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A Bad Night of it.

A Seasonable Petition.




FRIGHTFUL MURDERS IN AMERICA. The Hartford Times gives the following account of a dreadful tragedy which was perpetrated at Oakland, near Manchester, Connecticut, on the night of the 31st of July, the victims being a woman named Stark- weather, and her daughter Ella (aged fourteen years):—The mother's face was cut in two from a powerful blow from the axe, which divided the nose crosswise, and out open the face entirely across, crash- ing through the bones of the upper jaw and cheeks. Over the right eye was another gash from the axe, sinking through the skull and into the brain; and there was another which cut open the side and back of the head, and also a great gash near the right temple. Besides these wounds there were sthers made by a butcher's knife-one through the lower part of the chin, the blade penetrating deep into the throat; one deep into the right breast; and another deep one in the left breast. Ella, the daughter, presented a still more shocking Bight. Her right eye was entirely gone. The axe had cut a terrible gash across the brow, eye, and cheek, evidently at one blow, letting out all of the eye, breaking in the skull, and cleaving down to the cheek bone. Above the right eye, near the top of the forehead, was another fearful gash from the axe, sinking into the brain; and she was stabbed through the bosam with the butcher's knife. The first information of the murders was given by the son, Albert Starkweather, at four o'clock. He came to Mr. H. White's, a neighbour, rattling or rather falling heavilly against the back door, and arousing the in- mates with this call, Get up get up! come over to our house I don't know but our folks are all killed, and the house is on fire Mr. White ran over, followed by Albert, and found his (Albert's) room full of smoke and the bed on fire. He took the bed out and put it out of the window. Then he went upstairs, though the smoke was so thick he was nearly suffocated. Albert did not follow him, but paced hurriedly up and down the lower rooms, sobbing and crying. On getting into the chamber, Mr. White found the bed all in a blaze, and the bedroom covered with blood. He lifted up Ella and found her still alive, though bathed in blood, and presenting a shocking sight. As he lifted her a bloody axe slipt off upon the floor. Mr. White took it, and lifting the window, placed the axe under it to let out the smoke, while he next got Airs. Stark- weather off the burniQg bed, and finding her dead, placed her on the floor while he rolled up the bed and threw it out of the window. The dying Eiia he carried in his arms to a back window in the aojoiniug room, in order to give her fresh air, but the poor girl died in a few minutes. The son has been taken into custody.