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DOUBLE MURDER AT BATLEY, NEAR DEWSBURY. Attempted Suicide of the Murderer. On Saturday night, about eleven o'clock, Ell Sykes, 3loth finisher, of Batley Carr, Dewsbury, murdered his sweetheart and her mother, attempted to terminate his own existence by stabbing, and tried to kill another person. The murdered women are Sarah Brook, a widow, aged 63, who lives in a cottage off New-street, Batley, and Hannah, her daughter, a power-loom weaver, aged 18. The murderer, Ell Sykes, is a private in the 29th West York Rifle Volunteer Corps, and on Saturday afternoon last he attended battalion drill at the village of Drighlington, but returned to Batley, along with the majority of the members, about a quarter to ten o'olock. After chattin g with his comrades for about twenty minutes, he went to the town to see Hannah Brook, his sweetheart. On getting to her house he found her in the kitchen and her mother in bed alon g with a child' of five years old in the same apartment. He was in uni- form at the time, and had with him his rifle and bayonet. The girl and he had some words together about her en- couragement of another suitor from Lofthouse, neai Wakefield, and at last, as she appeared determined to cease keeping company with Sykes, he struck at her with the butt end of the rifle and broke the stock at the small. She cried out, and her mother, it is sup- posed, interposed to save her daughter, but he at- tacked them both with his bayonet and stabbed each of them seven or eight times. The old woman, after receiving the injuries, had strength enough left to run outside the house, and raise a cry of Murder, he's kill- ing my daughter." This caused an alarm; a neighbour, named Joseph Peace, ran in, and was horrified at seeing the young woman bleeding from the mouth and from wounds in her neck, and Sykes "jobbing" at himself with his bayonet in the neck. He tried to take the weapon from Sykes, but he resisted and stabbed at him. The point of the instrument entered Peace's clothes, and grazed his abdomen, but caused no further injury. The murderer, with assistance, was thrown to the floor, and Police-sergeant English arriving, he was handcuffed. In the meantime a surgeon was sent for, but on his arrival both women were found to be dead. He dressed Sykes's wounds- there were five-and shortly afterwards he was placed in a conveyance and lodged in the police cells at Dews- bury. The body of the old woman bears eight wounds, but the one which is supposed to be the cause of death is in the region of the heart, about four inches deep. The young woman appears to have been. stabbed seven times, and the mortal wound is in the region of the heart also. Sykes is a young man about twenty years of age. He has been a volunteer rifle- man some time, and has always been noted in the corps to which he belonged as a very steady man. His fellow-workmen at the mill at which he was em- ployed, as a cloth finisher, gave him the same charac- ter. When he committed the murder it is believed he was not under the influence of intoxicating drink, for he was quite sober when he left his comrades about three quarters of an hour before the foul deed was done. The people of the towns of Dewsbury and Batley are in a very excited state.