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Three Children Murdered by…


Three Children Murdered by their Mother in Southwark. About three o'clock on Wednesday morning great consternation was occasioned in the neighbourhood of Bankside, Southwark, by a rumour of a triple murder, the circumstances attending which, following so closely on the recent murders in "Holborn and Ramsgate, ex- cited a thrill of horror in the district. The scene of the crime is a narrow, densely populated thorough- fare, known as Skin market place, leading from Bankside to the Southwark-bridge-road. At the house No. 10, resided a family named Lack, who, though poor in ciroumstanoes, appear to have been much respected by the numerous inhabitants. The husband was employed as a kind of watchman, in "calling up" the neighbours, and while out perform- ing his customary round in the morning, the awful deed about to be narrated was committed. It seema that on his return at the time mentioned he was met on the ground floor by-his wife, who, raising both her arms, exclaimed, I have done it." "Bone whait? replied the terrified husband, and, on looking at her night dress he discovered several stains of blood. He immediately ran upstairs, when a ghastly sight presented itself. On a bed in the first floor were lying his two daughters, Eliza and Esther, aged respectively five years and two and a half years, apparently in a sound sleep, with their throats out from ear to ear; and on another bed he found his son Christopher, aged nine years, with his head nearly severed from his body. The distracted father at once gave an alarm, and Dr. Bainbnaga, of the Southwark-bridge-road, and other medical ^gentle- men were soon in attendance j but so effectually had. the murderess performed her hideous work that their services were unavailing. What could have led the wretched woman to perpetrate such a crimeisyet to be learnt; but it is said that for some time past she has been a great sufferer with her eyes, and getting nearly blind; and that she was going into the hospital to undergo an operation. It is; further asserted that she has brought up a large family, and that, coupled with her affliction, the burden of the younger ^children lias preyed upon her mind™ When she retired to bed there was nothing peculiar in her manner. At the time of the tragedy there was an elder son, John, sleeping in a chair on the ground floor; and he, it is asserted, dis- tinetly remembers hia mother ooming downstairs and going to a cupboard, whence she must have procared the razors with which she effected her murderous de- sign. In the second floor of the house lived a married daughter, who has only recently been confined; but she heard nonoise,praceeding from tke room where the younger children alopt. The murderess offered no resistance on being removed to thestation-at Stone's- end. Borough.. s The greatest excitement prevails in the locality, large numbers being attracted to look at the housa.

Examination of the Prisoner.1…

The Inquest.