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ABERSYCHAN. BRITISH a^d FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. —The annual meeting of the Abersychan branch ot this society was heid, on the evening of Monday last, at the .School-room.' Edward Jones, Esq.. (in the absence of Mr. Tucker, through ill-health,) presided, and having briefly introduced the claims of the society, he called upon the secretary, t he Rev. Stephen Price, to read the annual report, &c. Mr. Price regretted that tbe operations and collections of the past year had been less than the year preceding, and urged that a revival of activity should be shewn. This falling-ofi" was attributed to the fact tlut no meetings of the committee of this branch had been held during the year. The branch had sold last year 226 bibles and testaments, realisingifll had in stock at the depot bocks wortu i-21—and had sent to the parent society in London a contribution of E20. In the absence of Mr. J. T. Edmonds, the treasurer, the chairman stated that the collections had amounted to X8 17s. 9d., being, sums collected by the Misses Deakin £ 6 2s. 2d., and by Miss Shtirman, £ 2 15s. 7d. The Rev. Dr. James (Panteff), the deputation, then advocated the claims (If the society, and while regretting the very small atten- dance, he urged thjt a spirit ol earnestness should be shown in extending the sales and circulation of the Holv Word by means of this society. He dwelt upon the im- portance and necessity of all mankind having-the revealed truth made manilest, as from it alone could be derived happiness End hope for the future; and that aS they paiti- cipnted in the H,hantages of the cheap and liberal issue of the bib*e by the society, it. was a duty to encourage tLe good work, and aid in circulating the Holy Book through- out all lands. The society was a work of God and blessed, by Him—starting in 180-i with a capital of C610, it had increased amRzingly, the income in 1854 being £18LOOO, an increase of £ 12.000 over 1883. It had sent the work in 168 different tongues to half the population of the globe, and by its aid missionaries were at all times furnished with the bible; it would be impossible to extend and enlarge missionary operations were this society not in operation. Meetings like the present were important, ps publishim; tbe faith and belief of the people in the Divine Wore. whiell was nnw assailed on all sid. s niii greater bitterness thfiu ever, The speaker related some interesting accounts of the American Bible Society, and stated that Portugal and Mexico were now thrown open for the free circulation of the Scriptures, concluding an excellent speech by im- ploring the blessing of God upon the society and iia workers. A coroiul vote of thanks 10 the lady'coileotors for their kind icbours, coupled with a request" that t'ley viould continue colliding in the ensuing year, was pro- posed by-Mr. J. H. Stephen, seconded by Mr. D.tniei, and heartily carried. Mr. Trevv moved, oad Mi-. James secon- ded, a proposition that the com mi (tee' and officers cf this branch be the same as last year. It being stdHl that Mr Tucker would resign, through i¡¡.u.,¡dth, Mr. S. Price pro- posed that Mr. J. U. Stephen he elected oo-s cretjrv, tins was seconded by Dr. James, and carried. A cordial' v.■ t-J of thanks to the cijairman and tile deputation was giver:, Dr. James closing with prayer. We cannot too strongly condemn the apathy shewn in this place towards this ami other similar meetings; although favored with a church and .numerous chapels, all of which Hre weJfiiJiedca thl" S ibbath, only 40 people presented themselves at tiiis meet- ing, the claims of which demanded a fuil room, and, with. tne exception of the secretary and deputation, not o).- clergy man or minister attended. We hope for a day f belter things. At tne close ol' the meeting a collection was made, and nearly £ 2 was realised MTCLASCHOLY ACCIDEKT. the afternc,on of Tues- day last, as the locomotive engine employed at the Gu-v. nos Works, with a train of trucks attached, was passiii^ the signal post, a short distance beyond Xalywnin crossin" on the Monmouthshire Railway, a little buy three and half years old, whilst phiying on the line, Was knocked down, and a portion of the train passmgover him jra some of his limbs in a fearful manner. Amputation of t be right thigh and of the left foot being deemed abso.ute v r.ecfssary, it was very skilftidy performed by M- G 1:. Watson, surgeon to the Yarteg liiil Colliery IInd t <• little sufferer, we understand, ig, under the ci't cum^anc■», doiuff well but it will be wond.rtul indeed if he should finally rally under such a di-trj sing accident. -it :s said that on tins part ot the liue the fencing is bad eml incomplete, if that be 80, the Railway Company be heto hLmeless for this sad occurrence. Other District Intelligence on 8th Page