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USK. THE WOOLHOPE NATURALISTS' FIELD CLUB.—We are informed that the members of the above club, of which E. Y. Steele, Esq., of Abergavenny, is the president, will visit this town on Monday next, to hold their fourth and last meeting of the season. The party is expected to arrive by the 10.10 a.m. train, and after making a circuit of the neighbourhood and inspecting various objects of interest to be brought under notice, the members will dine together at the Three Salmons Hotel, and return by the train leav- at 4.30 p.m. We are assured that any of our townsfolk who may feel interested in the varied pursuits of the club will be quite welcome to join the party. CRICKET MATCH.—A game at cricket Was contested on the Usk ground on Tuesday last, between eleven players brought by the Magor Club and eleven members of the Usk Club. In consequence of the Magor side bringing players from neighbouring towns, contrary to the condi- tions upon which the match had been arranged, the game was played under protest; nevertheless, the Usk side made a creditable stand, considering the disadvantage they laboured under, of contending against a "team" compris- ing players from the towns of Newport and Chepstow, whilst their own "team" had been selected with a view of making an even game against country players. At. the conclusion of the game the players adjourned to the Three Salmons Hotel, where, with sharpened appetites, they par. tuok of an excellent dinner. We append the score MAGOB. Ut Innings. 2nd Innings. Chas. Ivins, not out 7 b. Clark 16 Powell, c. Williams, b. Clark 2 l.b.w., b. Frank Jennings 4 W. J. Williams, run out 2 c. Fk. Jennings, b. Clark. 0 E. J. Scarlet, c. Williams, b. c. Stephensj b. Farr Jen- Farr Jennings 21 nings 8 A. Hillier, b. Farr Jennings. 0 b. Frank Jennings 0 W. Rosser, b. Farr Jennings 1 c. Thomas, b. Fk. Jennings 4 G. Williams, b. Fk. Jennings 1 b. Frank Jennings 6 J. Williams, b. Fk. Jennings 0 c. Williams, b. Fk. Jen- nings 0 Gould, c. Williams, b. Clark 5 c. and b. Clark 18 J. O. Corner, run out 0 not out 0 Thos. Hillier, st. Clark 3 c. Thomas, b. Fk. Jennings 0 Leg byes 3 Wides 2 45 58 USK. lit-Innings. 2nd Innings. Stephens, l.b.w., b. Powell. 2 o. G. Williams, b. Powell. 0 H. Thomas, run out. 1 c. G. Williams, b. Powell. 8 Fk. Jennings, l.b.w., b.Powell 5 run out 2 A. Cuthbertson, b. Powell. 2 b.Powell. 0 W. Kynch, b. Powell 2 b.Powell 11 W. H. Clark, b. Powell 3 b. Scarlett 15 Jos. Williams, b. Scarlett 1 c. A. Hillier, b. Powell 0 Bateman, b. Scarlett 2 b. Scarlett 4 Far Jennings, b. Searlett 0 b. Powell 0 Elmhirst, run out 0 b. Rosser 12 Reece, not out 3 not out o Byes, 1; wides, 1 2 Leg byes, 1; wides, 4. 5 23 57 FOUND DEAD.-On Monday, an inquest was held at the Castle Inn, before E. D. Batt, Esq., and a respectable jury, to enquire into the circumstances connected with the death of Richard Jenkins, who bad been found dead by the side of a hay-riek in a field, at Gwehelog, on the morn- ing 01 Saturday, the 19 tb. The body, which had previously been viewed by the jury and buried under the coroner's instructions, was identified by Superintendent Llewellin, after which the following evidence was taken:—Alexander Shepard, surgeon, deposed that, at the request of the police, he had made a careful examination of the body, the result being that he came to the conclusion that the man had died in a fit, probably of apoplexy, and there were no external marks of violence. Thomas George, farmer, Gwehelog, stated that on Thursday, the 17th inst., as he was proceeding from Usk to Gwehelog with his cart he met the deceased, near the New Barn Wood, coming in the direction of Usk; he appeared very weak and dejected; witness spoke to him but received no answer; on return- ing to Usk, in the course of ah hour or two afterwards, witness noticed the gate of a field near Common Trip partly open; he went to shut the gate and than' saw Jenkins lying by the side of a hay-rick, about fifteen yards distant; he went up to him and spoke to him, but receiving no answer he came away; on passing through Usk witness mentioned the circumstance to Mr. Joseph Evans, asking him if he met a policeman to teH him of it; witness took no further notice of the matter-AlBtjJj. oa,jSaturdaj,,ti^pr ,.x>T .,• £ '■ i" 1 7am Jijc ,-JI: ing, when proceeding with his cart to Pontypool market, he thought he would go to see whether old Dick was there" still, and on going to the rick he found deceased exactly in the same spot as where he had previously seen him, quite dead on reaching Usk he gave information to the police. Superintendent Llewellin deposed that from the information given by the last witness he proceeded to II the spot indicated, and there found the body in a distorted posture, the arms being hugged tightly across the breast, and the hands firmly grasping particles of hay and grass; witness carefully examined the body and the spot, but saw nothing to lead him to suppose that deceased had come by his death by unfair means; he searched the clothes but found nothing but a pear and an onion; he then had the body conveyed to the Castle Inn, and sent for the sur- geon. The coroner, in commenting upon the evidence, pointed out to the jury that there was nothing to shew but that deceased had died from natural causes, and then pro- ceeded to animadvert in strong terms upon the conduct of the witness George in not communicating with the police immediately upon his first finding the man under the rick, observing that had he done so the public would have had the satisfaction of knowing, although the life of the man might not have been spared, that every means would have been taken to that end. The jury expressed their lull concurrence in the remarks made by the coroner, by whose direction they returned a verdict of "Found dead." PETTY SESSIONS, AUGUST 18, before G. R. GREEN- HOW-RELPH and S. CHURCHILL, Esquires. MASTERS AND SERVANTS.—Robert Hooper, was chnrged by his master, Walter Blower, of the New Barn Farm, Gwehelog, with misconduct as a servant in husbandry, and was ordered to pay 5s. 6d. costs in a week. Walter Blower then appeared to answer a summons, at the in- stance of his hte servant, James Waters, for non-payment of 5s. 3d., alleged to be due for wages, and was ordered to pay the amount, with 9s. costs.——John Owen was charged by William Blower with leaving his service before the ex- piration of the period of his hiring, "Whieh appeared to be rather a loose one, and the parties were ordered to pay 7s. 6d. costs between them. POORS' RATE.—A poors' rate for Llangeview, at 81d. in the A:, was allowed. JURY LISTS.—The 29th of September next was ap- pointed for the revision of the jury lists.