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The Produce Market. MINCING-LANE, AUG 21.— Sugar • Manvmrf>pl= G n- and at slightly higher prices, although .Sere fs l K^ tons over last season, and large quantities on the wav 'w consumption remains favourable. To-dav th» +, y' yet tamed were for low Mauritius, of low to fine wL s, o t>- 27s to 31s; yellow, 31s 6d to 34s 6d; graiS 3L T?T^ty' badoes, 29s to 36s Madras, native, 25s 6d tn 9Qc t Bar" 25s to 26s 6d; Havannah, brown, 30s to 39= Jaggery, to 36s; Floretts, 37s to 39s Sd; white 40-' J ioW' 6d Rico, as to quality; 30s to 39s Porto grey, 32s to 36s 6d; brown and ye'llow 4 cwt. There were greater purchases in refmed Sugar than is usual: rates for brown wm common to fine grocery, 4is ™j.e fls i 41s 6d to 46<s: wet lumps 1 M;- tattlers, to 37s; and bastards, 26s to It Q j pie<:eS' 8 West India Molasses at 14s >, ^°nS at IS* fo iTo «« i? ? i()S > in British-made and rates stiff ol 6s-—Purchases readily made in Coffee, in extensive demand, and ad- and grey 62s to 66, 53s t0 Tr,i^dad>red. 67s to 116s, marlfpt h'naiJ 6s~A more ready sale for spices.—The Rice ™us^ness Tpo°mestU1 HoeB flrm--There is a large medbim rv, a?d prices have become firs?: common and medium Congou being most m request, duty was raid at this port during the past week on 1,177,000 pounds of Tea -1 j-n -Lined Fruit scarcely any business, and the new ppa«nr,a supply will be large, especially of CurrantsZproviC? tra P !RADER>AND the currency for Irish Butter, as to qualitv I AA to 122s; fine Friezland, 114s to 116s; Kampen 112s rnliJ Groningen, 90s to 98s; Jersey, 98s to 110s: fine Tw J 124s to 126s; Devon, 116s to 118s Irish Bacon, 72s +r! ol American, 60s to 62s.—The value of Sperm Oil is -r-a.- ? pale Seal, £ 39 to £ 40; Cod, £ 47; pale Southern Xl0 f98; Palm, 37s; and Linseed, 31s 9d to 32s.—Prippc f „' Pig Iron are 54s 6d to 54s 7d cash, mixed, numhL o c^ch £ 22 to £ 22 5s; Straits Tin, 88s to 88s 6d anri Spe'ter» Copper, £ 85 per ton. nd Cake ■ -♦ — VALUABLE DIET for INVALIDS.—Thp p»,„ „ delicious; very nourishing and easu of £ SElr?I7iE 1 £ choice dishes for the Dinwr-talh. Ja°i f™s Children and Infants. Sold bv Grocers V, m^ch^lzed Tfor WICH, MAUUFACTUBEE. Agents,