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j POLITICAL. GOSSIP. J'ARLI.HMENT was formally prorogued by the Lord 9hancellor until the 1st of November. The following ust of Scotch peers which had been elected as repres- entatives of the Upper House was handed in pro Earl of Morton, Earl of **ome,Earl of Haddington, Earl of Selkirk, Earl of rkney, Viscount Stratfiallan, LordSaltoun,Lord Gray, T° Lord Colville of Culross, Lord Rollo, i;ord Polwarth, Earl of Airlie, Earl of Caithness, ^arl of Leven and Meiville, THE Earl of Leicester has issued an address in ex- planation of the course which he pursued with refer- ee to the West Norfolk election. His lordship ays, Immediately after the meeting of the Liberal B^ty of West Norfolk, held in London, at which Sir Willoughby Jones was unanimously selected to be the aecond candidate, I wrote to my agent to inform him this resolution; I urged on him the necessity of fjj-Qmpt and vigorous action from Holkham. I was aTe more decided in my expression to him, inasmuch rumours were prevalent in the county, not only that I was indifferent to Liberal opinions, but that I 6?en secretly desired the success of the Conservative farty; I counselled, not dictation, not coercion in any but the adoption in common with my tenantry Whose political sympathies as a body are strongly J* avowedly with the Liberal cause) of every legiti- to achieve the return of Mr. Gurdon yxx Sir Willoughby Jones. In a letter written hastily «the eve of my departure I could not, and did not, into details; my views were firmly and de- expressed; but the execution of them was left lIr. Shellabear's discretion. Zeal in carrying out Instructions which were only indicated, and not given detail, and the heat and fervour generated in an motion, the battle of which had to be fought in the J?ae of a few days, led him to issue the circular Uh^as so much scandal, the impolicy and no one now sees more dearly than IT is said that Lord Wensleydulu is the very high J3icial authority who, interfered and persuaded Sir Y^orge Grey to grant a respite in the case of Charlotte *&8or. :e, P:a.INCE JOSEPH BONAPARTE is seriously ill at j. °Oie. He is suffering under one of those periodical which so often prove incurable in that city. -PRINCE ROMAN CZARTORYSKI, who had been sen- tenced to a year's honourable imprisonment for his ahare in the Polish movement, has had his sentence; QOlDmuted to one of six weeks. t) any rate, if the Emperor of Mexico is not to longf, h6 tftlroa oft»o to naalio tjko looo^i uoo o £ Kio and has sent over a shipload of orders of all Sorts and degrees to decorate his friends and those *hom he admires. Of course, cher Rossini comes in for a great cordon as big as that used by-never mind \IIh". NEW Conservative club is proposed in London, ihe three clubs of the party—the Carlton, the Junior lj4rlton and the Conservative—are all full, and so v^ny names are up for election, especially at the ^uior Carlton, that it is confidently expected that a large number may be attracted to the proposed 69t&blishment. THE Order of Knighthood was on Monday conferred ?? John Howley, Esq., Q.C., at the Viceregal-lodge, by j**8 Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, in recognition of long, efficient, and valuable services as chairman the pounty Tiperary. This is the first occasion on Jhich his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has exercised he Viceregal prerogative. THE Duke of Augustenburg, who some time ago Signed his commission as a Major in the Prussian arity, has been unable to obtain as yet the necessary Confirmation at the hands of the king. The duke, it is believed, is meditating the acceptance of an Austrian I Commission, could he once obtain his final dismissal. ?(tuated as he is, an Austrian commission would afford personal protection, while a Prussian one is tanta- mount to personal danger.



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