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POLITICAL GOSSIP. THE accounts received in town from Iekworth Park relative to the health of Earl Carlisle are not of a favourable character. His lordship cannot.) et be pronounced out of danger. COUNT MTJNSTER is, we hear, to succeed Count Kielmansegge as Minister from the Court of Hanover to the Court of St. James's. THE German journals are at the present moment exercising their imagination in forming pians for the remodelling of the map of Europe. Thoy will, per- haps, find that two can play at that, and that they had better not have flung out the hint. < GARIBALDI id going to Parliament, and, from all we can hear, will be received in grand state. He likes the Convention, but is afraid France wants too much for her condeseension. "TIm recent visit of Lord Clarendon to Vienna, says the Pays, "had for result the reduction of the Austrian army. The Vienna Cabinet is said to have consented to that measure on the formal promise that England would induce the Italian Government to adopt a similar proceeding." IT is said that a Chief. Judge in Bankruptcy will be proposed next year to aid the working of the new laws. THE Lloyd of Vienna states that a gordeiier has been punished at Warsaw for having in his possession a dahlia which, by a caprice of nature, was partly red and partly white, the Polish colours. The commissary of police unfortunately cast his suspicious eyes on the flower, and immediately drew up a report to "superior authority asking that the gardener should be pun- ished for making a political demonstration.- A VOTER the other day wrote to the barristers on both sides, who were warmly contesting for, the re- gistration of his vote, pro and con, that he did not wish to be troubled with any more trumpery squabbling and had no interest in the course of politics there- fore he wished that his name might be struck off the list. The barristers were thunderstruck at his want of political enthusiasm, but a great many people will feel almost as used up to excitement with regard to "Vhig and Conservative claims. THE following letter, concerning Lord Wodehouse .s recent apooiritment as Viceroy, signed Heraldicus, appeared in the Irish Times .—Your[ correspondents labour under a delusion as to Lord Wodehouse. So far from'being inferior to his predecessors in the high office to which he has been preferred, his lordship ranks, in ancestral position, hereditary distinction, ami. family alliances, with the best of the English nobility. The Wodehouses are, to use the expression of an old writer, of stupetidcsus' antiquity. One of their ancestors was a Knight in the time of Henry Beauclerk; another, a gallant soldier under Henry V., was given the motto of £ Agin court' (a, motto still borne by Lord Wodehouse), for his prowess on that memorable field; a third was created a Knight of the Bath at the Royal nuptials of Henry VIII.'s son, Prince Arthur; and a fourth, Sir Philip Wodehouse, of Kimberley, knighted by the Earl of Essex, for, his valour at the capture of Cadiz, was included in the first creation of baronets on the institution of the above-mentioned Order. Besides being the male representative of this grand old English race, Lord Wodehouse is heir-general of the Lords Berkeleyof Stratton, co-heir of the Bacons of Norfolk, and the Armines of Lincolnshire, and a descendant of Belted Will Howard' of Naworth, the founder of poor Lord Carlisle's immediate family. Stat fortuna domus, et avi numerantur avorum. PROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT.—The Lord Chan- cellor attended in the House of Lords on Saturday for the purpose of further proroguing the Parliament. His lordship and the other commissioners having taken their ses-ts, Colonel Clifford, the Deputy-Yeoman of the Black Rod, was directed to summon the Commons to hear the commission read. Shortly afterwards one of the clerks, attended by the door-keeper and some of the other officials of the House, appeared at the bar, when the commission was read by Sir J. Shaw Lefevre, the parliamentary clerk. The Lord Chancellor then declared it to be her Majesty's royal will and pleasure that the Parliament should be again prorogued, and it stood adjourned accordingly until Friday, the 11th of November. His lordship did not add the words that the Parliament should be "then and there holden for the despatch of divers and urgent affairs;" so that on the 11th of November a further prorogation will take place, unless affairs of impor- tance arise meanwhile to render the speedy meeting of Parliament necessary. Not a single member of the House of Commons was present at the ceremony. Election Intelligence. LuRU TVM. GRAHAM has issued an address to his constituents, in which he announces his intention of retiring from the representation of the county of Hereford at the next general election. THERE are now five candidates for the representa- tion of Southampton at the next general election, viz., Al..<.Ma,n Rose and Mr. Seymour, the sitting members for the borough, and Messrs. Russell Gurney, G. Moffat (M.P. for Honiton), and T. M. Mackay. A few more are wanted to make the number complete. THE Colonial Secretary (the Right Hon. Edward Card well, M.P.) and C. Neate, Esq., M.P., have been visiting their constituents at Oxford twice within the past fortnight, each time honouring the Mayor (J. R. Carr, Esq.) and leading citizens with their company at dinner. THE Liverpool Courier says that Mr. William Henry Gladstone, eldest son of the Chancellor of the Ex- chequer, will contest the cily of Chester in the Liberal I, interest at the next election. Mr. G. O. Trevelyan, a son of the Indian Finance Minister, appeared before the electors.of Tynemouth on Thursday night, and met with a hearty reception. He is an .advanced Liberal, and will contest the borough with the present; Tory member. A REQUISITION is in course of signature amongst the electors of Reigate, soliciting the Hon. E.dinund John Monson to offer himself at the coming election as a candidate to represent the borough, in Parliament. The Hon. Edmund Monson is the brotner of Lord Monson, who, before his elevation to the peerage, sat during three years for Reigate. He is a staunch Liberal, and is at present Secretary of Legation at Brussels. He has had considerable experience in the diplomatic service with the embassies at Paris, where he was the private secretary of Lord Cowley at Wash- ington, where he filled the same office for Lord Lyons; at Hanover and Florence. He was educated at Eton, and Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A., and Was elected Fellow of All Souls. His family have been for a long period politically and locally connected with Reigate. MR. W. D. CHRISTIE, our late Minister mBrazil, has recently been paying a visit to Cambridge, and has placed himself in communication with several of the leading Liberal politicians in that town." The result is that he has announced Pis determination of contesting the representation of tha borough at the next general election, and he will take an early oppor- tunity of addressing the electors. Mr. Christie received his education at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 1838, and during his residence in the University was well known as >In upholder of Liberal opinions. Mr. Christie was M.P. for Weymouth from 1842 to 1847.



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