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ON BOARD THE GREAT EASTERN. A correspondent of the Star writes :-Dllring the whole of Wednesday the ship was at sea. The weather was still squally and rough for any ship save the Great Eastern. She dipped a good deal at the bows, and now and then shipped a sea; but this was occa- sioned primarily by a greater weight of coal fore than aft, and did not cause the disappearance of a single person from the dinner table. This being the anni- versary of the declaration of American Independence, the Stars and Stripes wera run up the mainmast, and floated proudly in the transient sunshine which followed this manifestation of good-will towards our American kinsmen. After dinner the event was celebrated after the English fashion. Mr. Glass, in appropriate language, proposed, Success to the Atlantic Cable," coupling with the toast the name of Mr. Cyrus Field, to whose indomitable pluck he paid a graceful tribute. Of course many other speeches were made and many other toasts drunk. Suffice it to say that Mr. Glass, Mr. Goach, M.P., Mr. Barber, Mr. Cyrus Field, and Captain Hamilton responded on behalf of the several interests which they represent; that Professor Thomson, Mr. Varley, Mr. Clifford, and Mr. Willoughby Smith spoke strongly of the con- fidence which they, as scientific and practical men, felt in the success of the expedition that Lord Hastings proposed the health of the ladies, and complimented those on board on their freedom from sea-sickness; and that Mr. J. C. Parkinson worthily represented the fourth estate, whose claims to cordial recognition had not been overlooked. The most pleasant incident of this agree- able voyage was reserved for this the last evening we spent on the Great Eastern before her arrival at Bere- haven. Without further preface I may introduce the Field Glass; being a cable-iatic and Eastern extrava- ganza, by N. A. Woods and J. C. Parkinson," only regretting that I cannot reproduce Mr. Dudley's admi- rable illustration of the play-bill, in which The Field Glass" (especially the figure-heads of both gentlemen) played a conspicuous part, and Captain Anderson and Mr. Canning were respectively engaged in the arduous v task of balancing two of the masts of the great ship on their noses. This was the cast of the piece :— Glass (a young man from the country): Mr. DUDLEY. Neptune (an old man of the sea): Colonel DE BATHE. Gooch (not "Daniel Lambert," but a Great Eastern)]: Mr. G. W. ELLIOTT.. Field (of the eloth of gold): Captain BOLTON. Clifford ("Master" of the Hunchback") Lord HASTINGS. A Sea Monster (A-B-Sea one): Mr. H. F. BARCLAY. lat Mermaid (poor, though virtuous): Mr. POORE. 2nd Mermaid (a. vaunting female): Mr. VAUGHAN. Several Tritons (right-'uns and tight-'nns though trite'uns), unavoidably absent. Manager, Captain BOLTON. Leader of the Orchestra, Dr. WARD. The piece was capitally written, and bristled with good-humoured puns and jokes; the acting and make- up of the amateurs could not have been better in so short a. time; the songs were sung with spirit, and enthusiastically encored; and, to crown all, Neptnne relents, and allows the oable to be laid, whereupon Messrs. Glass and Field utter the final words of the dialogue:— GLASS.—Here's Uncle Sam to Mistress Vic, "I think we now may laugh, eh ? FIELD.—Here's Mistress Vic, to Uncle Sam, "Success to telegraphy The curtain fell amid a shout of applause, and the authors were unanimously summoned to reoeive the congratulations of their gratified fellow-passengers. Meanwhile we had sighted Fastnet, and were moving at a slow speed, that we might enter Bantry Bay in the daylight. The mountains became more and more distinct; at last the picturesque hill-sines and verdant slopes @f this beautiful part of Old Ireland became visible in all their summer beauty; while, when the Great Eastern anchored off Lawrence Cove (which event took place precisely at ten minutes to seven in the morning), the sun shone with as much auspi- cious splendour as it did on the day she sailed from Sheerness.






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