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FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. » AMERICA, m, „ NEW YORK, AUGUST 12. The New XorTc Herald states that an animated dis- cussion has taken place in the cabinet upon President Johnson's re-construction policy. Mr. Johnson ex- pressed his determination to adhere to it regardless of opposition. The Maine Republican Convention has passed reso- lutions favourable to negro suffrage, opposing the admission of the Southern States to congressional representation, until they prohibit slavery by State constitutional amendment, and urging the immediate trial and punishment of Mr. Davis. Mosby has been arrested at Alexandria. ke Navy Department has received information that the Shenandoah, before leaving Melbourne, took on board 12,000 tons of coal, that her present first lieutenant joined her there, and that he resigned the command of an English steamer for that purpose. A defalcation of more than a ouarter of a million dollars has been discovered in the Phcenix Bank at Newlork. The steamer Pewabeo has been sunk by a collision in Lake Huron. One hundred lives were lost. Wealthy leaders of the late rebellion in North Carolina, who expect to ccntrol the coming state con- vention, have been feting returned rebel soldiers. A public dinner, which was proposed to be given in Raleigh by the former to the latter, has been forbidden by the authorities. T, NEW YORK, AUGUST 17. It is semi-omcially reported that President Jhonson has determined that Mr. Davis shall be tried by jury in a civil court for high treason, and habeas corpus is to be restored, and military courts abolished. It is denied that any difference exists between Pre- sident Johnson and his cabinet upon the subject of reconstruction. It is ascertained that E. B. Ketchum, of the banking nrm of Ketchum, Son, and (Jo., has forged gold cheques, estimated to amount to upwards of 2,000 000 dols. He has also fraudulently abstracted 2,'500'000 dols. worth of securities from the safe of his firm. The total alleged swindling by himself and other parties implicated is estimated at 5,000 000 dols. The Im- porters and Traders' Bank, Fourth National Bank, and several private firms lose heavily. P. R. Mumford, a stock gold operator, has been arrested, charged with fraud. The excitement in Wall-street to. day was in- tense. A magazine in Richmond containing 2,000 rounds of shell and other ammunition, exploded on Tuesday destroying property valued at 100,000 dols. Only two lives reported lost. The Times Washington dispatch says Statistics show that during the rebellion the Federal armies captured over 300,00.0 prisoners, besides patrolling about 160,000 more of the final surrender." A frightful collision occurred yesterday on the Hou- sitonac Railroad, near Bridgeport, Connecticut, by which six ladies, one man, and two boys were killed, and fifteen severely wounded.




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