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\ THE COURT. -+--


THE COURT. -+-- ON Saturday afternoon, at 20 minutes to four o clock, her Majesty the Queen, with their Royal Highnesses Prince Leopold and Princesses Louise and Beatrice, left Windsor Castle for Osborne. The Royal suite included the Duchess of Roxburghe, Lieutenant-General the Hon. C. Grey, Colonel tue Hon. D. de Ros, &o. At -the Great Western terminus at Windsor a special train of Eeven carriages, furnished by the directors of the South-Western Railway Company, was placed in xeadinessa for the Queen's journey to Gosport, where the embarkation of the Royal family for Oaborne was to take place. Her Majesty and her children drove from the castle through the town to the station, where the Royal party were received by Lieutenant- General Grey, Colonel the Hon. da Ras, and Captain Balkeley, director, Mr. J. Grierson, general manager, and Messrs. Higgins and Besant, for the Great Western Railway Company. Her Majesty looked well. The two Princesses were in excellent health, but we regret to say that Prince Leopold, who seems ex- tremely delicate, was carried from the carriage to the train in the arms of an attendant page. The special train, with the two state saloons, containing tbe Qaeen and royal family, left Windsor precisely at 3.45 p.m., in charge of Mr. J. Grierson and Mr. Tyrrell, the super- intendent of the line, and proceeded, vid Reading, to Basingstoke, where it arrived at 4.55. Here the care of the Royal train was handed over to Mr. W. Godson, the traffic superintendent of the Sfiuth-Western line, by which her Majesty travelled to the Clarence Vic- tualling yard at Gosport, which was reached at 6.5 p.m. The train was run into the private station, where the Queen was received by the naval and mili- tary authorities of the port. Her Majesty immediately embarked on board the Royal yacht, which steamed uM or tine JiarDour on ner way ror oauorne, wnere tne Royal travellers arrived early in the evening. Her Majesty will remain about a month or six weeks in the Isle of Wight, and then return for a few days to Windsor, previous to leaving for Balmoral. THEIR Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Chris- tian of Schleswig-Holstein, attended by Lady Susan Melville, and Major-General Seymour, C.B., met her Majesty on landing at the Trinity Pier, Cowes. THE Queen, and their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Christian, Princess Louise, Prince Leopold, and Princess Beatrice, and the Ladies and Gentlemen in Waiting, attended the service at Whippingham Chnrnh on Sunday morning. The Rev. G. Prothero offiaiatefl. THE Prince and Princess of Wales are residing at Marlborough-house. Their Royal Highnesses, atten- ded by the Countess of Morton, Lord Harris, Lieu- tenant-General Knollys, and Major Grey, went to Famingham on Saturday, where the Princess laid the foundation-stone of the now buildisgs of the Home for Little Boys. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales presided at a dejeuner given in honour of the occasion. THE Prince and Princess ot Wales, with the Countess of Morton and Major Grey in waiting, at- tended Divine service at the Chapel Royal, St. James s, on Sunday. His Royal Highness the Dake of Edin- burgh also attended the service. The Communion Service was read fey the Lord Bishop of London, Dean of her Majesty's Chapels Royal, the Eev. E. Packe, and the Rev. H. Melvill. Anthem, How dear are Thy counsels," Crotch. Mr. Goss presided at the organ. The sermon was preached by the Rev. H. Melvill from Exodus xxiii. 30.





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