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Cwmyniscoy House, near Pontypool. ROSEWOOD & SPANISH MAHOGANY FURNITURE, &c. MR. W. R. LUCE is instructed by Mr. Edwin Grove, who is leaving the neighbourhood, to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at Cwmyniscoy House, as above, Ore Monday, the 1th of November, 1864, The whole suite of Drawing Room, together with Dining Room, Parlour, Kitchen, and part of the Bedroom FURNITURE, &c., Comprising—Rosewood table, on pillar and claws rosewood hair-stuffed damask-covered couch rose- wood hair-seated damask-covered chairs, to match; Bengal chair; 3 mahogany easy chairs; American rocking chair; mahogany hair-covered sofa; ma- hogany hair-seated chairs, and arms; 2 mahogany sideboards; mahogany dining, work, and other tables; Pembroke oak and deal tables, with drawers mahogany bookcase; large pier glass; butler's tray and stand; eight-day clock, in mahogany case; French clock, with shade handsome French bed- stead, with cornice; several mahogany chests of drawers painted wardrobes mahogany and painted washstands and tables; painted and mahogany night commodes; bidet; bed-chamber ware; toilet glasses; Spanish guitar and case; child's iron cot; pictures; a quantity of books hip and sponge baths china glass earthenware steel fenders and fire-irons kitchen ditto stair, parlour, and bedroom carpets cane-seated, beech, and other chairs plate warmer (Pontypool japan) French cooking stove; single- barrel gun; silver-mounted gig whips magic lan- tern, with slides; tea and other trays; door mats scrapers iron garden seat; garden flower stands; block-tin dish covers, and all kitchen requisites; tubs, pails, and sundry other articles. Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock at noon, punctual. Auctioneer's Office, George Street, Pontypool, October 20th, 1864. LLANFOIST, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Freehold Farm. MR. w. J. HANDS will SELL by AUCTION, JiL at the ANGEL HOTEI^, ABERGAVENNY, On Tuesday, the 8th day of November, 1864, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, and subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then and there produced, all that FREEHOLD FARM and LANDS, with the appurtenances thereto belonging, called "Ninfa Ucha," situate in the parish of Llan- foist, in the county of Monmouth, containing by admeasurement 23 acres, 2 roods, and 17 perches, more or less. The above Farm is situate about a mile and a half from the market town of Abergavenny, and three miles and a half from the Blaenavon Iron Works. It is bounded by the Blorenge mountain, and lands now or late belonging to Mr. John Jenkins, and the Blaenavon Iron Works. The Tenant will show the farm, and any further information can be obtained from the Auctioneer, at his office in Abergavenny or from the undersigned, at whose office a plan of the property may be in- spected. ARTHUR CHEESE, Solicitor, Hay. 20th October, 1884. PONTYPOOL, MONMOUTHSHIRE. To Timber Dealers and Others. To be SOLD by PRIVATE TENDER, the Fallage of the following COPPICE .WOODS, together with the OAK & ASH TIMBER marked therein:- Lot 1.—The lower part of the Goytrey \Vern Cop- pice Wood, 25 acres in extent, (more or less,) together with 92 Oak and 2 Ash Timber Trees, and 50 Stores, situate in the parish of Goytrey. Lot 2.—Llewyncellyn Coppice Wood, 11 acres in extent, (more or less,) together with 14 Oak Timber Trees and 5 Stores, situate adjoining the turnpike road leading from Pontypool to Abergavenny, in the parish of Goytrey. Lot 3.-Tyr William Ambrose Coppice Wood, 11 a. 3r. in extent, (more or less,) together with 58 Oak and 5 Ash Timber Trees, and 13 Stores, situate in the parish of Panteg. Lot 4.-Coed Llwyd Coppice Wood, 9 acres in ex- tent, (more or less,) together with 52 Oak Timber Trees and 1 Store, situate in the parish of Llan- vrechva Lower. Lot 5.—The Court Wood, 11 acres in extent, (more or less,) together with 27 Oak Timber Trees and 34 Stores, situate in the parish of Llanvihangel Pontymoile, Lot 6.—The Wain Dew Coppice Wood, 12 acres in extent, (more or less,) together with 41 Oak Tim- ber Trees and 41 Stores, situate in the parish of Trevethin. Lot 7.—The upper part of the Lasgarne Wood, 6 acres in extent, (more or less,) together with 4 Oak, 25 Ash, and 1 Elm Timber Trees, and 20 Stores, situate in the parish of Trevethin. Lot 8.—The upper end of the Graig Vawr Wood, 30 acres in extent, (more or less,) together with 144 Oak and 3 Ash Timber Trees, and 46 Stores, situate in the parish of Bedwellty. Lot 9.—The Bargoed end of the Gilvachvargoed Woud, 12 Acres in extent, (more or. less,) together with 59 Oak and 5 Ash Timber Trees, and 39 Stores, situate in the parish of Gelly Gaer, in the county of Glamorgan. Lot to.-The upper end of the Graig Wen Wood, 32 acres in extent, (more or less,) together with 75 Oak Timber Trees and 105 Stores, situate in the parish of Mynyddyslwyn. The Timber Trees in the respective lots are num- bered with red paint, from No. 1 upwards, and the Stores are distinguished by a red cross (H). Thomap Stephens will shew lots 1, 2, 5, and 7, and Edward Holloway will point out lots 3 and 4 and information as to the remaining lots may be had of Mr. James Lewis, Estate Yard, Pontypool. For further particulars, and to treat for the pur- chase, apply to Mr. ALFRED A. WILLIAMS, Park Estate Office, Pontypool. Dated October 20th, 1864. FOR SALE A Handsome WAGGONETTE, built by Rogers, of Bristol, with HARN ESS to match, both nearly new. Also a powerful young HORSE, perfectly steady in single or double harness, and accustomed to work the carriage.-To treat for the same apply to Mr. DUNN, The Willows," Us.k. • WHY PAY MORE THAN £6 PER TON! GUARANTEED BETTER THAN EVER. J. H. S. WILD SMITH AND CO S. PREPARED BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, for Potatoes, Turnips, Mangolds, Wheat, P Grass, Barley, Oats, Beans, and all other Crops is the BEST and CHEAPEST FERTILIZER known. Price £ 6 per Ton, equal to any hitherto made and sold at £ 8 per Ton. 1| Tons is equal to 1 Ton of best f Peruvian, contains the same elements, and costs nearly £ 5 less. zC6 per Ton, free in Wolverhampton; or delivered to any Railway Station or Canal Wharf, L6 10s. per Ton. FOR FULL PARTICULARS, READ OUR CIRCULAR AND TESTIMONIALS. TERMS: rtVE PER CENT. ALLOWED FOR CASH WITHIN ONE MONTH, ADDRESS :— CHEMICAL WORKS, HORSLEY FIELDS, BONE WORKS, WILLENHALL ROAD, WOLVERHAMPTON, AND SPA ROAD, LONDON. Mr. GEORGE JONES, Coal and Manure Merchant, Agent, Abergavenny. D R APE i ID IR, .A. PB II REDUCTION IN PRICES AT THE LONDON HOUSE, RAGLAN, ESTABLISHED 1835. J STEED (late C. FORWARD) begs to inform the Gentry and Inhabitants • generally of Raglan and its vicinity, that he has just returned from the London and other Markets with a lar^e and varied assortment of Autumn and Winter Goods, replete in the leading styles and best quality, of which he solicits an early inspection, trusting, by strict attention combined with the lowest possible prices, to merit that patronage so liberally bestowed upon his predecessor, Mr. C. Forward, for the lait twenty- nine years. 15 per pent reduction in Calicoes. N.B.—A large stock of Winter Goods suitable for charitable purposes. October 15, 1864. London House, Raglan. WLANE respectfully announces his return from London with a Choice i and Fashionable Assortment of BONNETS, SHAWLS, MANTLES, DREbSES, MILLINERY, and FANCY GOODS, &c., &c., and trusts his friends and patrons will favor him with an early call. A great reduction in Calicoes, Flannels, and Woollen Goods generally. Charities supplied at wholesale prices. Funerals furnished. rflHREE SALMONS HOTEL, X USK. FAMILY PRICE LIST. WINES. s. d. Port (Draught) per Bottle 3 6 „ (Bottled) 5 0 „ Extra Old. 6 6 Sherry (Draught) >> 3 6 „ (Golden) » 5 0 „ (Pale). 4 0 Champagne » 5 0 „ (Moet's 1st brand) „ 7 0 Sparkling Moselle. 7 6 Claret (3rd quality) 2 6 „ (2nd » ) » 4 6 » (ist » )•••• » 2 Rousillon » 3 y Masdeu » 0 Hock » 5 0 ALE, PORTER, &c. Ale (best Burton) ..per Doz. pint bottles 6 6 Porter (London). » „ (Dublin) „ Cider » Perry. » SPIRITS. Brandy (Martell's 1st brand) ..per Bottle 5 6 7 (Pale) n 5 0 Whiskey (Campbelton & Islay).. 4 0 (Irish) .*••• » „ Gin (2nd quality) »> z 6 „ (1st „ ) 7, 2 6 Hollands. 6 0 Rum » 3 6 LIQUEURS. Curagoa » < Maraschino. 11 Noyau. 91 DERATED WATERS. Soda Water, (1st quality) per doz. bottles 5 0 Seltzer Water „ 6 0 Lemonade „ » 6 0 Potass Water „ *6 0 Gingerade » ° CIGARS. Estrellas per Box 24 0 Habanas 34 0 Manilla Cheroots. 30 0 Any quantity supplied at the same rate. Posting Arrangements on the most reasonable scale. o BE LEf,-A COTTAGE, adjoining the Bap- 1 tist Chapel, Usk.—Enquire of Mr. WM. THOMAS, Bridge Street, Usk, or of Mr. HENRY PHILLIPS, Commercial Buildings, Newport. B A Af 1 .1 LgS Dt Oj TRUE UNCOLOUREO EA. This lea is imported with the leaf not Coloured, is highly recommended by medical and scientific men, and combines purity with fine flavour and lasting strength. Sold by Chemists, Stationers, and Confectioners in aB parts of the kingdom. Uslc—;son, Bridge St. I Pontypool—Edwards, Bookseller. Chepstow—Barrett, Moor St. iVw^ort—Newnian—Thomas. 1 | Pillgwenlly—Morgan, Post Office. To Anglers Visiting Usk. I' HERBERT WILLIAMS, Chemist, Bridge Street, II Usk. invites attention to his large assortment of FISHING TACKLE of every description, of tirst-class make. t H. W.'s practical knowledge of the Gentle Art," enables him to supply such SALMON and TROUT FLIES as are peculiar to the stream, and which will ensure success to the angler. The South Wales Coal Company KAVINU appointed Mr. WILLIAM JAMES their Agent for USK, LLA.NDENNY, RAG- LAN" and MONMOUTH, respectfully solicit a con- LAN" and MONMOUTH, respectfully solicit a con- tinuance of that support of which, up to the present time, they have received so large a share, and which they'take this opportunity of thankfully acknow- ledging. Orders for COAL, COKE, LIME, &G. given to the Salesmen at the above mentioned stations, will receive prompt attention, or to Mr. Jamf's personally, or at his address St. Mary's street, Monmouth. jjgr Fire Bricks, Tiles, Pipes, Slates, and other Building Materials supplied to order. Messrs. Gabriel's Invention. < TEETH WITHOUT SPRINGS. ( OSTEO EIDON: 1 Patent, March 1st, 1862. No. 560. p ABRIEL'S Self-adhesive PATENT Ind?- J structible MINERAL TEETH and FLEXIBLE GUMS, supplied without palates, springs, or wires, and without operation, are indestructible, and warranted for mastication and articulation, even when all others fail. Purest materials only, at halt the usual cost. "Perlection of art and mechanism. "For purity and comfort unapproachable." GAIB R THE OLD ES"TABLIS. ED RA A'% A Ji bJP I 27, HARLEY STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE, AND 34, LUDGATE HILL, (over Benson's, Silversmith), LONDON; 134, DUKE STREET, LIVERPOOL; 65, NEW STREET, BIRMINGHAM. AMERICAN MINERAL TEETH, without springs, A best in ISurope, Irom 4 to 7 and 10 to 15 Guineas per set, warranted. Single Teeth and partial Sets at pro- portionately moderate charges. Only one visit required at the London Establishments from country patients. Whole Sets made in one day where time is an object. Specimens, as exhibited at the Intcrnationai Exhibition, may be seen at the Crystal Palace (Industrial Court) and at the Polytechnic Institution. THE ROYAL TOOTFI POWDER, as prepared for I Her Maiesty.—Is. 6d. and 2s. 6d. per box; also, GABRIEL'S celebrated GUTTA-PERCHA liNAMEL, chemically prepared lor personal use, prevents tooth- ache, and arrests decay.—Price Is. 6d. per box. Sold by all Chemists. GABRIEL'S PRACTICAL TREATISE ON ARTI- FICIAL TEETH, and the only effectual mode of supplying them, (Post Free) explains their numerous improvements. GABRIEL'S new work should be read by all who value health, and before consulting a dentist.HERALD The Champion Liver & Stomach PI LLlIi. THESE PILLS are compounded from the T recipe of one of the most eminent physicians of the present day (who, from purely philanthropic motives- knowing their excellent properties by experience has been induced to give the benefit of them to the public at large). They are prepared by an able and experienced chemist, and are acknowledged, by the faculty, to be the most valuable medicine for all disorders of the stomach. and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. It is a well-known fact that most of the diseases incident to the human race, arise from a disordered stomach, and irregular state of the bowels, and tor want of a suitable remedy, taken in time, thousands of (at first) pimple mala- dies, become serious illnesses. To guard against this great evil, and to preserve the blessings of health, these pills are confidently and earnestly recommended. They act generally on the constitution, cleanse the blood of all impurities; regulate the secretions, and give tone to the stomach; correct the morbid condition of the liver, regulate the bowels, and, by removing all impediments, restore elasticity and vigour to the whole frame. Sold in Boxes (with directions for use) ls.l|d. and 7|d, each. (A Saving by taking the Large Size). LOCAL AGENTS: ABERGAVENNY Mr J S Meredith, Bookseller ABERSYCHAN.Mr E Martin, Druggist BLAENAFON Mr J Pope, Drujrsnst CHEPSTOW Mr W E Ciark, Bookseller MONMOUTH Mr. W. Spencer, Druggist. NEWPORT Mr T J Jones, Chemist, High St. PONTYPOOL Mr T Roderick, Druggist. USK Mr, W. H. Clark, Patent Medicine Vendor. Sold Wholesale by Messrs. BARCLAY & SON, LONDON, and Retail by all Medicine Vendors. N.B.— To meet the convenience of persons at a distance, W. B. CLARK, Usk, will forward a box, Free by Post, for 14 postage stamps. Envelopes for the Million. ENVELOPES adapted to Business Purposes may be had at Id. per packet, or 4d. per 100. 100 free by post for 5d.—J. H. CLARK, Stationer, Usk. CHEPSTOW FARMERS' CLUB, 1864. NOTICE. AT the Annual Show, CROSS-BRED SHEEP will be admitted in No. 5 and 6. By ORDER. Chepstow Farmers' Club, 1864. I qpHE ANNUAL SHOW WILL BE HELD JL on TTI U RSDA Y, the 24th of November, 1864. Prizes amounting to about P,150 will be awarded for Stock and Poultry, in the Yard. None can be admitted for competition after ten a.m. by the church clock. No one but the Stewards and Servants of Exhibitors allowed to be in the Yard during the time the Judges are making their awards. The Stewards will attend in the Yard, near the Steam Mill, (kindly granted by the President,) from half-past eight till ten o'clock on the day of showing. No bulls will be admitted loose, and the exhibitors must provide chains for the rest of their cattle Judges of Farms, Roots, and Stock, cannot compete for prizes over which they are appointed Judges. t The Stock to remain in the Yard till two o'clock, and will be open for Sale till that hour. Admission to the Yard, one shilling, (excepting the Stewards, Judges, and Servants in charge of the Stock, &c., from twelve till two o'clock. The members and their friends will dine on the day of the Annual Show, at the George Hotel, Chep- stow, at four o'clock punctually. Dinner Tickets, 3s. 6d. each, including dessert and waiters. After the cloth is removed,.the awards will be read and the prizes paid over to the successful competitors. Parties wishing to exhibit Implements, &c., must give notice to the Hon. Sec. of their intentions, on or before the 13th of November, 1864, On the day of the Annual Show, the Bristol and South Wales Railway will run trains at convenient periods. Schedules can be bad of the printer, price Sixpence each All Subscriptions to be paid to the Hon. Sec. on or before the 31st of October in each year. Chepstow, Aug. 20th. 1864. BY ORDER. TONES AND POWELL, o USK, Beg to inform the public that they have received the SECOND DELIVERY of NOVELTIES for the present Season. A first-rate Stock of Flannels and Real Witney Blankets. WOOLLEN GOODS AND CALICOES at reduced prices. Borough of Usk. NOTICE is Hereby Given that the two Fairs called respectively Shenkin Jones's Fair" and Walter Blower's Fair," will be abolished, and in future the Fair will be held on the 18th of December annually, except when that date shall fall on Sunday, in which case the Fair will be held on the Monday following. H. ROBERTS, Portreeve. WIGGINTON'S DOCTOR MOORE'S Celebrated Vegetable D LIVER AND STOMACS PILLS, prepared trom a prescription presented to him by the late eminent Physician, J. B. Moore, of Usk. Sold. in Boxes, 7 ld. and Is. l £ d. each. These Pills can be sent to any pnrt of the Kingdom by sending 14 postage stamps to T. WI&GINTON, Chemist, Usk, sole proprietor. House of Correction, Usk. WANTED, a FEMALE WARDER.-Applica. tion to be made to tile Governor. WANTED immediately, a married man as GROOM and GARDENER. He must be able to milk and his wife must be a good Laundress; -Address Rev. C. T. E. WALKEY, Llantrissent Vicarage, Llangibby. £ 1,000 IN CASE OF DEATH, Or an Allowance of P,6 per Week while laid up by Injury caused by ACCIDENT OF ANY KIND, Whether Walking, Riding, Driving, Hunting, Shoot- ing, Fishing, or at Home, may be secured by an Annual Payment of £3 to the Railway Passengers' Assurance Company, 64, CORN HILL LONDON, E C. MORE THAN 8,000 CLAIMS FOR COMPENSATION Have been Promptly and Liberally Paid. For Particulars apply to the Clerks at any of the Railway Stations, to theLocal Agents,or at the Offices 10, REGENT STREET, and 64, CORNHILL. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary Railway Passengers' Assurance Company, Empowered by special Act of Parliament, 1849. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES.— Money lent I in sums of not less than £ 100, on Personal Security, at a fair rate of interest. A Iso u lurga amount ready to be advanced on Freehold Securities, for a term of years, at from 4 to 5 per cent. interest; charges moderate, and the strictest confidence ob- served. Full particulars forwarded per post. on receipt of six postage stamps. Office hours from ten to three.-Apply to Mr. SYDNEY T. EVANS, Land and Estate Agent, Old Masonic Hall, Newport, Mon. 'S¡uawpqsuI Apraiaenb jo A[juai{ -HtltJ PAXG Xq G^Q^RDAI lsieag 9 -to f '& 'z; 'I joj 'OOO'ISf OS? raoi} rang XUB 3ABI{UBO noA '^junosg [BUOSJ9<I PaAoaddV 1111M. vm aajuBu^nS JJIAI. aq PUF. lajl,l jnoJi aansuj puu "lIOK '$iodAva^[ 'jaajijs ipoa '91 'SWVmiAVAY 'JK °* oS T pue disaqQ « 2auoj £ Moiaog oj$ noA NOW READY. PRIZE POEMS receiving the 100 Guineas J- offered in the Advertisements, Ho! FOB A SIIAX- SPEABE," and awarded by Messrs. Webster, J. Stirling Coyne, Andrew Halliday, George Rose, and Thomas S. Stuart. Illustrated with Lithograph Portraits of Queen Elizabeth and the Queen of Beauty. Can be had GRATIS at all the best Drapers in the Kingdom, or forwarded, on receipt of stamped address to DAY & SONS, Lithographers to the Queen, Publishers, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London Furniture & Upholstery Rooms, SYDENHAM HOUSE, HIGH STREET, ABERGAVENNY. WJ, HANDS begs respectfully to announce that • he has on view a large and well-selected stock of new HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, by the first manufacturers, which he is prepared to offer, either in complete suites or single articles, at as low a price as any retail house in the trade. The Stock includes Drawing and Dining Room Suites, in mahogany, walnut, and other woods; Pier and Swing Glasses, Wardrobes, Wooden and Iron Bedsteads, in great variety and at very low prices, &c., &o. W. J. H. further takes this opportunity to intimate that he has recently opened a BEDDING MANUFACTORY, which will enable him to supply, with unusual advantage to his customers, Feather, Wool, Hair, and Millpuff Beds and Mattresses, of warranted quality and manufacture. Also Palliasses and every other article connected with the trade. Cleaning, re-stuffing, and repairing executed on the premises with expedition and on most moderate terms. J JAMES, CONFECTIONER, &C., t 20, HIGH STREET, ABERGAVENNY, Begs to announce that she has taken the Agency for the justly Celebrated Newmarket Sausages, fresh supplies of which she receives direct from the Manufactory of Messrs. Hillier and Son three times a week. Price, lOd. per lb. British Wines in great variety, Huntley and Palmer's Biscuits, Pickles, Sauces, Potted Meats, Itsh, ifc.; Jellies, Sweets, Pastry, and Confectionery in all -its branches. Wedding Orders to any extent executed with promptness, and at moderate charges. 24, Flannel Street, Abergavenny. MD. DEAN has just received a large and well- I assorted Stock of FIRE- WORES of every description, which she can supply to Schools and Families at wholesale prices. Orders from a distance promptly attended to. Also LAMP OILS of all kinds. LILES' EATING HOUSE, TEA, COFFEE, & REFRESHMENT ROOMS. 21 Flannel Street, Abergavenny, T. EVANS, j Boot, Shoe, and Gaiter Mamifac- fiK turer, and Currier, 16 and 17, CROSS STREET, ABERGAVENNY, 9mmM BYEGS to call the attention of the NBmB Public to the LARGE STOCK ■HjHV of BOOTS and SHOES of every lHBMj description he has constantly on ■HIHM hand. EWliffli RIFLE GAITERS made from the WM||H priinest Cowhide, on the most Reasonable Terms, Suitable for Shooting or Walking purposes. The Business of E. PROSSER, Butcher. To the Gentry and public generally of Pontypool and the tXeighbourhood. 1BEG to acquaint you ot the disposal of my busi- L ness to Mr. E. PULLIN, who, I have every reason to believe, will supply you with a first-class quality of meat. I cannot allow this opportunity to pass without expressing, in the most sincere manner, my warmest thanks for the great kindness and liberal patronage which I have enjoyed for so many years. May you all have a happy and prosperous future, is the heartfelt wish of Your humble obedient Servant, EBENEZER PROSSER. EDWIN PULLIN, BUTCHER, RETURNS his sincere thanks to the Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Pontypool and its vicinity, for the liberal support he has received for many years, and begs respectfully to announce that he has TAKEN TO THE OLD-ESTABLISHED BUSINESS hitherto carried on by Mr. E. PROSSER, COMMERCIAL STREET, PONTYPOOL, where he confi- dently hopes, by continuing to supply Beef, Mutton, &c., of a first-class quality, to merit and secure a continuance of that generous patronage which his predecessor has so long enjoyed. October 27th, 1864. PONTYPOOL. WILLIAM POTTER begs to apprize that he is prepared with his New Stock of WINTER GOODS. Mrs. POTTER has also returned from London with a beautiful selection of Bonnets, Millinery, Mantles, Dresses, shawls, and all the New Trim- mings and Fancy Goods for this Season, and the Show Rooms are open for the second time this season. Pontypool, November 2nd, 18G4. ALBERT STREET, BLAENAVON, (Near the Railway Station.) OSES, ILES begs respectfully to intimate that he 1h has opened a BRANCH ESTABLISH- MENT at the above address, where he keeps con- stantly on sale a large and varied stock of Boots and Shoes of all Kinds, as well as every other article in the trade. Repairing executed with neatness and promptitude. NOTE THE ADDRESS-ALBERT STREET. ONEY TO LEND.-To TRADES- MEN, FARMERS, & OTHERS-MONEY immediately advanced on good personal security, or Leasehold, Copyhold, and Freehold Property, trom £ 50 to JEoUQO, at 5 per cent interest. Upwards of five hundred thousand pounds have already been advanced.-Apply to Mr. C. JOHNS, Licensed Appraiser and House Agent, 4, Prospect Place, Stow Hill, Newport, Mon., (near the New Presbyterian Chapel). N. B.—All applications by post to contain 4 stamps for reply.