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.Money Market.

The Corn Trade.


The Corn Trade. MABK-LANE, AUG. 23. —Although there -way A mow plentiful supply of English. Wheat at this day's marked firm rates were obtained: old white realising 48s to 5&j; red, 42s to 48s; new white, 43s to 583; red, 49s to 47s; aiwt Talavsra, old and new, 47s to 553 per quarter, a clearance being nearly made of dry and good qualities; comm.or. new and soft, however, were only in moderate ree £ G-JBW The supply of fereig-n was net large, and tkers being a, good demand the currency ruled full up, raaji- ing at 42s to 56s. Several transactions in Americaa a* 44s to 50s, and supply moderate.-A free sale for Flo>>«^ and the currency strong: town-made, as to quality, sell- ing at 36s to 43s; country, 31s to 3§3; French and Spanish, 34s to 38s per eack; and American at 24g to 29a per h,urel.-Extreme rates were obta.ined for Barley, supply being limited with ready purchasers; English malting: brought 30s to 36s grinding and distilling, 263 to 29s; and foreign, 2213 to 33s as to quality.-A free sale for Malt, and prices stiff: pa)e at 58s to 6-63 and brown, 523 to 553.-Im consequence of an extensive supply of Oats, some fall in the value took place, still much business rates for English and Irish potato ruled at 233 to 263 6d fee< £ and black, 19s 6d to 23s; Scotch, as to quality, 21s to 2786J; and Foreign, 20s to 26s.—Peas a fair sale: white and reapte brought 37s to 42s; and grey, 35s to ags.-The Bean trade is firm, but rather quiet: rates for Msusagan, 35s to 39s tiek, 36s to 40s; harrotvand pigeon, 41s to 46s.—Maize firm, at 31s to 33s.—A free sale for Linseed: East India at 5Gs 6d to 5Ss 6d, and Odessa, 5Ss per quarter.—The Cake trade dull: Linseed, town-made, at £10 to £10 10s per toa; American, £ 9 5s to £10 7s 6d; and Cotton Seed, £ 17s to 25 per ton. LIVERPOOL, AUGUST 29. —The market fairly attendecl. Wheat in moderate consumptive demand at Friday's prieea. Flour held firmly for quotations of last Friday. India-s. corn, 6d per quarter lower and a good business done at the decline. Mixed American, 30s to 30s 6d Galatz, §Sa. Beans firm. Oats and oatmeal in fair request at firai prkses. Weather fine and Wclrm.. COTTON, LIVERPOOL, AUG. 23. —The market is QUIET BUT steady. Sales will foot up about 10,000 bales. TALLOW, Aua. 29. steady, at the follow- ing prices Town callow. 44s M net cash Petersburg 7.0, on the spot, 44s 9d; December, 45s 6d; January to Marnlr 45s 9d; March, 46s 3d. HAY, SMITHPISLD, AVG. 29. —Mr. Charles James Eastoai reports prices as follows Prime old clover, from 120s to 140, inferior ditto, 100s to 110s; prime meadow hay, li(k to 123s inferior ditto, 95s to 105s straw, 36s to 42S, HOPS, BOROUSH, AUG. 28. —Messrs. Pattenden and SEiiift report that the total arrivals cf the hew growth amount to about 700 pockets, for which there is a fair demand at the following pricesMid Kents, zE-7 to £ S; Weald KentB" XC, 6s to zc7; Sussex, 12s to £6 lOs, EGGS, AUG. 23. Eggs arriving than reqaired, and prices lowering: English, Scotch, and Irish selling at 5s 95. to 6s 9d per 120; French, 4s 6d to 6d; Spanish. 4s 6d to 4s lOd. and Ostend, 6s to 6s 6d. POULTRY, AUG. 28. free sale for Poultry, and rates firm, although a fair supply: Geese, realises 4s 9d to 7r; each; Fowls, 2s 9d to 3s; Chickens, Is 8s to 2a; Ducklings, 2s 43 to 3s; tame Babbits, Is 4d to la 7d; pigeons, 5d to 9d; live Fowls and Ducks, 22a to 24s per doz. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES COVENT GARDE:?, — Vegetables continue abundant and good. Large importa- tions of French pears, peaches, nectarines, &c., still con- 'v tinue to arrive. English pears comprise Jargonelle, Bon Chretien, and Beurre d'Amaclia. For pine-apples and grapes there is still a heavy sale. Apples and plums arc abundant. Kent filberts are coming ia in good condition. Good kidney potatoes fetch from Is to 28 per dozem. pounds. Flowers ehieily consist of orchids, heaths, pelar- goniums, carnations and picotees, mignonette, and roses. Grapes, per lb., IsSdto 3s; Peaches, per doz., 4s to 83; Nectarines, do., 2s to 5s: Apricots (French), do., Is 6<1 to 3s; Figs, do., Is to 2s 6d; Pineapples per lb., 3s to fer Apples, per sieve, Is Od to. 2s Oranges, per 100,14s to 20s.- Lemons, per 100 8s to 14s; Nuts, cob, per 1001b.. 50s to 60s- Brazil, per bushel, 18s; Almonds, do., 18s to 20s; CabbagesL per doz., Is 6d to 2s 6d; French Beans, per half sieve, 2s tc 3s; Peas, per sieve, 2s to 4s; Potatoes, York Re- gents, per ton, 90s to 100s; 'Rocks, ditto, 60s to 70&- Flukes, ditto, 110 to 140; new, round, 8s to 12s pep cwt. ditto, Kidneys, 8i to 12a per cwt.; Carroty per bunch, 6d to 3d: Turnips, per bunch, 4d to 6d- Cucumbers, each, 4d to 6d; Beet, per doz., Is 6d to 2s Shallots, per lb., 8d; Garlic, per lb., Sd; Lettaceal per dozen, Is Od; Endive, per score. Is to 2a 6d; Artichokos, per doz., Is 6d to 3s; Horseradish, per bundle; Is to 4s; Mushrooms, per pott., la to Is 6d; Parsley, pas doz. bunches, 2s to 4s.; Herbs, per bunch, 6d.

Cattle Market.

The Produce Market. * '