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USE. CIRcus.-On Saturday last Ginnett's circus visited this town, and after parading the streets in straggling pro- cession, gave two entertainments, the latter of which was pretty numerously attended; but the performances were rather below than above mediocrity. CRICKET.—We understand that a cricket match is fixed to take place, on the ground near the prison, on Mon- day next, between the Usk Club and the Llanarth and Llanvair (united) Clubs. IN MEMORIAM.-Henry Greatwood, Esquire, of this town, has just had a large and very handsome stained glass window placed in the Parish Church, to the memory of his wife and son. THE SALMON FISHERY.—On and after Monday next it will be unlawful to fish for salmon in the river Usk without,a license, similar to the certificates granting liberty to kill game. The charge fixed. for such licenses for angling is £1 per rod per season but in consideration of the present se»son having already considerably advanced the moiety payable this year will be 10s. Higher rates are charged for nets and fixed engines. The licenses are obtainable at the Post-office, U sk, and at convenient places in the other towns on the river. The fishing has been exceedingly good lately, as we heard of nearly twenty salmon being taken last week. CLUB ANNIVERSARIES.—On Saturday last, the members of the Friend in Need" Lodge of the Philanthropic Order held their anniversary at the Cross Keys Inn, from whence they marched in procession, headed by the Usk drum and fife band and the elegant banner of the lodge to the Independent Chapel, where a most appropriate sermon was preached to them by the Itev. George Thomas. Upon returning to their lodge room, the members, to the number of about 70, sat down to a good substantial dinner. -On Monday, the members of the Victoria Lodge of Odd Fellows, and those of the Ivy Oak" benefit society, cele- brated their anniversaries at their respective club houses- the Castle Inn and Royal Oak—where .excellent dinners were set before them. The members of the two last-named societies did not adopt the prevalent custom of parading the streets ot' the town, but contented themselves with enjoying the convivialities of the social board, which were kept up until late in the evening. RURAL FETE.—A gathering und, r this title was held within the venerable walls of the Castle on Thursday afternoon, when, the weather being fine, a pretty nume- rous party assembled. The chief amusement was dancing to the strains of the Monmouth Volun'eer Band, which, as it always does ou such occasions, performed a choice selection of music. The proceeds of the fete are intended to augment the funds of the Usk Rifle Corps Drum and Fife Band, which was also in attendance, and played some pieces very creditably, BIBLE SOCIETY.—The anniversary of the Usk auxiliary of this society was held ou the 26th ult., in the Grammar School, J. Bromfield, Esq., president, in the chair. The meeting, which was largely attended, listened with great interest to the addresses of the different speakers, among whom were the Chairman, the Vicar, the Deputation (the Rev. W. Peterson), the Rev. George Thomas, the Rev. D. Morgan, and the Rev. James Cadwallader. The state- ments made by Mr. Peterson respecting the work of the society were of a very encouraging character, and full of interest. The collection at the close of the meeting amounted to zE3 10s. 6d. TlIE WofiKmo- MAN'S CLUB.—Many of our readers may perhaps remember that in February last a club called I The, Yv orking Man's Temperance Club was established in this town by Mr. Bromfield. The objects of the club were: 1st, to provide a comfortable room with books and paper?, &t\, where the working man might go after work- ing hours, and read or smoke his pipe, and take a cup of coffee at his ease; 2ndly, to act as a savings' bank, by the treasurer (Mr. Bromfield) receiving any weekly sums, up to Z", which the members might feel disposed to pay in, and which were to be invested in the Post-office Savings' Bank, and returned to them cach Christmas free from all deduction and with interest; 3rdly, to make certain allowances on the death of members or their wives; 4thly, to conduce to instruction and amusement by weekly reading's and lectures by members among themselves in their club room; and othly, to promote temperaneeand good conduct, as each member on joining had to sign a declaration to do his utmost an honest man to be temperate, which under- taking was to be honourably complied with under risk of expulsion; and as there are rules as to conduct &c. in the club room, which members are expected to observe or cease their membership. The club is managed by Mr. Bromfield, the president, assisted, when necessary, by a com- mittee of five ordinary members. We are glad to be ab], to state that, so far, the club ba, fully succeeded in i's operations. There are 76 members all above the age of 18 years, and they have already in the Post-office Savings' Bank, the sum of £50, the result of only five months' payments. The reading and lecture nights have also been very well attended, the club room being occasionally crowded. The season for them only closed on Tuesday iast, when the Rev. S. C. Baker gave a very interesting account of the life and labors in the cause of education o James Davies, of Devauden; and iAIr. Lysond William* and Mr. Bromfield also gave readings. It, is intended to resume these weekly readings in October, with the occa- sional introduction of music, and their renewal is looked forward to with interest by many of the members. Mean- while the club room continues open to members as before, and the other branches 01 the club will go on as usual. We feel that we are warranted in saying that this club is a source of much enjoyment and improvement to its members; and we, together with many others, cordially wish it well. PETTY SESSIONS, JULY 6, before F. M'DONNELL and J. J. STONE, Esqrs. HIGHWAY OFFENCE.—John Leonard, of Llangibby, was charged on the information of Supt. Llewellin with allowing his cart to be used on the turnpike-road, at Llanbaddock, without having his name painted thereon, on the 23rd of June. The defendant acknowledged the offence, and he was let off on payment of 6s. costs. No COMPLAINANT.-Tlwmas Davies, of Llangwm, was summoned for having assaulted Constant Morgan, of Usk, at Llangwm, on the 19th of June. The complainant did not appear.- Ilnd the summons was consequently dismissed. ONE AS BAD AS THE OTHER.—Martha Williams, of Usk, was charged with having assaulted Ann Mitchell, at Usk, on the 26th of June. The Bench, considering one party as bad as the other, ordered them to pay the costs (7s. 6d.) between them. SETTLED.-In the cases of assault—rJobn Williams v. William Lucas, and Annie Steed v. William Williams, the summonses were allowed to be withdrawn. CAUTION TO LADS.—Two young lads named Thomas Morgan and John Griffiths were charged with stealing peas, the property of Lysond Williams, from the "Blue" Gardens, in the hamlet of Gwehelog, on the 2nd of July. Both of the defendants pleaded guilty, and after beinu reprimanded they were ordered to pay a fine of Is. and 2s. 6d. costs each, in a week. AFFILIATION ARREARS.—In the case of Mary Lewis v. Francis Vaughan, which has been frequently brought forward, a distress warrant was ordered to issue against defendant. LICENSE TRANsFER.-The license of the George Inn, Usk, was transferred from Richard Evans to William Williams.







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