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.Money Market.

The Corn Trade.

Cattle Market.

The Produce Market. * '


The Produce Market. MINCING-LANE, AUG. 28. There are lara* 90= TJtt Jl %l0c^y> 33s to 42s native, 26s to 29s; Jafe"S.ery, -5s bd .0 2/s ;xl; Penang and Natal, 27s to 35s; Manilla clayed, 23st to 30s: ditto unclayed, 26s 6d to 28s; Havannah, brown, 30s to 32s; ye'ilow, 32s 6dto37si Floretts, 37s 6d to 39s; white, 40s to 42s; Porto Rico, brown, ooS u yeIi;ow' 33s to 39s: Brazil, white and grey, .to and yellow, 27s 6d to 31s Sd per cwt. Trade active for refined and the terms obtained for brown lumps are 4is 6d to 41s 9d grocery, 428 to 45s tittlers, 42s bo 46s pieces, 3ls 6d to 37s; and bastards, 23s to fiOs 6d.-For Coitee the currency ranges strong, there being numerous export orders.—Cocoa still in grea.t demand: red Trinidad brings 68s to 116s; and grey, 63s to t7y.—Purchases in China, Tea are larger than for some time past, and some advance in the value; duty was paid at this port {taxing the past week on 1,143,700 pounds,—F„ice remains ia grea»- (q £ j' jnand.—The value of new Valencia Raisins is 42s Currants, 28s to 35s.—Several transactions in Spices' n ? the currency ranges for Black Pepper at 2-M white, 5d to Is; Pimento, 2Jd to 2|d Ceylon Cinn-tm Is 4d to 3s Cochin Ginger, 60s to 120s Bengal 27- 28s; and Nutmegs,, lid to 3s; fine ditto, 3s fcd to S m Supply (f Provisons now in excess of demand nttes for Irish Butter according to quality are 102s t-> 190 ior Freizland, 110s to 112s; Kiel, ICOs to ll'2s • Bosh pi V £ ?e fine Dorset, 120s to 122s; Devon, 112 t<& 116*. n< "P ,of* to lOes Iri-h Bacon, 70s' to 80s Harnbro' American, 60s to 64s.—Trade for SVttpe'rQ fSn 28s 6d to \:98.