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Money Market


Money Market CITY, OCT. 19.-The English funds are steady, at yestex day's prices. Home railway stocks in most instances have: declined 5 to t per cent., and the speculative foreign honck; t to There is a fair demand for money to-day at 9 pes; cent. for the best three months' bills. The supply of money in the Stock Exchange is superabundant, and the rate short loans on English Government securities has declined, to 3 to 4 per cent. Consols are now quoted 88?j to for money, and 88| to t for the account (Nov. 10). The official business report is as follows :—Three per Cent, Consols, for money, 88f, |; ditto, for account, 88J, f; Thrae. per Cents. Reduced,-86f, f; New Three per Cents., 8t%, i; India Stock, 211; ditto Five per Cent. Stock, I04ij Exchequer Bills, March, 9s. dis.; ditto, June, 18s dis.— The railway market-is flat to-day, and most of the prine'i:al lines have declined. Great Western Stock has receded a per cent., London and North Western J., Lancashire and: Yorkshire and Great Northern t, Midland and Gra-atr Eastern i, and South Eastern t. London and Nona- Western stock is now quoted 112 to i; Great Western, 71 ù; i; Midland, 130 tot; Lancashire and Yorkshire. 11-S 114; Caledonian, 123 to 124; South: Eastern, 82f to 8bq¡, Great Eastern, 43i to 44; Great Northern, 128y to ] London and South Western, 94 to 96; and Metropol 1094 to 110.

The Corn Trade

Cattle Market.

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