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.Money Market.


Money Market. CITY, AUG. 29. —The stock markets continue firas, sot consequence ol the Sow of gold to the Bank and the droc< ing tendency of the quotation for discounts. The variations in prices to-day, however, are not numerous, the transla- tions in the aggregate being Iimue;i.—The money market s* extremely quiet to-day, and tho rate for choice parses; is unaltsred, at of to I per cent. Some persons are keepis^ back their bills from discount in the belief that the direflifsof of the Bank of England may reduce the rate on Tinacs- day, owing to the influx of gold to that establishiaeB-k— Consols are now quoted 8::ft to f for money, and 89 ifUSiS to 13-16 for the account (September 7). The official bueicsesf report is as follews Three per Cent. Consols, for S9t;, î; ditto, for account, S9J; Three per Cents. ReduoeA 8Gt, t: New Three per Cents., 89t, i Bank Stock, 348; Five per Cent. Stock, 105J; ditto Bonds, 21s, 248 presx, j Five per Cent, "enlaced" rapeepaper, 101.î; Ex. Bills, par,— In the railway market to-day there Is a strong demand See Metropolitan and Midland stocks, which have rises J. aa<3 J per cent. respectively. London and North Western, Cafe- donian, and South Eastern have also improved f, London and South Western, The fortnightly sattlezaeffifc has just commenced. London and North-Western stoekw. now quoted 1261 to 127; Great Western, 66 to J; Midiamd, 132 to 1; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 1181 to 119J, ex di"# South Eastern, 81 to t; Metropolitan, 131-j- to, Iq5, ex div.; Great Northern, 133 to 134; ditto A, 152 to 153; Lordm and South Western, 99 to t; Great Eastern, 48$to i. sail Caledonian, 134 to 135.

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