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Trostrey Hill Farm, Two miles from the town of Usk. MS. JAMES GRAHAM, Jun has been favoured with instructions from Mrs. Catherine Knight, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, On Thursday, the 21st of September, 1865, The whole of her very superior FARMING STOCK, Implements of Husbandry, Hay, Clover, Corn, Roots, &c., &c. Particulars in future Advertisements. Dated, 17th August, 1865. Gr -A. Js/L DEJ \TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the GAME IN on His Grace the Duke of Beaufort's under- mentioned Properties is STRICTLY PRESERVED, namely, in the parishes of Raglan, Llandenny, Itton, Lansoy, Llanvihangel, and Woolvesnewton, in the Woods called Wentwood, Chepstow Park, Veddw, Cei'n Garrow, Gethly, the Hale, Suckpant, Ravens- nest, and Purcas, also on the Lands in the parish ot Newchurch, in the occupations of Messrs. Reader, Roberts, Williams, and .Nicholas, and on Lands in '\le occupation of Mrs. Dowle, in the parish of Chepstow. The Tenants and Woodwards are particularly re- quested to call upon all parties sporting on His Grace's Estates to produce their authority. The Cards are not transferable. OSMOND A. WYATT. Troy House, 16th August, 1865. G A 3VE E -—— NOTICE is hereby given that the GAME on the i't Farm and Woods of Kiifygan, occupied hy Mr. Griffiths; on the Farms in Prescoed, occupied by Mr. John Leonard and Mr. John Edmunds on the Lands occupied by Mr. James Williams, ot the Great House. Llanbaddock on the Lands at Pantycuckoo, occupied by Mr. Parker; on the Lands in Llanbad- dock, near to and adjoining the Duke's Wood, occu- pied respectively by Mr. John Richardson and Mr. George B. Jones and on the Farms, Lands, and Woods in the Wernhere, belonging to Colonel Clifford and the Rev. S- C. Baker, is PRESERVED, and that all persons trespassing thereon will be Pro- secuted. JAMES BROMFIELD. Llanbadoc, 22nd August, 18o5. GAME NOTICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the GAME on land in the occupation of Mr. Edward Wil- liams, in the parish of Llantrissent, is STRICTLY PRESERVED, and all persons pursuing the same will be treated as trespassers. Signed, THOMAS B1GHAM. Treworgan, August 17th, 1865. GAME NOTICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the GAME on TREWORGAN FARM, in the parish of Llandenny, is STRICTLY PRESERVED, and all persons pursuing the same will be treated as tres- passers. Signed, THOMAS BIGHAM. Treworgan, August 17th, 1865. GAME NOTICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the GAME -ijt on NATTTY-Y-MAECH FARM, LiangWM, now in the occupation of Walter Harris, as tenant, is STRICTLY PRESERVED, and all persons pursu- ing the same will be treated as trespassers. GEORGE P. IRVING. Usk, 16th August, 1865. GAME NOTICE.-The RHADYR FARM will in future be PRESERVED, and all persons tres- passing will be prosecuted. P ° Signed, W. B. GETHING. ABERGAVENNY. S. & E. TROTTER, ARE now delivering, free by rail or road to A reasonable distance, their GENUINE MALT LIQUORS, In fine condition, at the following Prices:- BITTER BEER 50s. 25s. 12s. 6d. BURTON „ (STRONG) 50s. 25s. 12s. 6d. XXX MILD ALE 42s. 21s. 10s. 6d. XX „ „ 36s. 18s. 9s. Od. STOUT 42s. 21s. 10s. 6d. THE BREWERY, ABERGAVENNY. February, 1865. TROUBLESOME COUGHS CURED M THOMAS'S EMTJLSIOI OF SYRUPS. THE efficacy of this Syrup in affording prompt relief to those suffering trom Coughs, Colds, Asthma, &c. has fully established the remedy in public estimation, and', owing to its wonderful curative powers, the demand has become universal. It has a pleasant taste, and is therefore well adapted for Children in cases of Hooping Cough, Common Coughs arising from Colds, Teething, &e. Sold in bottles, at 7 £ d., Is. lid., and 2s. 9d. each, whole- sale by SUTTON, & Co., 10, Bow Churchyard, London; retail |by the Proprietor, T. RODERICK* Chemist, Pontypool; WM. SPENCER, Chemist, Monmoutb; J. H. CLARK, Bookseller, Usk; J. POPE, Chemist, Blaenavon; THOMAS J. JONES, Chemist, High Street, Newport; and most Medicine Vendors. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES.—Money lent in sums of not less than £ 100, on Personal Security, at a fair rate of interest. Also » large amount ready to be advanced on Freehold Securities, for a term of years, at from 4 to 5 per cent. interest; CHARGES moderate, and the strictest confidence ob- served. Full particulars forwarded per post, on receipt of six postage stamps. Office hours from ten to three.—Apply to Mr. SYDNEY T. EVANS, Land and 3 £ staif> Agent, Old Masonic Hall, Newport, Mon. L1LES' EATING HOUSE, tEA, COFFEE, & REFRESHMENT ROOMS. 21 riannel Str$eis Abergavenny, Clark's Series of Guide Books. ¥0. 1.—CAERPHILLY CASTLE. An historical account of this extensive Ruin, and also of CASTELL COCH, with descriptions of the RLLYMNliY VALLEY and CRUMLIN VIADUCTS, with Three steel plates. Price Sixpence. ATO. 2.—CARDIFF and ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, with Historical Accounts of the Castle, -L Llandaff Cathedral, &c., with plate of Cardiff Castle, Price Sixpence. IVO. 3.—TINTERN ABBEY and the WINDCLIFF. A full description of this splendid Monastic Ruin, and the tar-tamed scenery between Chepstow and Monmouth, with two views. Price Sixpence NO. 4.—CHEPSTOW and ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, containing an account of the Objects of Interest to Strangers in the Town, and the Walks in its delightful vicinity, with views of the Railway Bridge and Castle. Price Sixpence. TkTO 5.—RAGLAN AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, giving an account of the Ancient state of RAGLAN CASTLE—Life in Raglan in the Feudal Times—The Siege—and full description of the magnifi- cent Ruins, &c.-Cefntilla, &c.—Price with plates, One Shilling. Condensed edition, Sixpence. TTSK and ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, containing a description of the Castle, Priory, Church I — Charities, Corporation, Walks in the Vicinity, the ancient city of Caerieon, Raglan Castle, &c., with view. Paper covers, One Shilling. Cloth, Gilt, One Shilling and Sixpence. rpilE HANDBOOK to MONMOUTHSHIRE and SOUTH WALES, a descriptive and historical Tour from GLOUCESTER to MILFORD: including the Castles, Abbeys, Towns, and Interestine- Objecls within an easy distance of the South Wales and tlie Colelord, Monmouth and Usk Railways Prce, One Shilling, or with Six steel plates, One Shilling and Sixpence. The above may be had of the Booksellers in the several neighbourhoods at the Railway Book-stands, or post free, from the Publisher, J. H. CLARK, Usk, for Id. extra. The Champion Liver & Stomach PILLS- THESE PILLS are compounded from the recipe of one of the most eminent physicians of the present day (who, from purely philanthropic motives- knowing their excellent properties by experience has been induced to give the benefit of them to the public at large). They are prepared by an able and experienced chemist, and are acknowledged, by the faculty, to be the most valuable medicine for all disorders of the stomach. and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. It, is. a well-known fact that most of the diseases iiscident to the human race, arise from a disordered stomach, and irregular state of the bowels, and for want of a suitable remedy, taken in time, thousands of (at first) simple mala- dies, became serious illnesses. To guard against this great evil, and to preserve the blessings of health, these pills are confidently and earnestly recommended. They act generally on the constitution, cleanse the blood of all impurities; regulate the secretions, and give tone to the stomach; correct the morbid condition of the liver, repuUto tbo bowels, and, by removing all impediments, restore elasticity and vigour to tlie whole frame. ————— TESTIMONIALS. Usk, January 28th, 1865. SIR,-r have been in the habit of taking the CHAMPION LIVER AND STOMACH PILLS for some years, and I can safely say they are the best medicine for Stomach Complaints that I have ever taken: and previously to their becoming known to me I had tried a great number of different kinds. They never fail in giving me instant relief, and having received so much benefit from their use, I think it but right that I should recommend them, as I do whenever I have opportunity. MARY WHITEFIELD. Castle Farm, Gwehelog, near Usk, March 26th, 1864. SIR,—I am glad to be able to bear testimony to the great efficacy of the CHAMPION LIVER AND STOMACH PILLS. Pre- viously to my being recommended to try them, I suffered much from Asthma, but since I have been in the habit of taking these pills, when I find an attack coming on I have only to take 1m" (iose to obtain certain and speedy relief, and by repeating the dose two or three times I am restored to my usual health. I am sure that these pills have saved me a vast amount of suffering, and I therefore, with pleasure, give you permission to make what, use you like of this testimonial, as, if it should be the means of inducing any persons affiicied as I have been to try the medicine, I shall feel that I have done them great service. To Mr. CLARK, Usk. THOMAS PRICE. Penarth, near Cardiff, 24th October, 1864. Mr. CLARK, Usk.—SIK,—I enclose 28 stamps, and shall be obliged if you will send me two boxes of the CHAMPION LIVER PILLS. You will think I am consuming a great quantity of them, from the number of boxes you have sent me; but the fact is, since I have been in this neighbourhood, I have recommended the pills to several persons here who suffer from biliousness, like myself, and they all agree that they never took anything that did them so much good. I think if the pills were sold in this neighbourhood, a great many more people would take to them, because they would be sure to recommend themselves. HENRY ELLIS. Gwehelog, near Usk, December, 1859. Srn,-After suffering for several years from acute pains in my side, back, chest, and stomach, and after calling in several medical men, and trying every remedy, I still suffered severely from the complaints. At length I was induced to try the CHAMPION LIVER AND STOMACH PILIJS, sold by you. The first box gave me great relief. I then purchased a second box, and it completely removed my coaiplaint, and I am now in perfect health. Having received so much benefit from these pills myself, I think that I am only doing a service to the public in recommending them. JOHN ROBERTS. To Mr. CLARK, Bookseller. Usk. Pontypool, January 20th, 1860. SIK,—For some years I suffered very much from an affection of the Liver. The medical men to whom I applied gave me pills which removed the complaint for a short time, but it returned as bad as after ever a week or ten days. Hearing of the CHAMPION PILLS, I resolved to try them, and I am happy to say, that after taking a few doses, I felt much better, and it is now three months since I have experienced any return of my old complaint. If I have the headache, or pain in the side or shoulders, I take a couple.of the CHAHTCON PILLS at night, and I feel all right the next day. WM. MORGAN. 5, Setlle's Buildings, New Swindon, Feb. 24,1863. STB,—I am wishful to inform you of the great benefit I have found from taking the CHAMPIOJI PILLS. From my childhood I have been much troubled with indigestion, which caused me great suffering, and I was never many days without it, until a friend gave me a few of these pills, which is the only medicine that gives me relief. MARIA RICHARDS. Llanbaddock, near Usk, Feb. 9, 1863. SIR,—I am very glad to be able to recommend the CHAMPION PILLS. I have tried everything I could think of for the Liver Complaint, but never found any medicine do me so much good as these cflls. Mark of X MARY ANN MERRIMAN. 16, Christian Street, Stockport, 15th Oct., 1862. GJR please forward me another box of the CHAMPION PILLS, for which I enclose fourteen stamps. I find them such an excellent medicine, not only for my.-tlf, but also for the whole ot mv family that I never like to be without some m the house, I believe you when you say they a-e the most valuable medicine for the Stomach and Liver ever prepared," for 1 have tried many different sorts of pills, but shall never want to change again while X can get these. With best your« truly, Mr. CLAEK, Usk, Mon. ALFRED EDWARDS. Sold in Boxes (with directions for use) ls.lid. and 7|d, each. 12 (A Saving by taking the Large Size).

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