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THE GARIBALDI YAOHT FUND. A meeting of the London subscribers to the above fund was recently held at the London Tavern. Sir C. M-G-rig'or presided, and amongst those present were— Mrs.Riobardson, hon. secretary to the London Garibaldi Yacht Fund Committee, Miss Isabella Tyvil, Miss Adeline Cooper, Mr. Wm. Dell, Mr. S. Straker, Mr. W. Wood, Mr. W. A..Smith, Mr. J. Richardson, Mr. R. Proctor, and Mr. Lovegrove. Mr. Eichardson said that as some erroneous state- ments had been circulated respecting the fund and its objects, a few explanations might be both inter- esting and instructive. For this reason a report had been drawn up, and on behalf of Mrs. Rich- ardson he begged to read it The report stated that the small gift of a yacht to General Garibaldi was never intended to be other than a gift of friendship from friends, and most carefully had the committee always endeavoured to maka this known. To ease the minds of those who feared that the yacht would carry a cargo of bullets and other implements of war, the report stated that such were not,amongst its contents; but a glass bee-hive, a case of vine-dressing imple- ments, a chest of Italian New Testaments, two Bibles, ap, excellent library of books, are a few of the stores she will carry from England. From a financial statement embodied in the report it appeared that the Liverpool committee's efforts realised from two bazaars and two lectures (the latter -delivered by Mr. Richardson), £ 250 Liverpool subscriptions, £ 37.7; making a. total of £627, but this result;, it was only right to say, was materially aided by friends in London. The efforts made in London resulted in a sum of < £ 357 being raised. The vessel purchased is oalled the Princess, and cost £700. Of this sum the Liverpool committee pay £ 325; they also have paid £100 for plate, linen, &c., and they undertake the exoenses of the voyage; but towards these the late owner of the Princess gives them a subscription of £ 50, which really reduces the purchase-money to £ 650. Towards the purchase money the London subscribers are expected to provide £ 325, and the committee were pleased to be able to say the result of their efforts exceed that amount, which is, with a few exceptions, all realised and in bank. The incidental expenses will not amount to £ 10 per cent. on receipts. The yacht is now lying at West Cowes, Isle of Wight, from whence it is intended she will start for Caprera in a few days. The yacht purchased is a schooner of fifty tons burthen, copper fastened, and is in excellent condition. It has been purchased for, as already stated, £ 700; her original cost four years ago was <81,300. She was built by Mr. J. White, of Cowes, and has been officially examined and pronounced sound in every respect. She is now being thoroughly cleaned and painted, and will be s&nt out in charge of a captain and five men to Caprera. An order to view the yacht can be had of Mrs. Richardson. Colonel and Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Richardson, and other friends, will proceed overland to meet the yacht, and present her to General Gari- baldi in the name of his English friends. On the motion of Mr. A. G. Smith, seconded by Mr. Loveday, the report was unanimouslv adooted. Mr. Proctor moved that inasmuch as Mr. Richard- son had been so intimately connected with General Garibaldi when in this country, and had been always foremost and most active in everything wherein the welfare of the General was the object to be accom- plished, he oe requested to represent the London. committee on the occasion of the forthcoming presen- tation. The Chairman, after highly eulogising Mr. and Mrs. Richardson for the services they had rendered the cause in which they were all so deeply interested, put the motion, and it was agreed to amid applause. The Chairman (Sir C. M'Grigor), it was understood, would also accompany the deputation of gentlemen tt) wait on the General, and Mr. George Langton is expected to be also present on the interesting occasion. After the appointment of a deputation of ladies, one of whom will be the active hon. secretary, Mrs. Richardson, a highly complimentary vote of thanks was, with acclamation, voted to Mrs. Eichardson and the ladies of the committee, and after the transacting of some routine business, and a vote of thanks? to the I chairman, the meeting separated. i


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