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BLAENAVON. ACCIDENT.—A serious accident happened on Thursday sennight to bailer named Richard Morgan. While charg- ing his furnace, the pile of iron fell back upon him, break- ing one of his thighs and injuring the other badly. CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY.-On Sunday last the Rev. Dr. James, rector of Panteague, delivered three eloquent sermons at the parish church, in this town on behalf of the above society. Previous to taking his text in the afternoon, the rev. gentleman gave an interesting account of the progress of the society, dwelling largely upon the trials and difficulties of the missionaries abroad. Each service was well attended, and the collections amounted to about d610. NARROW ESCAPE FROM DROWNING.—On Sunday, two children, brother and sister, aged respectively five and nine years, were crossing the river at Cwmavon, over a narrow plank placed there for the purpose, when they fell over into the water. The current being very strong at the time, the children were carried several hundred yards down the stream before they could be rescued, which they ultimately were with no further injury than a good soaking. FATAL ACCIDENT.—On Monday, a young man named David Hobby, aged 18, fell down a cinder pit at the works, (which is being repaired,) a depth of fifty yards, and was killed on the spot. Deceased was employed at the Tyre Mill, and seems to have had no business what- ever at the place where he met his untimely end. A coroner's inquiry into the circumstances was opened ac the King's Arms on Tuesday and was adjourned until Saturday. SUPPBR.-On the evening of Monday last the members and triends of a club connected with tbc Garn pits, sat down to an excellent supper, provided by Mr. Richards, of the Market Tavern. The event was more particularly brought about in order to celebrate the obtaining of a spirit license for the house in question after several un- successful attempts to obtain the same had been made.


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