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LITERATURE AND THE ARTS. A PROPOSAL has been made to erect a memorial Window to Dr. Jenner, in the parish church of Berke- ley, his native town, where he is buried. Dr. Jenner's father was vicar of this parish. MR. R. GOFF has lately presented to the South Kensington Museum two very remarkable objects- one, an ivory coffer, probably of Byzantine origin and of the ninth or tenth century; and the other. Unique astronomical clock. A MEMORIAL to Prince Albert. P-a in commemoration of the Royal visit to Fotcercairn, was inaugurated last week, in the presence of a considerable number of spectators. The design is a triumphal arch in the Gothic style, bearing the inscription—" Visit of Victoria and Albert." • THE Emperor of the French has given three gold medals to be awarded at the exhibition of useful insects and their productions, and destructive insects and their devastations, now holding in the Palace of Industry. Those prizes will be awarded to the three -classes-sericulture, apiculture, and noxious insects. AT Birmingham the preparations for the meeting of the British Association are actively proceeding. A great many distinguished foreigners have already arrived, and is hoped that the meeting will be one of the most successful ever held. SEVERAL of the cartoons by Messrs. Clayton and Bell, of Regent-street, from which the mosaic pictures of the Sovereigns of England are to be executed by Dr. Salviata, have, it is understood, been forwarded to Venice. On the arrival of the mosaics in England they will be placed in the panels of the interior west wall of the memorial chapel at Windsor, and will form a. work of splendid and gorgeous decoration. One panel, representing Henry III., has already been placed in the chapel, and has an excellent effect. THE latest Exhibition of the Royal Academy was the most profitable yet known; the receipts were up. wards of £13,000, an advance of more than .£700 on the profits of last year, and of nearly < £ 3,000 on the amount received in 1862. Not many years ago, the Academy thought itself lucky in obfcainipg X6,000 from the exhibition. The sales of pictures from this year's exhibition exceeded by X400 the value of those of the preceding display. THE national collection of water-colour paintings in the South Kensington Museum is gradually increasing in importance. There have been three gifts of eight water .colours during the past year; and ten large studies in chalk, by Copley, and a few small paintings have been purchased. A number of art purchases have also been made, the principal objects being a casket in coloured enamel, the work of Jean Limousin; a missal case in gold, ornamented wfth translucent enamel, said to have been formerly the property of Henrietta Maria, consort of Charles I.; a candlestick of Henry II. ware; the Syon cope, a remarkable ex- ample of early English needlework; a retable or altar- piece from a church now destroyed at Valencia, in Spain; and a collection of objects illustrative of Spanish work during the fifteenth and sixteenth cen- turies. A number of valuable casts and mosaics have also been added to the Architectural Museum. THE King of Sweden, whose first appearance as an author was ohronicled a short time back, has again appeared in that character, this time, as the writer of an anonymous pamphlet on the organisation of the Swedish army. JUDGE HALIBURTON is said to be annotating the three series of his famous Sam Slick, or the Sayings and Doings of the Clockmaker," with a view to a new one-volume edition, which is to be profusely illus- trated. A NEW work, written by Lord William Lennox, en- titled Drafts on my Memory, or Men I have Known, Things I have Seen, and Places I have Visited," is just announced. LOVERS of chess will be glad to learn that Paul Morphy, though engaged in the practice of law at Now Orleans, still retains an interest in the game that has made him famous. He has been persuaded by his friends to publish a complete collection of his games played both in Europe and America. The work will be forthcoming within a few months. The Great Eastern cable fiasco has proved a great disappointment to Dr. Russell. When the sailing of the Great Eastern drew near, the directors were beset with applications from newspapers of all classes, and from all places, soliciting permission to have a reporter on board during the voyage. To comply with all these requests was impossible; to make a selection would have been invidious and so the directors came to the conclusion that they would refuse all, but that all alike should have information from their own reporter. For this honourable post Dr. Russell was selected. It is understood that the terms of his engagement were X500 for the voyage, with the copyright of the narra- tive, which it was then not doubted would tell of the successful accomplishment of the enterprise. It has ended otherwise! And though Dr. Russell has made still more copious notes of the events on board than those that have been given to the world, which would be illustrated by drawings, diagrams, and electrical experiments as made on board the ship, yet it may be donbted whether the book would prove the success that was at first hoped, or whether general readers will not be content with what they already know of an experiment which, however interesting in other circumstances, has for the present ended in failure. Should the subsequent attempt prove more successful, Dr. Russell may yet reap a golden harvest from his engagement, and the record of success, set off by previous failure, will be read with avidity by thousands.





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