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Money Mars at.

The Corn Trade


The Corn Trade MARK-LANE, AUG- 21.-The supply of English Wheat at this day's market was limited, and previous prices were sustained; but the trade presented a quiet anpearance, and a clearance was not made, the we3.ther since Friday having been more favourable for harvest work. The currency for I new white rules at 46s to 54s; red, 40s to 46s; Talavera, 4Sg to 57s; old white and red, 42s to 55s per qr. Of foreign, much on offer, and purchases made with caution, still pricee were supported, and ringed at 40s to 56s. Only a moderate business in American at 42s to 48s, and holders more dis- posed to sell.-Prices firm for Flour, still trade less active: best town-made brines 40s to 43s; seconds, 36s to 38s; country-made, 31s to 36s; French and Spanish, 34s to 37s per sack; and American, 23s to 28s per barrel.—Full terms were obtained for Barley, supply being short, still trade was slow malting at 30s to 36s per quarter; grinding and dis- tilling, 253 to 29s and foreign, 21s to 32s as to quality: malt met a good demand: pale at 56s to 65s; and brcwa, 50s to 54s.—Oats again in large supply, still rates were supported, purchases being readily made: TWKgfe and Irish potato realised 23s 6d to 26s 6d: feed and black, 19s 6d to 23s; Scotch, according to quality, 21s to 27s 6d; and foreign, 19s 6d to 26s.—A firm market for Peas, with a fair sale white and maple at 37s to 42s, and grey, 35s to 38s.—Only a moderate demand for Beans; still rates full up, and range for small English at 40s to 453; other sorts, 35s to 39s; and Egyptian, 35s to 40s.— Transactions in Linseed were to a large exteat: Odessa brought 58s; Calcutta, 56s 6d to 57s 6d and Bom- bay, 58s. A more ready sale for Rapeseed: Bombay, 586 to 69s; Calcutta,59s; and Madras, 6is to 65s per qr. LIVERPOOL, AUGUST 22.-The marke's fairly a.ttendecC Wheat in moderate consumptive request at full rates of Friday. Flour: Better qualities of French are 6d dearer, and other sorts neglected. Indian corn firm: mixed, 32:s. Beans, oats, and oatmeal support previous prices. COTTON, LIVERPOOL, AUGUST 22.—The general tone of the market continues steady, and there is a sroodinauirv Sales 10,000 or 12,000 bales. TALLOW, AUG. 22.-The market is steady. Town tallow is quoted 45s, net cash; Petersburg Y.C. on the spot, 44s 3d to 443 6d; October to December, 45s; December, 45s 6d to 45s 9d; January to March, 46s. HAY, SMITHMELD, AUG. 22.—Mr, Charles James EastoE. reports trade firm at last day's prices Prime old clover ??' new C^^°> 110s to 120s; prime old h&v! iUSi ™ new djtto, 95s 110s; straw, 28s to 33s. nos to 120s; new dIttO, 95s te 110s; straw, 28s to 33s. HOPS, BOROUGH, AUG. 21.-Meslilrs. Pattenden and Smith report an active demand for consumption for the xemainina- portion of last year's growth, as well as for the new ones that have arrived, of which there are about 300 pockets re- alising the following quotations :—Mid and East Kents' £ 8 to mo; Weald of Kents, iC7 to £ 8; Sussex, £ 7 to £ 7'l0a per cwt. POULTRY, AUG. 21.-A plentiful:supply of poultry, and a good demand at the following prices geese, 5s to 7s each- goslings, 4s 6d to 6s 6d; fowls, 2s 8d to 3s; chickens Is 8d to 2s; ducklings, 2s to 3s; tame rabbits, Is 3d to Is 7d pigeons, 5d to 8d; live ducks and fowls, 22s to 24s per doz. EGGS, AUG. 21.—Eggs meet with a fair sale, but still abundant: English sells at 5s 10d to 6s lOd per 120; French, 4s 6d to 7s; Spanish, 5s to 5s 2d; and Ostend, 6s to 6s 8d. *KUiT AND VEGETABLES, COVEKT GARDEK.- Vegetables continue abundant and good. Large imnorta. tions of French peas, peaches, nectarines, &c., have arrived ?!rice rep,° £ (t- E,nflish Pears comprise Jargonelle, Bon Chretien, and Beurrc d'Amanlia. For pine-annles smd grapes there is still a heavy sale. Apples and Kent ^re coming in ia good condition Good kidney potatoes fetch from Is to 2s uer doW pounds. Flowers ehiefly consist of orchids, heaths nel^ goniums, carnations and wicotees, mignonette, and ioses. Grapes, per lb., Is 6d to 3s; Peaches, per doz., 6s to 10s- Nectarines, do., 4s to 8s: Apricots (French), do 3s; Figs, do., Is to 2s; Strawberries, per lb., Is'to Is Gd- Apples, per sieve, Is Od to 2s Oranges, per 100 14s to 20« Lemons, per 100 8s to 14s: Nuts, cob, per 1001b.. 50s to 60S Brazil, per bushel, 18s; Almonds, do., 18s to 20s; Cabbasres* per doz., Is 6d to 2s 6d; French Beans, per half sieve, 2s to 3s; Peas, per sieve, 2s to 4s; Potatoes, York B&. gents, per ton 90s to 100S; Rocks, ditto, 60s to 70s; Flukes, ditto, 110 to 140; new, round, 8s to 12s per cwt. ditto, Kidneys, 8s to 12a per cwt.; Carrots, peer buncn, 6d to 8d; Carrots, new, per bunch, Is Turnips, per 6d jCucumbers, each,4d to 6d; Beet, plr doz., Is 6d to 2s; Shallots, per lb., 8d; Garlic, per lb Sd- Lettuces. par doz., Is 0d; Endive, per score, Is to 2s 6d Artichokes, per doz., Is 6d to 3s,• Horseradish, per b-ndle2 Is to 4s; Mushrooms, per pott., Is to Is 6d; Parslev T>S doz. bunches, 2s to 4s.; Herbs, per bunch, 6d. 7' p

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