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EPITOME OF NEWS. A widow named Fenard, the oldest inhabitant of Cherboutg, has just died in that town at the age of one hundred. Dean. Close recommends the mixing of wine with assafoBtida, with the object of disgusting people with this beverage. Mr. Hannam, the Secretary of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, intends to resign that post at the close of the present year. It is stated that the Fellows of Balliol College, Oxon, have come to a resolution which will henceforward admit Roman Catholic undergraduates to that great and learned -society. A passenger train ran off the rails at Hightown, "near Soutbport, last week, in consequence of the rails having been covered with sand. few slight personal injuries were sustained, but no lives lost. England, the land of competitive exhibitions, has been distanced by Franee,which has proposed to have an oyster exhibition! The "force of imagination could no further go. In noticing the festival lately held at Pesaro, in honour of Italy's greatest musical genius, the magnifi- cent present of 10,000 francs, sent by Signor Rossini to the poor of his native town, must not pass without record. A gentleman residing at Hammersmith has in his possession a singing mouse, which was captured by his female servant on Friday. The peculiarity of the little creature is the distinctness of its voice, the latter being audible for a considerable distance. The flrst sign of the coming general election has been placarded in large letters on the dead walls of Galway. The following is a copy:—" Conservatives of Galway Hold yourselves disengaged! A friend and favourite will be in the field in a few days Notice has been issued from the office of the Public Works Act in Manchester, urgently recommending the civil authorities throughout Lancashire and Cheshire, whohaivereceivedloans under the provisions of the act, to proceed with such work as will afford employment for the largest number of indigent factory operatives. At the Preston Sessions, a man named Richard jVIolyneuxias been tried for attempting to kill Mr. Alder- man Goodair, of Preston. The prisoner was sentenced to six months' hard labour, and at the expiration of that time he will have to find bail for his good conduct for twelve months default, imprisonment for that time. At the last Cornish ticketing, 4,659 tons of copper ore realised £20,653 15s. Averages: Standard, £ 128 .price per ton, E4 8s. 6d. produce, 5%. Compared with the previous sale, the standard has advanced 15s; but with the corresponding monthly sale on the 22nd of September it has declined £ 3. A young fellow was killed in a prize-fight at Sheffield the other day. A number of blackguards left the town early in the morning to settle their differences in a pugilistic way. One couple foaght an hour; another couple then stepped forward, and in the sixth round, one of them fell dead on the ground. A beautifully bound Bible was presented to the Marchioness of Hastings the other day at Castle Don- ington by the tenants of the estate. The Marchioness replied that she fully appreciated the great attention and kindness shown, and was glad to be beloved, as she loved her husband and home. The Government authorities have informed the Mayor of Liverpool that Colonel Boxer will shortly visit Liverpool for the purpose of inspecting the system of storing and loading gunpowder in the town and on the river, and this will be carried out wherever there is a depot for gun- powder. In what is termed the Agony Column of the Times the following advertisement appeared:—H. and M.C. —The parents of a young lady present their most sincere and heartfelt thanks to a Captain Booth, for his intrepid ,and gallant conduct in rescuing her from the hands of bad .characters. The following preferments have taken place m the diocese of CanterburyThe Rev. Charles Tamberlain Astley, M. A., has been collated to the rectory of Brasted the Rev. Edward Pott Williaius, B.A., has been licensed to the cure of Chislehurst; and the Rev. Josiah Bateman M. A., is to be collated to the vicarage of St. John, in Thanet', all in the county of Kent. An Australian Paper gives a horrible account of the levity and bravado of the two prisoners who. were executed at Melbourne for attempting to rob the Colling- wood Bank. One of the.^oor wretches sang a comic song, and the other, though penitent, asked When shall we three meet again ? Certainly the gallows seems to have lost its -terrors. The Lounger at the Clubs," writing in the I Illustrated Times, says :—" They say — who are they, I wonder ? that the French Government is buying racehorses at fancy prices. T hree iAionaanA guineas has been offered, for one horse, and eight thousand f«r a,notber. Can this be true ? or is it only some waggish betting-man's method of rigging the market p" At the pe ty sessions held at Romsey, be. fore W. H. S. Stanley, Esq., chairman, the Rev. T. H. Target, the Hon. H. D. Curzon, Esq., and William Everett, Esq., James Read, a boy aged eleven years, was charged with ill- -treating a peacock belonging to Mr. George Coles, of West Tytherley, by throwing stones at it, and was sentenced to fourteen days' imprisonment, with hard labour. A class will be formed at Fleetwood, on the ,12th of November, for those volunteers desirous of going through the modified course of musketry instruction laid down for the force by regulation. Volunteers of the North ,of England and Scotland wishing to attend the school of musketry are required to apply through, their commanding officers not later than the 5th of November. The Bazaar held last week in the St. George's Hall, Liverpool, in aid of the Southern Prisoners' Relief Fund," has come to a close, and has produced about £11,000. The attendance at the bazaar was very large every day, upwards of 5,000 being present on the Friday, when the admission was reduced to Is., while at least 2>000 were obliged to be refused admission. A man down on Cape Cod, says the New Yoi k Times, who separated from his wife, married a second wo- man, with whom he lived a year and and a half, and then died. His first wife took possession of his estate. The second sued her for services during the time she lived with the deceased, and after hearing the evidence last week a good-natured Cape Cod jury gave her a verdict, allowing her 2 dols. per week. It was agreed, at the weekly meeting of the Mersey Dock and Harbour Board in Liverpool, to accept the tender ,ef Sir William Armstrong and Co. for the supply of hydraulic and other machinery for the northern entrances to the Great-Float, at a cost of about £ 40,000. It was ex- plained that the expenditure would result in a considerable reduction in the employment of manual labour, and a con- sequent saying of expenditure. An inquest has just been held at a house in Dolphin's-bara, Dublin, where Captain William George Howard, son of the late Hon. and Rev. Mr. Howard, rector of Swords, expired on Wednesday night. Mr. Porter de- posed that he had made a careful post mortem examination of the body, and had come to the conclusion that death had resulted from dysentery, occasioned by excessive drinking. The jury found a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony. A young man named Henry Beckford, be- longing to the 22nd Devon Rifle Volunteer Corps, recently died froija the effects of a gun accident. He was returning from a day's shooting, on Dartmoor, when, feeling fatigued, he obtained a lift" in a cart laden with earthenware. He placed his double-barrelled gun on the top of the ware, the muzzle pointing towards him. No sooner had the horse started than the gun went of. He was injured so severely that he died two hours, afterwards. Ameti11 dealer named Caffrey was charged at the Bolton Borough Court Jast week with being in possession of a hippie-wrench, the property of a local Volunteer corps. This was a case under the 2Sth and 27th Vicfc. 65, sec. 27, -which was passed for the protection of Volunteer property issued by Government. The man had openly exposed the Kres-ch for salem his window, and stated that he had bought it with a lot of rubbish swept out of one of the baths of the 'town. He was fined IDs. and costs. We are told, says a loesi contemporary, that, for several weeks past, typhus fever has been very prevalent in soine parts of the North Isles, proving fatal in not a few cases. In Yell, a young man suffering from the fever, and who had keen delirious during his illness, left the house at night unknown to his attendant, and was found soon after in an adjoining burn, but life was extinct. As, at the spot where the fctidy was found the water was shallow, his death s not supposed to be the result of an accident. The deaths in L»o?aoon rose last week to 1,355. In each of -the four previous weeks,fee number was below 1,300. In the forty-first week of ten years, 1854-63, the number of deaths wil,, on an average, 1,W6, which, if a cor- rection is made for increase of population, becomes 1,183. The present return exhibits an excess of 172 above the estimated number. Last week, the births of 1,020 boys and 1,052 girls—in all, 2,672 children-were registered in London. In the ten corresponding weeks of the years 1854-63 the average number (corrected) was 1,851. The inhabitants of Clifr on are takiagmeasures to procure a public opening of the new suspension bridge, on its completion next month. A meeting was held at Pomeroy's-rooms, at which Mr. Kempster. one of the town eouncillors for the ward, presided, a.nd at which it was resolved to ascertain from the directors of the bridge company whether any public ceremony is contemplated on the opening of the bridge, and offering to render any assistance for such a purpose. A deputation was also appointed to wait upon the Mayor, and request him to bijng the subject under the consideration of the Town Council. The Shipwrecked Sailors' Society, founded at Marseilles, in order that their boats and other apparatus may be superior to any others hitherto Medin France, have decided that their first lifeboat shall be built in England, and that this boat shall resemble as closely as possible one of the lifeboats adopted by the Royal and National Society. M- Pastre, the eminent merchant of Marseilles, and the president of the society, has consequently addressed a letter to the secretary-general of the English Lifeboat Institution, requesting him to have a lifeboat built for the Marseilles Shipwreck Sailors' Society, thirty feet long, single banked, and six cared.

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