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THE ARTS, LITERATURE, &e. j -A- BUST in white marble of the late Sir Joseph Pax M.P., has been placed in the Crystal Palace, on the floor, olose to the great orchestra. T Taunton, Massachusetts, is exhibited a model ^aiature locomotive made of gold and silver, with a ^by for a head-light, and costing $4,000. Its wheels Ð.re driven by clockwork. ONE of our most important national monuments has a narrow escape. It was intended to hold a con- 6*683 of archaeologists at Stonehenge, dig under the ^tar- stone, and raise the fallen trilithon. Sir Edmund ■Itrobus, however, the owner, has, we are told, wisely hia face against the proposal. A PORTRAIT of Richard Cobden, painted in Paris G. Fagnani, at the time of the French Treaty of Oommerce, has lately been added to the collection of {he National Portrait Gallery. Portraits of this dis- tinguished man painted) from the life are very few and attainable. The picture by Fagnani is a Implicate of one that was executed for the American in Government at Washington- THE proprietors of the Netvcastle Chronicle grace- IIIIY commence its centenary by erecting a memorial "jadow in one of the churches of that town in honour of one of its earliest and most able contributors, whose j^cnument had fallen into decay. The window is of ki-fie lights, depicting Faith, Hope, and Charity. I THE French Exhibition of the Fine Arts as applied j° Manufactures opened last week in the large building jj1 t'ae Champs Elyeees, but the arrangements were so tluflaished, so few objects were in place, and so much ptasins yet to be done, that several days must elapse ^sfoie the toup-d'adl will be appreciable. As to the aluable works of art lent for the occasion by the MM. Rothschild, Baron Plichon, and other connoisseurs, "ttr8,16 no^ eTCn P^3,06, Windsor CASTLE is to be thrown open in every Part fo: the inspection of antiquarians at the next Pasting of the Archaeological Society. No doubt the iSue of "heir researches will prove highly interesting, tio a *un(^ °- material to engage their atten- j. THE Ita lUan Government has just declared itself in ke important question of literary and ar.tistic repro- „ Actions. Amongst other advantages, it accords to oieign authors and composers a claim to ten per cent, „tt the gross receipts of the representations of their works. MR. THOMAS CARLTLE is at present on a visit at orsonce, the residence of Henry Inglis, Esq. He is search of relaxation and rest, his Life of Frederick; the Great" having involved the investigation of years, I and well-nigh the health of the illustrious author. ONE of the many rumours at present in circulation 1 about Abd-el-Xader is to the effect that the Arab j chieftain has written a novel, which will be published I in Paris during the author's stay there. It is further | said that the distinguished visitor is an excellent j story-teller, and has such a vivid imagination, that | a lively and certainly a. fresh book may be looked j forward to by readers. j A LETTER from Modena announces the discovery of I an autograph MS. of Ariosto in the archives of the | city. It is bound in vellum, and consists of nineteen leaves, stamped with the ducal seal of Este. It is a sort of cash-book kept by him, beginning from the year 1522, and ending on the 15th of May, 1525, when he was appointed Governor of the Garfagnana. DIARY of a Travel to Greece is the description of a journey to that classical country made by a veteran of classical philology, Professor Welker, of the University at Bonn. The contents of the work are not exclusively addressed to Greek scholars, but to all those who are somewhat acquainted with the country, its literature, and its monuments, and take a lively interest in classical subjects.


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