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RAGLAN. CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.—A meeting in connec- tion with the above society took place at the National School-room, on Friday, the 18th inst., and was very numerously attended. The chair was occupied by S. R. Bosanquet, Esq., who was supported by a large body of the clergy and gentry of the surrounding neighbourhood. The proceedings were commenced with praise and prayer, after which the chairman stated the objects of the meeting, and gave an address upon the difficulties and trials of mis- sionary life, comparing the comforts of home with the labors, hardships, risks, and dangers of the missionary abroad, shewing that in missionary enterprize was to be found the best examples of perseverance and faith, also of God's providence to His creatures in His guidance and protection of those who were engaged in the work, and in the great blessings with which He crowned their labors. The worthy chairman concluded by urgingcontinued exer- tion in the good cause, saying that there was a great want of missionaries, there being at the present moment seven hundred millions of people who still had to be taught christianity, and which had mainly to be done by Eng- land,—who, with her wealth, commerce, intelligence, and Christianity, had been the pivot upwn which the whole world had turned—therefore, it was the great, duty of her people to promote the christian missions. The Rev. A. M. Wyatt, vicar of Raglan and a secretary 0f the Missionary Society, followed, in a very lucid and impressive speech, stating his experience for the past thirteen years, during which time he had been associated with the missionary work in the locality of Raglan, and from which small branch, during the period named, no less a sum than £ 600 had been sent, to the parent society. Referring to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and the Church Missionary Society, he Slid they were two sisters of mercy, and he hoped to be able to work them together successfully. He next gave an animated review of mission- ary progress from the days of Peter and Paul corning from Palestine, tó the labours of the celebrated Livingstone, of our own time and country. Speaking of himself, Mr. Wyatt said he had but just entered upon his missionary work, in the capacity of vicar of Raglan, and he hoped to do much for both thesocieties he had mentioned, by means of monthly contributions frum his flock, qaarterly meet- ings, etc., and he should further entourage the poor and the pupils in the schools, to participate in the good work. "Go ye unto all the world and prcuol. thQ to o^ory creature," was the special, duty of the minister, but it was also the duty of the people, one and all, to assist to bring about that great and gWious result. The rev. gentleman concluded by reciting some verses on the Value of little things," observing that upon such great issues often de- pended. The Rev. John Lloyd, the deputation, having been introduced by the chairman, spoke upon the vastness of the missionary undertaking, dwelling more particularly upon that in North America amongst the Red Indians. After giving a particular and interesting account of the natives of those parts, in their wild and savage state, in. terspersed with amusing anecdotes, the speaker con- cluded with an earnest appeal to those present to do all they could to bring the Red Indian and heathens generally to a knowledge of the true God. The Venerable Archdea- con Crawley next spoke in terms of high commendation of the suggestions of the Rev. A. M. Wyatt with regard to monthly collections aiit-I quarterly meetings, saying that it would be a continuous stream of missionary life, and much good must flow therefrom. The doxology having been sung and the Venerable Archdeacon having pronoun- ced the benediction, the meeting terminated, with a liberal collection.