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THE LATE CRICKET MATCH: AT USK. To the Editor of the UBK OBSERVER." writf iu yi?T last impression, under the signatureo? (( A ember of the Magor Cricket Club," tells you that your account of a cncicet match played at Usk, on the 22nd ul* was of an "uu.usuaidMracter." In what respect it was" un- usual" he does not vouchsafe to you but, on the contrary he goes on, to confirm the correctness of your report. From this we must assume that what your correspondent wants to coia- plain of is not your account," but the manner in which he and the other players who came to Usk in the name ot the Mafcor Ciub, were treated, and I maintain very properly so treated.—' however, the public shall judge,—and I am obliged to your Magor correspondent for the opportunity of laying the facts before the public. 0 In the correspondence which Took place in arranging the match, certain conditions were laid down, one of such conditions imposed upon the Magor Club, being in these words It must te™»T» r? n'\0U I10'Select your players.from neighbouring t™ns. It will be needless to trouole your readers with th* considerations which led to such a condition being made; it will be sufficient to know that the Secretary of the Magor Club, in not objecting, but allowing the arrangements to proceed, ao~ cepted the condition. What is the excuse made for not adher- ing to it ? viz. That it was not observed! But how can we reconcile that with the fact that part of the very sam. sentence in which the condition was written-in words as plait as it possibly could be written-was noticed in a subseousnt letter written by the Secretary of the Magor Club I now Isfc. your readers if this does not seem as if the condition was nur- posely disregarded with the view of taking the Usk Club at ii disadvantage. What was the result 1 Wny that nmone-sr the Magor Eleven were four players from the towns of Chepstow and ^r^n° 81 of their total score oT 103. but also did the chief part of the bowling and fielding and but or these tour players, the score will shew what a sorry figure the Magor side would have cut. e These were the circumstances which led to a protest being laid, before the commencement of the game, and the Secretary of the Magor Club was further given to understand that it wa- only to stve his men the disappointment of returning feotu? without play.ng, that the Usk side entered the field at all. It is no answer to say that the players in question were mem- bers or the club, for the term in the condition was players, and besides, we have only the mere assertion for it that they were members. Your Magor correspondent refers to certain explanations which he says were made in the field and at the dinner"—and which u an all affect the real question. But he does not tell you that he—for I cannot but think that the writer of the letter and the Secretary of the club is one and the same person-was so far satisfied of the justice of the protest, at the dinner, that he pledged himself, that, if on his return home (and he had the letters there) he found the condition alluded to, he would write a letter of apologlif--a pledge which he now seeks to relieve him- self from, by saving that he cannot find the letters with refe- rence to the match How ominous does this seem! 41 A Member of the Magor Cricket Club" having made state- ments with regard to the Usk Club which are untrue I must contradict them, by saying that the only player on the Usk side who was not a bona fide member of the club, was a gentleman who kindly joined (in the place of an absentee) when asked on the ground, foi the first time, immediately before the game coin" menced, and who then stated that he had not played cricket for about 20 years! r J I feel called upon to add that until I receive from the mem- bers of the Magor Club the letter of apology, which they are bound by tne word of their Secretary to send me. I shall take u", notice of any further communication, either public or private, that they may choose to write in refereuce'to this matter. J-I U thanks to yourself, Sir, and again to A Member of tne Magor Cricket Club," for affording me the opportunity of exposing what every true cricketer will, I feel sure, deem a most un-oricket-like proceeding, I remain, Your Obedient Servant, 16 THE CAPTAIN OF THE USK TEAM. Usk, September 6, .1865. -—— ———— -—1 Printed and Published by the Proprietor, WILLIAM H:BHR* CLARK, at his Offices, Bridge Street, Vtk, in the Comity W MomnQvih, September 9, 18(15,