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EPITOME OF NEWS. The heirs of President Lincoln own 160 acres of land in Iowa, conferred upon him for services rendered in the Black Hawk War. The French papers remark on the striking beauty of the Marchioness of Downshire, as well as on that of her daughter, who were present at the last performance of the Africaine at Paris. Her ladyship is the eldest daughter of the late Viscount Combermere. A strange story is going the round of the clubs, for the truth of which, however, we are able to vouch (says a contemporary). An army medical officer, of very high standing, whose death was recently announced, was a female. The gallant lady entered the army as assistant- surgeon in 1813, and retired on half-pay shortly after the close of the Russian war. Out of the sum of J2160, which the concert given in London for the tenor Giuglini produced, we learn that this unfortunate singer will scarcely receive as much as a in consequence of the opposition of a creditor. Three octogenarians have died during the past week, Archdeacon Wilkins, of Nottingham, and Sir W. J. Hooker, Director of the Royal Gardens at Kew, each being just eighty years old; and Sir F. W. Austen, Admiral to the Fleet, who was above eighty-one. It is stated that so great was the competition to obtain early information of the trial of Constance Kent, that the conductor of one newspaper proposed to get pos- session of a wire and keep it by telegraphing "Johnson's Dictionary until there was something else to telegraph. The Duke of Argyll is to have a gathering of the clans in September, to which the fireman of London are invited. Count Charles Civalart de Happancourt, General of Cavalry, the oldest officer of the Austrian army, has just died at Baden at the age of 100 years. The receipts of the Charing-cross Railway Hotel average B200 per day, so that we may understand it to be a perfect success. There is a family in Detroit of quite unusual composition, says an American paper. The father and mother have each been married three times, and have had children by each marriage, and all are now living happily together under one roof—six sets of children. On Monday, in consequence of the disease among cows, milk rose in thQ metropolis to 5d. per quart, being an increase of Id. To retailers the price is 2s. 6d. a gallon, instead of 2s., which price had been paid for a number of years. The Steam Shipping Company's screw steamer Mauritius, Captain Coxwell, sailed from South- ampton Saturday morning for the Cape of Good Hope, via Madeira. She took out a general cargo, twenty passengers, and jewellery value jBSOO. An independent gentleman in Walesby, knowing there are so many bachelors, offers to give to the first that marries a gallon of giil and a ham. From a public document just issued it appears that there are 505 industrial and provident societies. Re- turns had been received from 305. The profits realise a last year amounted to £ 225,569. Their assets and property were estimated at £ 891,775. Many were co-operative societies. According to annual custom, the king of the pumpkins was selected at the Paris vegetable market on Saturday from a large number brought to the market. His majesty, which weighs nearly 24 stone, was grown at Aubervilliers-les-Vertus (Seine). It was bold to a fruiterer in the Rue Lafayette for 130 fr. We ("Athenaeum") are sorry to hear that the Dublin International Exhibition does not "pay," and that it is feared the guarantors will be called upon to make up deficiencies. It is reported in shipping circles that two valu- able vessels employed in the China trade have been totally wrecked, with insurances to the amount of £400,000 com- pleted on them. The Earl of Leicester, Lord Lieutenant of Nor- folk, has appointed Mr. G. S. Read, M.P., a magistrate of bhe county. Mr. Read, it will be remembered, defeated his lordship's brother at the late general election. The annual competitive trial of rifles, under the luspices of the National Association, is to take place at Woolwich, commencing at eleven o'clock a.m., on the 23rd )f November next. A grand niece of Captain Cook, the great circum- navigator, died in Sunderland last week, where some of her relations still reside. The deceased was in her seventy-fifth year. The wife of the first Chamberlain of the Empress Charlotte, Countess del Valle (says a Mexicanjournal of the Uth ult.) four days back gave birth to three male children. rhis triple delivery iia.a not a. foituixatc Issue. Tlie yuung mother succumbed, with two of the children, on the after- noon of the second day, and there is but little hope of saving the third. There is an on dit current in Glasgow (says the Court Journal) that when the noble owner of Glamis Castle lirst heard of the offer of a Dundee millowner to take a lease of it for £ 1,000 per annum, he exclaimed, No, not some to that yet; I would rather see the castle occupied by my henwives than these jute gents of Dundee." A friend of ours (says the Athenaeum) writes to as from Smyrna that the Jewish community in that city, 10,090 strong, is suffering in an extraordinary degree from cholera and poverty. mid the atten- tion of the humane and wealthy Jews of England to tzu> deplorable condition of their brethren in Asia Minor. A large balloon was found hooked to a tree at Passchendaele (Belgium), on the 16th, at five o'clock in the morning. In the car there was nothing but a man's hat bearing the initials C. I. It is probably the balloon which M. Godard went up in at Rouen on the 15th, but was forced to abandon. One of the three large elephants of the Jardin des Plantes at Paris is on his way to the Zoological- gardens, Regent's-park. He was conveyed in a strong cage with wooden bars, mounted on a low car drawn by eight horses, to the Quai de Louvre, where he was placed on board one of the Havre steamers, to be conveyed vid that port to London. On his way through the streets of Paris be received quite an ovation, and was supplied with cakes, Fruit, and other delicacies by the crowd which attended him. Newbern, North Carolina, was recently dread- fully alarmed by posters, placed in conspicuous places all aver the city, in these mysterious characters, R. C. B." Here was a plot! The mayor called upon his officials to bear the incendiary documents down, which could mean no less than Rise, coloured brethren When all but two or three had been destroyed, the agent for a quack medicine, of which the above letters were the initials, rushed in and protested against the outrage. The joke was so good that he got a wide advertisement by the mishap to his posters. An enormous pike, measuring five feet in length, was caught two days back in the Loire at St. Paul- an-Cormillon. In its stomach were found a two-bladed knife, a small key, and the steel rings and tassels of a purse. At the Cornish ticketing, on the 17th inat., 1,815 tons of copper ore sold for £19,454 6s. 6d. The iverages were-Staxidard, jBll9 7s.; price per ton, zC4 Os. 6d. produce, 5J. Compared with the previous week the standard has advanced 12s. The Bolton Hall estate, situate in the parish of Bolton-by-Bowland, about six miles from Clitheroe, was rpnpntlv offered for sale by auction at Clitheroe, Blackburn. Thl property was ultimately sold for £ 122,500. Seven shops and dwelling houses were destroyed by a fire in Canterbury on Friday night. The damage is estimated at from £14,000 to £16,000. A new convent has been opened in York, and is to be ocsupied by nine nuns of the Franciscan order. Lord and Lady Herries have been its principal promoters. The New York courts are granting about a dozen divorces every week. It is said that the Dowager Countess of Shaftes- bury, who died a few days ago, aged ninety-two, was one of the last, if not absolutely the last sitters to Sir Joshua Reynolds. According to an official document just issned there were 2,401 steam-vessels registered in the year ending the Slat of January last. The registered tonnage was 676,247, and the gross tonnage 992,550. We have to announce the death of the Rev. Charles Cavendish Bentinck, who has just died, in his forty- seventh year. Mr. Bentinck was the eldest son of the late Lord Charles Bentinck, and grandson of the fourth Duke of Portland. He recently married Louisa, eldest daughter of Mr. Burnaby, of Baggrave. The tubular line and works of the Pneumatic Dispatch Company from the Euston.square terminus of the London and North-Western Railway to the Bull and Gate, Holborn, are very nearly completed, and are expected soon to be in working order. The expense of Abd-el-Kader's four days' visit to England, defrayed by the Foreign Ministry of France, was 12,000 francs (£480), and he costs the Government, whose guest he is, MO a day. His pension is £6,000, a sum for which an Arab sheik may well be gratified, and toady his ruler. Viscountess Hereford gave birth to a son and heir on Friday. The Viscount is the premier noble of that .-ank in the kingdom, his patent of peerage dating from 1550. We regret to hear that the Countess of Shrews. "■ 1 y's health is far from satisfactory. As Lady Susan P eresford she was one of the belles of the London season. Roe a Bonheur has received a grand cross from the impress of Mexico. This follows the cross of the Em- press of the French so quickly that we may say truly that it is only the first cross which counts." Did you say that my brother Jim didn't know as much as Smith's yellow dog ? "No; I said Smith's yellow dog new more than your brother Jim!"

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