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\ THE COURT. -+--





Dives and La.za.rus.


Dives and La.za.rus. I saw Bumble Dives, smooth, oily, and fat, In a glossy black coat, and a shiny black hat, With a belly well lined, and a fair double chm- AU so soft none had guessed at the hardnesa within. None had guessed that 'neath shirt-front BO fair and full-blown, In the place ot a heart B amble buttoned a stone: Till at Guardians' meetings the paupers felt floored To say which was the stone-yard and which was the Board. At his own dinner-table Host Divea I saw Ply a keen knife and fork and a strenuous jaw I saw Deacon Dives loom large in his pew, Where sermon and prayer once a week were gone through. I heard Guardian Dive3 one Board-day address To his colleagues an eloquent word on the Press: What sad lies it told what sore mischief it wrought; How it still against Local Self-Government fought; How the poor it spirited up to complaint; w And their Guardian-Angels as fiends loved to'paint Would have sick paupers treated as well as their betters- To be sure, what but paupers were most men of letters ? I saw Visiting-Guardian Dives parade Between rows of sick paupers to murmur afraid; And over his shoulder I ventured to look, As, in large hand, he signed "No complaints 11 in the book. And yet I had seen Bumble Divea walk through More infernal infernos than e'er Dante drew Past huddled-up horror and filth thrust away, Where the tortured their tortures dared not betray. Where, unchecked, madness |howled, and foul idioucy laughed; Where fever lay parched, nor dared ask for a draught Where coarae food, random dose, were flung roand with a curse, And the sick pauper's cordials made drams for the nurse. And I thought, as sleek Dives passed by the bedside, Whereon pauper Lazarus rotted and died,, In a woe to breed envy for even his fate* Whose sores the dogs licked, as he lay at the gate- "For these things comes the judgment," though never so high t The gig our respectable Dives drives by: That all men are brothers, Christ's teaching remains "Am I my brother's keeper?" The question was Gain's. Oh! I'm Off Like a Bird. Oh I'm off like a bird, My landlord's called on me; The thing may seem absurd, But sold up I'm to be! How happy should I be, Could I my rent but pay, But as I oan't, you see, I mean to run away. To pay would give me pleasure, And set my fears at rest, Bat, as I have no treasure I think to bolt is best. Oh 1 I'moSlikea.bird, -My landlord's called on me, The thing may seem absurd, But sold up I'm to be. Oh, whither can I fly ? This miserable day, 'Tis evident that I Can here no longer stay. How I'm to get a van I've but a notion dim,- And that's to hire the man, And then to swindle him! So having filled my van when The neighbours cannot see, Upon the broker's man then I'll gently turn the key. Oh I'm off like a bird, My landlord's called on me, The thing seems so absurd, That sold up I'll not be!

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