baker 1 Byes 1 Byes, 2 Total 27 Total 13 MONMOVTH. F. Hale, c. Heywood, b. Walters 14 W. Bevan, c. R. Crawley, b. C. Crawley 12 A. Pitway, b. R. Crawley 0 R. T. Williams, b. R. Crawley 0 F. Furney, c. Walters, b. R. Crawley 4 T. Baker, b. R. Crawley o Major King, b. R. Crawley -14 W. Pembridge, I.b.w. o G. Hodge, not out 3 S. Roberts, c. Wysome, b. Goodwin 2 G. Williams, b. Goodwin 0 Byes, 3; leg byes, 1; wides, 4 8 Total 57 PETTY SESSIONS, JUNE 29, before S. R. BOSANQUET, Esq., and Major STRETTON. A CAUTION.- fVillimn Watkins appeared to answer a charge of being drunk and riotous and assaulting the police. Sergeant Mc.Evoy deposed that as he was on duty in the village of Raglan, on the night of the 23rd ult., his attention was called, between twelve and one o'clock, to a disturbance in the street, opposite to the Crown Inn, and which he found to be occasioned by the prisoner and two dther persons who had since absconded, named William Meredith and James Jenkins; they were all drunk, and were assaulting every one they met with; on witness going up to them, prisoner asked him what he wanted, and threatened him with violence if he interfered; for half-an-hour witness tried all in his power to persuade them to be quiet and to go home, but prisoner defied him, and several times put his fist in his face, pushed him., and trod upon his toes as he would not go peaceably away witness at length took him in charge, when prisoner resisted violently and during a struggle, which lasted about fifteen minutes, witness was repeatedly kicked, and received several blows on different parts of the body; he, however, ultimately succeeded in putting on the handcuffs, and in taking prisoner to the station-house, whither Meredith and Jenkins followed, and attempted to rescue him; the prisoner also behaved very violently in the station-house; and he had, moreover, it was stated, been brought up before on different occasions for drunken and riotous conduct, and once bound over to keep the peace. The prisoner, in reply to the Bench, said he then knew nothing about the affair, and hoped that the magistrates would look over it this once, and he would promise not to offend again. The Bench, observing that the prisoner would be given another chance, ordered him to pay a fine of 92 including costs, or in default two months' imprisonment. The Chairman further reminded him of the serious character of the offence of which he had been convicted, and said they had this time dealt very leniently with him as they might have sent him to the Quarter Sessions for trial, where he would probably have received a long term of imprisonment. REMOVING CATTLE WITHOUT A LICENSE.—John Jones, farmer, Bryngwyn, was Charged with driving cattle on the highway, on the 12th of May last, without the required license, for a greater distance than that prescribed by the Order in Council. P.S. Mc.Evoy proved the charge. Defendant explained that he did not wish to evade the law; he bad ordered his servant to remove the cattle on the day in question from one part of his land to another, and having to go from home himself early on that morning, lie had forgotten to renew his license, the old one having expired on the previous day. The defendant further said that the servant had taken the cattle by the police station, whereas, if there had been any intention of evading the law, he might have taken them another road. The magistrates said they could not make an exception in [his case without being guilty of partia!itj, and, observing hat it was very necessary the orders should be strictly carried out, tliey ordered defendant to pay a fine of 5s. with costs. LEAVING SERVICE.- William Chair was charged b\ Tames Jones, farmer, Llandenny, wiih leaving his servic on the 11th of May last, contrary to agreement. Com- plainant said that defendant entered into his service oi tne 8th of May last, on an agreement until the 1st of Ma next, at JE12 "10s. for the year; he remained there about days and then complained of being ill, and went away: he returned, however, on the following day, and spoke t( witness in the field in which he was at work; witness asked if he was better; he said he was not; witness afterwards found that defendant wanted to leave th. service, but he did not tell him to go. Jamef Jones, eon of complainant, corroborated his father's testimony as to the hiring of defendant, and his entering upon the service, in which, he said, he remained until noon of the llth, when he came from his work to thi house and complained to witness that he was ill; he after- wards went to Llandenny village for some brandy, and did not return until the day following, when he told witness that he was no better, and that he wished to leave the ser- vice he also said he had been to the field to witness' father, and had talked with him about hiring some one in hi, place at the coming Abergavenny "mop;" he asked witness for his box and he had it; witness asked him to come back in a day or two, to which he replied that hr thought he should not be able. Defendant, on the Mon- day afterwards, hired with Mr. Walters, a neighbouring farmer, saying he had Mr. Jones's permission to do so. In support of this he produced, as a witness, a fellow- servant named Edwin Lewis, who deposed that Chair went to Mr. Walters in about four days after leaving Mr. Jones's service; that he (witness) happened to call at the house of Mr. Jones, a day or two previous to Chair's hiring with Mr. Walters, when Mr. Jones told him that he gave Chair permission to take his box; Miss Morris, housekeeper to Mr. Jones, also observed at the same time that they worked Chair too hard; witness understood Mr. Jones to mean that Chair was not to return to his service; he (witness) had been living with Mr. Wafters five years. The Bench put several questions to witness3, but without shaking his testimony, and the case was therefore dismissed





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