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Trostray Hill Farm, Two miles from the town of Usk. R. JAME3 GRAHAM, Jtiii has been favoured ltl with inM.Juctions from Mrs. Catherine Knicrht to SELL bv' PUBLIC AUCTION, Olt Thursday, the. 21st of September, 1865, The-whole of -.er very superior FA K-MING- STOCK, Implements. c 'rlusbandry, Hay, Clover, Corn, Roots, tc., &c. Particulars in future Advertisements. Dated. 17th. August, 1865. Sals of Rams. AT USK MONTHLY MARKET, September 4th, will be offered for SALE by AUCTION, iSix well- bred Long Wool iiams, the property of Peter Marfell, Cwm Farm. GAME. Notice is hereby given, that the gams on His Grace the Duke of Beaufort's under- mentioned Properties is STRICTLY PRESERVED, namely, in the parishes of Raglan, Llandenny, Itton, Lansoy, Llanvihangel, and Woolvesnewton, in the ",Vooels called Weutwcod, Chepstow Park, Veddw, Coin Garrow, Gethly, the Hale, Suekpant, Ravens- nest, and Purcas, also on the Lands in the parish ot Newchurcb, in the occupations of Messrs. Reader, Roberts, Williams, and Nicholas, and on Lands in the occupation of Mrs. Dowle, in the parish, of Chepstow. The Tenants and Woodwards are particularly re- quested to call upon all parties sporting on His (trace's Estates to produce their authority. The Cards are not transferable. II OSMOND A. WYATT. Troy House, 16th August, I860. NOTICE is hereby given that the GAME on GREEN-MEADOW Farm, in the occupation of Mr. Williams; also on the PETTINGKLE Land, adjoining Cefn Ila Lund and FRESCAUKOW Land, adjoining the same, all in the parish of Llanbaddock, is STRICTLY PRESERVED. SARAH ROBERTS. Hendrew, August 29, 1855. 'THE GAME on the STEPS FAIUI, situated in the X parishes of Gwernesney, Lhmgwm, and Llange- Tiew, is STRICTLY PRESERVED. Signed, JOHN EDWARD WILLIAMS. GAME.—NOTICE is hereby given that the Game G on all the Lands and Woods in my occupation, in the parish of Llangeview and elsewhere, is PRE- SERVED, and any person found trespassing will be prosecuted.,u THOMAS JAMES. NOTICE.—All persons found TRESPASSING on -Li! MIDDLE WBKNHEBB FARM will be Prosecuted. WILLIAM WILLIAMS. .— ABERGAVENNY. S. & E. TROTTER, ARE now delivering, free by rail or rosd to a reasonable distance, their GENUINE MALT LIQUORS, In fine condition, at the following Prices:— BITI'ER BEER 50s. 25s. 12s. Gel. BURTON „ (STRONG) 50S. 25s. 12s. 6d. XXX MILD ALE. 42s. 21s. 10s. 6d. XX „ „ 36s. 18s. 9s. Od. STOUT 42s. 21s. 10s. 6d. THE BREWERY, ABERGAVENNY. February, 1865. TROUBLESOME COUGHS CURED BY THOMAS'S EMULSION OF SYRUPS. THE efficacy of this Syrup in affording prompt relief to those suffering trom Coughs, Coble, Asthma, &c., has fully established the remedy ;J) public estimation, and, owing to its wonderful curative powers, the demand has become nnivers»l. It has a pleasant taste, and is therefore well adapted for Children in cases of Hooping Cough, Common Coughs arising from Colds, Teething, &e. Sold in bottles, at 7^d., Is. lid., and 2?. 9d. each, whole- sale by SUTTON, & Co., 10, Bow Churchyard, London; retail by the Proprietor, T. RODERICK, Chemist, Pontypool; WM. SPENCER, Chemist, Monraoutb; J. H. CLARK, Bookseller, Usk; J. POPE, Chemist, Blaenuvon; THOMAS J. JON ES, Chemist, High Street, Newport; and niost.Ilediclup Vendors. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES.—Money lent X in sums of not less than £ 100, on Personal Security, at a fair rate of interest. Also a large amount ready to be advanced on Freehold Securities, for a term of fears, at from 4 to 0 per cent, interest charges moderate, and the strictest confidence ob- served. Full particulars forwarded per post, on receipt of six postage stamps. Office hours from ten to threc.-Apply to Mr. SYDNEY T. EVANS, Land ahd Estate Agent, Old Masonic Hall, Newport, Mon. Money TO LEN D.-To TRADES- ill MEN, FARMERS, & OTHERS—MONEY immediately advanced on good personal security, or Leasehold, Copyhold, and Freehold Property, from £ •>0 to £ 5000, at 5 per cent interest. Upwards of five hundred thousand pounds have already been nclmnced.-Apply to Mr. C. JOHNS, Licensed Appraiser and House Agent, 4, Prospect Plaee, Stow Hill, N evrporfc, Mon., (near the New Presbyterian Chapel). N. B.-All applications by post to contain 4 stamps for reply. PATENT MEDICINES of all kinds, of genuine quality, constantly on Sale at J. H. CLARK'S, Bridge. street, Usk npHB ROYAL FARMERS' Fire, Life, and Hail A. Insurance Institution, an old-established and safe OfB.ee, in which Lhes, Houses, Furniture, Stock, Crops, and Farm Produce of every kind, may be Insured at &a lovr a rate as in any of the first Class Offices. J. H. CLARK. Agent for Usk. I., i' L I", S' EATING H0USe7~~ TKA, COFFEE, & REFRESHMENT BOOMS. I 21 Flannel Street, Abergavenny, GREAT reduction IN drapery, On and after JI0NDA Y,the 11 th of September. T°PN>.?V.A?D LOWELL, BRIDGE STREET, USK, beg to announce to the u it taeir intention of submitting for SALE a large lot of REMNANTS in every description of .> ™u5,?lus 'S,'ock* ihe whole will be offered at prices considerably UNDER their UKIbiAAL GObl, ni order to effect a CLEARANCE for the Autumn Goods. A very cheap lot of Prints, -Linseys, Flannels, Calicoes,- &c..&c. Clark's Series of Guide Books.. N°'i; —CAERPHILLY CASTLE. An historical account of this extensive Ruin, and also of CASTELL COGH, with descriptions of the RLIYMN iiY VALLEY and CltUMLIN VIADUCTS, with lhree steel plates. Price Sixpence. CARDIFF and ITS JSTEIGrllBOURIIOOD, with Historical Accounts of the Castle, -L.anaiifi Cathedral, &o., with plate of Cardiff Castle, Price Sixpence. ABBEY and the "WLN"DCLIFE. A full description of this splendid Monastic Rum, and the lar-famed scenery between Chepstow aad Monmouth, with two views. Price Sixpenct- 0- 4. o j s L 1'SIO vV ^and 11 S I^EIGHBOUitHOOD, containing an account of the Objects of l;ter £ !st t0 St!*a,'gers in the Town, and the Walks in its delightful vicinity, with views of the Railway Bridge and Castle, i'nee Sixpence. The above may be bad of the Booksellers in the several neighbourhoods at the Railway Book-stands or post free, from the Publisher, J. H. CLARK, Usk, for Id. extra. The Champion Liver & Stomach PILLS- rjPHESE PILLS are compounded from the t recipe of one of the most eminent physicians of the present day (who, from purely philanthropic motives- knowing their excellent properties by experience has been induced to give the benefit of them to the public at large). They are prepared by an able and experienced chemist, and are acknowledged, by the faculty, to be the most valuable medicine for all disorders of the stomach. and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. It is a well-known fact that most ofthediseasesiseident to the human race, arise from a disordered stomach, and irregular state of the bowels, and for want of a suitable remedy, taken in time, thousands of (at first) simple mala- dies, become serious iuNesaes. To guard against this great evil, and to preserve the blessings of health, these pills are confidently and earnestly recommended. They act generally ori the constitution, cleanse the blood of Ell impurities; regulate the secretions, and give tone to the stomach; correct the morbid condition ef the liver, regulate the bowels, and, by removing all impediments, restore elasticity and vigour to the whole frame. r^sIIMOIfHLS, Usk, January 28th, 18(55. SIR,—T have been in the habit of taking the CHAMPION LIVER AND STOMACH PILLS for some years, and I can sately say they are the best medicine for Stoinacti Complaints that I have e /er taken; and previously to their becoming known to me I had tried a great number of different kinds. They never fail in giving me instant relief, and having received so much benefit from their use, I think it but right that I should recommend them, as I do whenever I have opportunity. MARY" WIIITEFIELD. Castle Farm, Gwehelog, near Usk, March 26th, 1864. SIR,—I am glad to be able to bear testimony to the great efficacy of the CHAMPION LIVER AND STOMACH Pre- viously to my being recommended to try them, I suffered much from Asthma, but since 1 have been in the habit of taking these pills, when I fiud an attack coming on I have only to take one dose to obtain certain and speedy relief, and by repeating tha dose two or three rimes I am restored to my usual health. I am sure that these pills have saved me a vast amount of suffering, and I th. refore, with pleasure, give you permission to make what use you like of this testimonial, as, if iL should be the means of inducing any persons afficzed as I have been to try the medicine, 1 shall teel teat I have done them great service. To Mr. CLARK, Usk. THOMAS PRICE. Penarth, near Cardiff, 24th October. 1864. Mr. CLARK, Usk.—SIR,—I enclose 28 stamps, and shall be obliged if you will send me two boxes of the CHAMPION LIVER PIÚS. You will think I am consuming a great quantity of them, from the number of boxes you have sent me; but the fact since I have been in this neighbourhood. I have recommended the pills to several persons here who suffer from biliousness, like myself, and they all agree that they never took anything that did them so much good. I think if the pills- were sold in this neighbourhood, a great many more people would take to them, because they would be sure to recommend themselves. HENRY ELLIS. Gwehslog, near Usk, December, 1859. SIR,—After suffering for several years from acute pains in my side, back, chest, a n't Etonmtii, and alter calling in several medical and trying every remedy, I still suffered severely trom the complaints. At length I was induced to try the CHAMPION LIVER AND STOMACH PILI.S, sold by you The first box gave me grent relief. I then purchased a second box, and It completely removed my complaint, and I am now in perfect health. Having received so much benefit from these pills myself, I think that I am only doing a service to the public in recommending them. JOHN RoiBEILTS. To Mr. CLARK, Bookseller. Usk. Pontypool, January 20th, 1860. SIR,-For some years I suffered vary much from an affection of the Liver. The medical men ti) I applied gave me pills which removed the complaint for a short tilll:, but it retu; nyd as bad us after ever a w ek or ten days. Hearing of tlie CHAMPION PILLS, I resolved to try tnem, ami I "m happy to say. that after taking a few doses, 1 felt much better, a id it is now three months since I have-experienced any return of myoid complaint. If I hayc the h adaahe, or pain in tne side or shou'ders, I take a couple of the CHAMPION PILLS at night, and I feel aU right the next day. WM. MOUGAN. 6, Settle's Buildings, New Swindon, Feb. 24,1863. 9IH,—I am wishful to inform you of the great benefit I have found from taking be CHAMPION PILLS From my childhood I have been much troubled with indigestion, which caused me great suffering, and I was never many flays without it, until a friend save me a few of these pills, which is the only med cine that gives me relief. MARIA RICHARDS. Llanbaddock, near Usk, Feb. 9, 1863. SIR,—I am very glad to he able to recommend the CHAMPION PILLS. I have tried everything I could think of for the liver Complaint, but never fouud any medicine do me sn much good as these oiils. Mark of X MARY ANN MliRR! MAN. 36, Christian Street, Stockport, 15th Oct, 1862. SIR, Please forward me another box of the CHAMPION PILLS, for which I enclose fourteen stamps. I find them such an excellent medicine, not only for myself, but also for the whole of my family,' that I never like to be without some in the house. I believe voa when you say they are the most valuable medicine for tue titom ch wid Liver ever prepared," fur I have tried many diff rent sorts of pills, but shall never want to change again while X can get these. With best respects, yours truly, Mr. CLAEK, Usk, Moo. ALFliEI) EHWARDS. Sold in Bores (with directions for use) ls.lid, and 7 id, each. t (A Saving by taking the Large Size). LOCAL AGENT3 Abergavenny ..Mr J S Meredith, Bookseller Abertyctum .Mr E Martin, Druggist Iila«naoon Ifr J Pope, Druggist CAepttom .Air W E Clark, Bookseller JttMMOutA Mr. W. Spencer, Druggist. lieu-pen Mr T J Jones, Chemist, High St. Pontypool .Mr T Roderick, Druggist. Usk Mr, J.H. Clark. Sold Wholesale by Messrs. BARCLAY & SON, LOHDON, and Retail by all Medicine Vendors, JSr,B.—To meet the convenience of persons at a distance, J. H. CLARK, Usk, will forward a box, FI'IJ6 by Post, for fourteen postage stamps. I Chepstow Plower Show. T'HE SECOND GRAND FETE for this Season JL will ba held in the Castle, On Wednesday, September 6th, 1S65. Doors open at 1.30 p.m., and close at 5 p.m. Admission at 1.30 p.m., 2s and at 3.30 p.m., Is. Children under Twelve years of age half-price. The BRILLIANT BAND of the GLOUCESTER ARTILLERY and ENGINEERS will perform in the Castle during the Fete. SPECIAL EXCURSION TRAINS will leave 1st. Cov. Car. Cheltenham 9. 0 a m. 6s. 01. and as. Od. Gloucester 9.30" 4s. 8d. 2s. 3d. Grange Court 9.50 4s. 4d. 2s. Od. Newnham 10.,0" 3.9d. Is. lOd. Gatcombe 10.10" 2s. 6d. Is. 3d. Lydney 10.23" 2s. Od. Is. Od. Woolaston 10.32 Is. 3d. Os. 7d. And return from Chepstow at 7.0 p.m. Swansea 8.10 Ss. Od. 4s. Os. Neath 8.30 „ 7s. 0d. 3s. (id. Port Talbot 8.50 1 Bridgend 9.20 > „ 6s. ,0d. 3s. 0d. Llarifrissant 9.45 j wi Cardiff 101.3 „ os. pit. 2s. 6d. N"YopeJ/.t 10.4-5 3s.-}Od. Is. Gd. Chepstow arr. 11.25 „ departure 6.30 p.m. 'on Excursion Tickets for Chepstow, at Sunday Excursion Fares for the Double Journey, will also be issued on 6th September, from Stations where the Special Trains does not call, by the 7.30 a.m. Swansea Train; such Tickets being available to re- turn date of issue only, by the Train leaving Chep- stow at 4.34 p.m'; or for Stations to Cardiff inclusive, at 5.30 and 8.5 p.m. Passengers will be Booked from Hereford and intermediate Stations to Grange Court, by 9.45 a.m. Train to Chepstow. at a Single 1st and 2nd Class Fare for the Double Jour- ney. The Wyndcliff and Tintern Abbey, objects of attraction, may be visited before the opening of the Castie Gates. Rules and Schedules of Prists, may be obtained of Mr. T. Griffiths, High Street, Chepstow, Clerk to the Society. EDWARD PENDRIL KING, Honorary Secretary. .a T. EVANS, gvf Boot, Shoe, and Gaiter Manufac- t|j|k. \ji turer, and Currier, 16 and 17, CROSS STREET, G|f&afV& ABERGAVENNY, l|ra!j|p^ |")EGS to call the attention of the D Public to the LARGE STOCK of BOOTS and SHOES of every 11 description he Jus constantly on hand. RIFLE GAITERS made from the primest Cowhide, 011 the most Reasonable lerms, Suitable for Shooting or alking purposes. F 0 F i'i ?ni'E U.NCCLOCuCS TEfJt^ 1 his Tea 18 imported with ih.e lettf not Coloured, is hiqhhj recommended hj medical and scientific men, and combines purity with fir,e flavour and lasting strength. Sold by Chemists, Stationers, and Conjeclioneis in all parts of the kingdom. Usk Robinson, Bridge St. Hereford—Ilatton 31 Church Nea-port—Napper & Co., grocers. Street.. Pillywe-nlly—Morgan,Post-office Ditto—Mills, Broad Street. Ditto Stephens, High Town. JETTER PRESS PRINTING of .every de^orio- J tion; COPPER PLATE Cards, Letter Headings• ft»cl liiil Heads at the,London Charges, at J, H. CLAIIK'B Oiiiees, yriiljje-btreet. Usk. Barrow's Antibilious & Liver Pills. A SAFE AND NEVER FAILING REMEDY i\ in all diseases of the Head, Chest, Bowels Liver, Weak Digestion, Dizziness, &e. In bcrx,s at 7|d. and Is. l|jd. each, or post free for 8 or' 14 stamps, from S. ROBINSON, Chemise, Dridge Street, Usk. 6 Barrow's Pectoral Balsam OF BLACK CURRANT AND ANISEED, FOR the Cure of Hoarseness, Coughs, Cold, Short- ness of Breath, &c, and a most speedy relief for that troublesome complaint Asthma. Full directions accompany each bottle. Sold in bottles, 7|d. and Is. ltd. each. To be had of most, 2 patent medicine vendors, and of S. ROBINSON, Chemist, Bridge Street, Usk. To Masons and Others. ATTENDEES will be received by (he undersigned for 1_ the construction of an oval SEWER, twelve inches in the clear, to extend from the entrance to a Malthouse occupied by Mr. John Edwards, in Baron Street, to a spot near the Royal Oak Inn, a length of about eighty yards Some old materials, standing near the residence of Mr. Jerrom, in Walker Street, to form part of the contract. Further parti- culars may be obtained on application to HENRY WILLIAMS, „• >fii L Surveyor of the Pontypool and Ubk Highway District. Usk, August 30th, 1865. THE COTTAGE LIBRARY, CLOTH BOARDS. OKI! SHILLING EACH. TALES. Cowper's Poetical Wo'ks Anna L08 Longfellow's poetical works Arabian Nights Milton's Poetical Works Basket of Flowers Moore's Melodies Cabin Boy's Story BIOGRAPHY. Christmas Eve & other Talef Life 0: Wellington Evenings at Home Life of Washington Fashion and Famine Lit'o of Napoleon Bqnaparte Lamplighter EELIG-I0ITS WORKS. Lena Rivers Bogatzky'sGohlenTreasury ,M:ibel Vaiigban Urowira'ConcordMuee Planter's Daughter Banyan'sPilgrim'sProgress Queeehy Banyan's Choice Works Ruse Clark Christian's every day Book Robinson Crusoe Daily Comforter Sandford and Merton Sacred Garland Swiss Family Robinsoa Smith's daily remembrancer Tales ot Rich and Poor Sunday School Reciter Tales of Married Life MISCELLANEOUS. Temperance Tales iRsop's Fables True Riches Bovs' Own Conjuring Book Unde Tom's Cahin Buehan'sdomesiicmedieines Vv ide Wide World j Buffon's Natural History HOVEijS. Clater's Every Man his own Children of the Abbey Farrier Cooper's Spy Cla'er's Every Man bis own Parmer of lnglewood Cow Doctor Fatherless Fanny Cottage, Kitchen,Fruit and Hungarian Brothers Flower Garden Mysteries of TJdolpho Cuipeper's Herbal Nick of *h0 Woods Domestic Cookerv Book Old English Baron KOIilG BOOKS. Pamela Comic,Album aud Minstrel Rob of the Bowl Crochet' Romance of the Forest Diprose's National Som Scottish Chiefs Book St. Clair of the Isles Popular Song Book POETRY. D Byron's Choice Works Sold by J. II. CLAHK Bookseller, Usk. J BOOKBINDING. PERIODICALS BOUND at the following Charges j. at J. H. CLAIUC'S, Bookseller, TJsk. In Cloth, bound J-bound orbound Roan, in Calf, plain, Lettered, Lettered, Lettered, per vol. per rol. s. d. s. d. s- d. Demy 18 mo. Child's Companion j Juvenile Missionary M^aziue > 0 10 10 12 Gospel Missionary Magazine j Demy 12mo. Baptist Messenger The Cliurch Churchman's Magazine Christian' Penny Magazine { ^ot.,s on Scripture Lesson 10 13 18 Penny Post Tract-Magazine Bible Class Magazine j Railway Library Demy 8vo. Boy's Own Magazine ") Boy's Monthly ditto Ci 6 j 9 2 3 Blackwood's Magazine J Royal 8vo. All the Year Iiound Chambers' Joiuinal Englishwoman s Domestic do.. 1 (iood Words 1 Cornhill Magazine. 1 10 2 3 0 St. James'Magazine Temple Bar Magazine J Evangelical Magazine Macmillan's Magazine J Imperial 810. Once a Week j The Quiver ',3 0 • 3 0 4 3 Leisure Hour ) Demy 410.. Cassell's Family Paper Casseli's Iq History Knglisb Girls'Journal \2 6 3 9 6 0 Family Herald I Ladies' Treasury Sunday at Dome Royal 4to. London Journal J Reynold's Miscellany i 3 0 4 3 5 6 Cassell's Paper,-enlarged J Illustrated Loudon News.. 6 6 7 6 9 6 Music 0 0 5 0 7 0 Cult and Morocco Bindings at proportionate charges. YTTAXTED, an APPRENTICE to a BLACK- 11 SMITH.—Apply at the Office of this Paper. TO EVERY ONE possessing a GATtEEN.— Ths YJOTTAOEITS' K.^TCHKX, Fatrra, AND FLOWER GAUDES, Price only One. SsJlling or post free for 14 atamps.' Bold by J. H. CLAEK; Bookseller, Usk. TH ^0 PARISH •OFFICERS.—Surveyors' and Over- JJL seers Hate and Check Books, in accordance with the Act, may be had of J. H. CLAltK. Bookseller. Usk.


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