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Sold Wholesale by Messrs. BARCLAY & SON, LONDON, and Retail by all Medicine Yendors, N.B.-To meet the convenience of persons at a distance, J. 1I. CLARK, Usk, will forward a box, Free by Post, for fourteen p. itagre stamps. g. Chepstow PloweT Show. —— i rpHE SECOND GRAND FETE for this Season f JL Will be held in the Castle, 1 On Wednesday, September 6th, 1865. I Doors open at 1.30 p.m., and close at 5 p.m. V Admission at 1.30 p.m., 2s and at 3.30 p.m., Is. Children under Twelve years of age halt-price. The BRILLIANT BAND of the GLOUCESTER ARTILLERY and ENGINEERS will perform in } the Castle during the Fete. j The Wye Company's Steamers will leave the ffotwells, Bristol, this day, at 9 a.m and return j from Chepstow at 6 p.m. ( SPECIAL EXCURSION TRAINS will run, of I which due notice will be given in future advertise' I ments. ] The Old Passage Ferry Boat will ply as required during the day. The Wyndcliff and Tintern Abbey, objects of great j attraction, may be visited before the opening of the Castle Gates. Rules and Schedules of Prizes may be obtained of Mr. T. Griffiths,. High Street, Chepstow, Clerk to the Society. Society. EDWARD PENDRJL KING, Honorary Secretary.. A T. EVANS, Jjf ^y Boot, Shoe, and Gaiter Manufac- B|iSv SM turer, and Currier, 16 and 17, CROSS STREET, ( ABERGAVENNY, Bl« nEGS to call the attention of the HlPl L) Public to the LARGE STOCK of BOOTS and SHOES of every f|H ifll description he has constantly on 1 hand. K| KW RIFLE GAITERS made from the primest Cowhide, on the most Reasonable Terms, Suitable i'er Shooting or Walking purposes. TO EVERY ONE possessing a. GARDEN. —The iGoTTA0EHS' JvTCIIEN, FRUIT, AND FLOWER GAttDEN. Price only One Shilling; or post tree for 14 stamps. Sold by J. H. CLARK, Bookseller, Usk. rjpO PARISH OPWICER3.—Surveyors' and Over- JL seers' Rate and Check Books, in acdordanee with the Act, may be had of J. H. CLARK, Bookseller. Usk. A Great Quantity for Little Money. 120 Sheets of full-sized Note Paper 6d. 100 good Cream Laid Envelopes tid. Post 8vo. Pocket. Account book with 140ruled ( 9d> pages, bound iu parchment, with brass clasp ) Post 8vo. Pocket Account Book with 200 rule'd ) pages, JB alf-bound strong ) Foolscap 8vo. oblong metallic Memorandum i Book, 212 pages, with clasp, pocket, and 9d. pencil ) Foolscap 8vo. Pocket Account Book, 174) ruled pages, E alf-bound ) Ditto ditto, with clasp. 5d. Pocket Book, with 144 ruled pages, pocket, ) 5d flap, and elastic band ) Church Services, with gilt edges and clasp, from 2r-. 6d. each. Prayer Books from 6d. each. AT J. H. CLARK'S, BOOKSELLER, USK. IDM ID ifiaaE UMCOLbURED CA This Tea is imported tuiih (he leaf not Coloured, is highly recommended by medical and scientific men, and combines purity with fine flavour and lasting strength. Sold by Chemists, Stationers, and Confectioners in all part,, of the kingdom. Usk—Robinson, Bridge St. Hereford—Hatton, 31,Church Newport—Ifapper & Oo., grocers. Street. Pillywenlly—Morgan, Post-office Ditto—Mills, Broad Street. Ditto-Stephens, High Town. Barrow's Antibilious & Liver Pills. A SAFE AND NEVER FAILING REMEDY in all diseases of the Head, Chest, Bowels, Liver, Weak Digestion, Dizziness, &c. In boxes, at 7fd. and Is. 1^. each, or post free for 8 or 14 stamps, from 6. ROBINSON, Chemist, Bridge Street, Usk. Barrow's Pectoral Balsam OF BLACK CURRANT AND ANISEED, FOR the Cure of Hoarseness, Coughs, Cold, Short- ness of Breath, &c\, and a most speedy relief for that troublesome complaint Asthma. Full directions accompany each bottle. Sold in bottles, 7Ad. and Is. H-d. each. To be had of most patent medicine vendors, and of S. ROBINSON, Chemist, Bridge Street, Usk. HARVEST TOOLS. l GOOD ASSORTMENT of SCYTHES, at A 2s. 6d., 3s., and 3s. Gd. HOOKS, Is. 6d., Is. gel., and 2s., by the best makers Draining Tools, Spades, &e.. Also, a quantity of HOLLOW "WARE to be SOLD OFF at greatly reduced prices. At E. JONES', Ironmonger, Usk. THE COTTAGE LIBRARY, CLOTH BOARDS, ONE SHILLING EACH. TALES. Cowper's Poetical Works Anna Lf'e Longfellow's poetical works Arabian Nights Milton's Poetical Works Basket of Flowers Moore's Melodies Cabin Boy's Story BIOGRAPHY. Christmas Eve & other Tales Life of Wellington Evenings at Home Life of Washington Fashion and Famine Life of Napoleon Bonaparte Lamplighter RELIGIOUS WORKS. Lena Rivers Bogatzky'sGoldenTreasury Mabel Vaughan Brown's Concordance Planter's Daughter Banyan'sPilgrim'sProgress Queechy Bunyan's Choice Works Rose Clark Christian's every day Book Robinson Crusoe Daily Comforter Sandtord and Merton Sacred Garland Swiss Family Robinson Smith's daily remembrancer Tales of Rich and Poor Sunday Selmol Reciter Tales of Married Life MISCELLANEOUS. Temperance Tales Æsop's Fables True Riches Boys' Own Conjuring Book Uncle Tom's Cabin Buchan'sdomesticmedicines Wide Wide World Buffon's Natural History NOVELS. Clater's Every Man his owa Children of the Abbey Farrier Cooper's Spy Clater's Every Man his own Farmer of lnglewood Forest Cow Doctor Fatherless Fanny Cottage, Kitchen, Fruit and Hungarian Brothers Flower Garden Mysteries of Udolpho Culpeper's Herbal Nick of the Woods Domestic Cookerv Book Old English Baron SONG BOOKS. Pamela. Comic Album and Minstrel Rob of the Bowl Crochet Romance of the Forest Diprose's National Sung Scottish Chiefs Book St. Clair of the Isles Popular Song Book POETRY. Byron's Choice Works Sold by J. H. CLARK Bookseller, Usk. BOOKBINDING. PERIODICALS BOUND at the following Charges P at J- H. CLARK s, Bookseller, Usk. In Cloth, \-bound i-hound or^-bound iioan, in Calf, plain, Lettered, Lettered, Lettered, per vol. per vol. s. d. 6. d. s. d. Demy 18 mo. Child's Companion 1 J uvenile Missionary Magazine j 0 10 10 12 Gospel Missionary Magazine ) Demy 12tne. Baptist Messenger The Church | Churchman's Magazine Christian' Penny Magazine Notes on Scripture Lesson ,1 0 13 18 Penny Post Tract Magazine Bible Class Magazine j ■■■■ Railway Library Demy 8vo. Boy's Own Magazine ") Boy's Monthly ditto >1 6 1 9 2 3 Blackwood's Magazine J Roval 8vo. All the Year Round Chambers' Journal Englishwoman's Domestic do., Good Words Cornhill Magazine yl 10 2 2 0 St. James'Magazine j. Temple Bar Magazine Evangelical Magazine Macmillan's Magazine Imperial 8vo. Once a Week 1 TheQuivr >2 0 3 0 4 3 Leisure Hour ) Demy 4to. Cassell's Family Paper Cassell'sNatural History j English Girls' Journal \2 6 3 9 5 0 Family Herald j Ladies' Treasury Sunday at Home. Royal 4to. London Journal ) .Reynold's Miscellany >3 0 4 3 5 6 Cassell's Paper, enlarged. ) Illustrated London New3 ..6 6 7 6 9 6 Music 0 0 5 0 7 0 Calf and Morocco Bindings at proportionate charges. WANTED, an APPRENTICE to a BLACK- SMITH.—Apply at the Office of tliis Paper PATENT MEDICINES of all kinds, of genuine quality, constantly on Sale at J. H. CLARK's, Bridge- street, Usk. THE ROYAL FARMERS' Fire, Life, and Hail -IL Insurance Institution, an old-established and safe Office, in which Lives, Houses. Furniture, Stock, Crops, and Farm Produce of every ldnd, may he Insured at as low a rate as in any of the First Class Offices. J. H. CLARK, Agent for Usk. LETTER PRESS PRINTING of every descrip- tion COPPER PLATE Cards, Letter Headings, and Bill Heads at the London Charges, at J. H. CLARK'S Offices, Bridge-street, Usk. Government Emigration for 1865. ¿; FREE AND ASSISTED PASSAGES.—Female Servants (unmarried), Farm Servants, Agricultural Laborers of all kinds, and Mechanics and Artizans, (when re- quired,) are granted FUEE and ASSISTED passages to Australia. All Candidates for Passages must send their characters, and particulars of their family (if any), age, occupation, and place of birth, to the Selecting Agents, Newport, Mon. By Order SCOTT & SON, Agents for the Selection of Emigrants. Offices Newport, Mon., June 30, 1865. MONEY TO LEND.—TO TRADES- MEN, FARMERS, & OTHERS.—MONEY immediately advanced on good personal security, or Leasehold, Copyhold, and Freehold Property, from X,50 to jEoOOO, at 5 per cent interest, Upwards of five hundred thousand pounds have already been, advanced.—Apply to Mr. C. JOHNS, Licensed Appraiser and House Agent, 4, Prospect Place, Stow Hill, Newport, Mon., (near the New Presbyterian Chapel). N. B.-All applications by post to contain 4 stamps for reply.







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