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Money Mars at.


Money Mars at. CITY, AUGUST 22.-The transactions to-day in the mar- kets for public securities are upon a very limited scale, and prices generally are quoted the same as yesterday. The dis- count market is quiet to-day, with a large amount of money seeking employment, and few bills offering. There is, con- sequently, more disposition on the part of discounters to effect transactions of 31, per cent., and should the present favourable weather last during the next week or two, it is prsbable that the best short-dated paper will be ta.kem. at even a fraction less. The rate for short Joans in the Stock Exchange is 2 to 2| per cant.-Consols are now quoted 89% to f for money, and 89 £ to f for the account (Sep- tember 7). The official business report is as foIlows:- Three per Cent. Consols, for money, 89f, f, i. t: ditto, for account, 89J, ï; Three per Cents. Reduced, 89 £ New TibireervPe? Cents., 89.|, New Two-and-a-Half per Cents.. 71 j Bank Stock. 250, 2i8 India Five per Cent. Stock, 105, t; ditto Four per Cent. Debentures, 18(96, 99-1 Five per Cent, "enfaced" rupee paper, 100^; ditto Five- and-a-Half per Cent., 309J; and Exchequer Bills, Is prem.— There are few dealings in the railway market to-day, and the tone is rather dull. No general reduction has, however occurred in prices. London and North Western stock is new quoted 125Js to i; Great Western, 66i- to i: Midland 130| to ISli; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 118 to I ex div South Eastern, 79J to 80; Metropolitan, 132i to 133K ei div.; Great Northern, 131 to 132; ditto A, U7i to 148t; London and South Western, 99 to 100; Great Eastern, 46 to J and Caledonian, 133 j to 134-J.

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