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Family Notices

Family Notices

Births. At the Kingcced, Liaadenny, April ?, the wife of Mr. 1 nomas Jo::es, of a sen* At Blaenavon, April 8, the wife of Mr. David Gilbert, miner. ctitaon. Carriages. At Trevethin Church, April 11, (by license,) by the Rev. W. D. Horwood, Mr. Adam Nichols, head gardener to Wm. Shuson, Esq., near Pfcnrhyn, Cornwall, and formerly gardener to 0. H. Leigh, Esq., Pontvpool Park, to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Jones, wood agent, Estate Yard, Pontypool, and niece to Mr. Thomas Jones, grocer, Trosnant. Beatfjs. At Blaenavon, April 8, Mr. Divid Watkins, barber, aged 47 years, regretted by a large circle of friends. At Coleford, April 5, Miss Eliza Stockham, ag-ed 29 years. At Monmouth, April 7, Harry, son of Mr. A. Davis, carpenter, aged 13 months. At Welsh Newton, April 9, Mr. Thomas Cecil, aged 65 years. At Liverpool, March 31, William, third son of the late Mr. James Price, of Clvtha, aged 30 years. At the Varteg, Trevethin, April 4, Matilda, wife of Nathaniel Sargent, cinder burner, aged 35 years. At Ynyscoy, Trevethin, April 4, Margaret, daughter of David p, ice, aged 18 years. At Snaichwood, Trevethin, April 4, Edwin Lewis, collier, aged 48 years. At Lianhiileth, April 4, Mr. James Morgan, farmer, aged 57 years. At Little Mountain, near Pontypool, April 5, Thomas Davies, labourer, aged 36 years. At the Holly Bush, Panteague, April 4, Mary, wife of Mr. James Price, farmer, a<ed 41 years. At Abersychan, April 4, Patrick Mahoney, laborer, aged 36 years. At the Six Bells, Llanhilleth, April 9, Eli, son of Joseph Hilimau, collier, aged 19 years.