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DISTRICT INTELLIGENCE. THE IRON, COAL, AND GENERAL TRADES OF SOUTH WALES. The extraordinary turn of affairs on the Continent has brought about a pause in the iron trade, and it is already evident that a check has been given to the downward tendency of the market. A week ago the future was by no means encouraging, and the general belief prevailed that the war would be a protracted one. Orders from the European markets were being gradually reduced, and even countries such as Holland, Sweden, and other kingdoms that were not mixed up in the conflict, took less iron than usual. It cannot be said as yet that there is any positive change for the better, but should the war terminate there is no doubt that there will be a large increase in the demand from the Continent. It will also induce greater confidence at home and a more rapid reduction in the price of money, and this will bring out orders which are now withheld on account of the financial pressure. The inquiry from the East has not improved, but there is a hope that the Indian specifications which were withdrawn some time since will again make their appearance soon in the market. For pig iron there is only a limited inquiry, and quotations continue to get easier. At several of the principal establishments of the district the contracts on the books will not keep the works in full employ for more than one month, alld hence, under these circumstances, the employers bad no alternative but to give notice of a reduction in wages. As far as can be gathered, the men, upon the whole, have received the notice in a good spirit, and there is little doubt that they will submit to it without opposition; and, in fact, a different course would be far more injurious to themselves than to their employers. A meeting of the creditors of Sir Charles Price, Marryatt, and Co. was held on Friday, and it trans- pired that the Ynyscedwyn Works bad cost the firm over £ 130,000. The concern was sold to the present company for £40,080 and a share of the profits; and should the undertaking succeed a very material addition will be made to the assets of Price, Marryatt, and Co. The creditors of Mr. Lumley, of the College Iron Works, have determined to dispose of the entire establishment. In the tin-plate trade there is a better demand, and a good many parcels have been disposed of within the last few days. 32s. per box for charcoal I.C. was the price fixed upon at the last quarterly meeting, but there are indications that higher quotations will soon prevail. Steam coal proprietors are full of orders, and the collieries are well employed. Aberdare steam coal is in excellent request, and the ruling quotations are obtained without difficulty. Should, however, the Continental conflict be brought to a close, it is clear that there will be a decrease in the shipments to some of the European markets. In house coal ) BUSINEAA i. DECIDEDLY CJU.IET. THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS. — At a meeting of the Fellows, on the nomination of the Council, Dr. Randle Wilbraham Falconer, of Bath, has been elected to, be one of the Fellows of the College.








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