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PONTYPOOL. CRICKET.—A cricket match was played 03 Monday last, between the Pontypool and Crumlin Clubs,, ca tb" ground of the latter, at Newbridge, when the PoaSypscl side cama off victorious by the first innings, there not being suffieisnt tima to play the game out. Subjoined is tbeooora:- PONTYPOOL. 1 st. Innings. 2ud Innings* R. Byrde, b. 11. Jones 1 b. Austin E. Cr. Edwards, b. It. Jones 16 c. Woodcock J- H. James, b. Austin. 27 b. R. Jones. 11 A. Goolden, b. Austin 1 b. Jones » FProbyn,b. R. Jones 7 st. James, b. Jones D. Jenkins, not out 1 run out Brown, c. Williams, B. Jones. 4 St. James H. Davies, b. Austin 2 b. Austin A. Edwards, run out 0 not out » W. Cuthbertson, b. Austin. 0 b. R. Jones. 0 J. Bevan (subtitute), c. Wood- „ couk, b. Jones 0 b. B.. Jones i$ Byes, 4; 1. byes, 1; wides 4. 9 Byes, 1; no balls, 2 68 £ CRUMLIN. Austin, b. E. Edwards. 6 D. Jones, c. R. Byrde 7 W. Williams, b. H. Davies 0 W. James, hit wicket 11. R. Jones, b. H. Davies 0 J. Leonard, b. H. Davies 2 H. Woodcock, I.b.w 0 R. Digby, b. H. Davies 0 G. Rees, b. H. Davies 0 L. Banfield,l.b.w. 1 John"Davies, not out 2 Byes, 9; wides, 1 18 39 Printed and Published by the Proprietor, WILH*M HBfK* CLARK, at his Offices, Bridge Street, Usk, in M Cow* Monmouth, August 26, 1865.