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Llantrissent, Monmouthshire. MESSRS. GRAHAM, & Co., have been favoured Jj'i. with instructions from Mr. Thomas Rogers, who is leaving the farm to submit to PUBLIC AUCTION, On Thursday, the 27th of October, 1864, The whole of his Live and Dead FARMING STOCK Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, portion of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other valuable Effects, comprising 60 head of STOCK, as follow 23 excellent milch cows to calve in good season, 6 heifers in calf, rising 3 years old 4 steers, 1 martin heifer, 3 years old 5 fresh barrenicows, 9 heifers in calf, rising 2 years old; 12 weaned calves. 200 SHEEP, as follow:-50 first-class Radnor fat ewes, 20 very superior English fat ewes, 60 prime fat wethers, 20 store ewes, 52 ewe and wether lambs. Ten MOUSES, and HARNESS, as follow: 2 cart mares in foal, 5 and 6 years old 1 cart horse, 4 years old, ] cart horse, 8 years old, 2 four-year-old cart colts, 2 two-year-old cart colts, 2 yearling colts, 3 sets of short harness, 2 sets of long ditto, 3 sets of G.O. harness. PIGS 12 fat porkers. IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY and 'BREWING UTENSILS:— 2 gigs, 1 dray, I broad-wheel wagon, 1 narrow-wheel ditto, 2 broad-wheel carts, 3 iron ploughs, 2 iron harrows, 2 wooden ditto, 1 scuffier, 2 tedding ma- chines, 1 hay collector, 1 horse rake (by Howard), 2-knife chaff machine, 2 hand rakes, pikes, rakes, hay knives, ladders, grindstones, pump stone, cord chains, 2 sheep racks, malt mill, salting stones, shovels, hogs- heads, casks, harvest bottles, 1 double cheese press, 1 single ditto, cheese vats, cheese tubs, also a few brewing utensils. SUNDRIES :-Several sides of prime home-cured bacon, upwards of 100 gallons of cider, a few sacks of potatoes (part early seed), also a portion of the grass upon the farm to the 2nd of February, 1865- Refreshments on the table at ten o'clock in the morning, and the sale to commence precisely at 12 o'clock noon. N.B.-The Auctioneers respectfully solicit a very punctual attendance, as the lets are numerous and the whole will be disposed of in one day. The Auc- tioneers feel they need not make any comment upon the character of the sale, as the name of Mr. Rogers alone is a sufficient guarantee for the excellent char- acter and quality of the stock advertised to be sold. Dated the 6th October, 1864, MONMOUTH. MESSRS. COURT &SON are instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, at the WHITE SWAN HOTEL, On Saturday, October 22, 1864, At three o'clock in the Afternoon, (subject to condi- tions,) about Five Acres of Capital SWEDES, (which obtained the Prize at the Monmouth Agricultural Show), now growing in a field on the Rockfield road, adjoining Croft-y-Bulla lodge, near the town, the pro- perty of Messrs. Hill and Whitehead. GREYHOUND INN, MONMOUTH. MESSRS. COURT & SON wiii SELL BY AUC TION, on the premises, On Monday, October 31, 1864, The whole of the Neat and Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, 3-motion Beer Engine, large Baga- telle Board, and other Effects of Mr. C. Davis, who is giving up business. Sale at 12 o'clock. MONNOW-STREET, MONMOUTH. Unreserved Sale of Genteel and UsefulHOUSEHOLD FURNITURE in Spanish Mahogany, prime Fea- ther Beds*, Mattresses* Bed Linen, Witney Blankets, Carpets, Hearth Rugs, Chimney and Toilet Glasses, Kitchen and Culinary Requisites, and other Effects, on the premises late in the occupation of Mr. John Hughes, which MESSRS. COURT & SON are instructed to SELL J)1 BY AUCTION, On Monday, the 24th day of October, 1864, Commencing in the morning at a t o'clock. Particu- lars in Catalogues, which may be had at the Auc- tioneers' Offices. MONMOUTH. Sale of Superior and nearly New HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, in Spanish Mahogany and Rose- wood, Noble Pier and Toilet Glasses, handsome Brussels and Kidderminster Carpets, 1J earth Rugs, sets of Damask Window Curtains with Brass Poles, Rings, &c., excellent Goose Feather Beds, Wool Mattresses, Palliasses, Witney Blankets, Marseilles Quilts, choice Proof Engravings, Books, elegant Vases and Chimney Ornaments, sets of Tea China, Glass, Earthenware, and other Effects, which MESSRS. COURT & SON are favoured with in. Hi. structions to SELL BY AUCTION, in the BOROUGH COURT, (removed for convenience of Sale), Oa Thursday and Friday, October 27th and 28th, 1864, Commencing each morning at 12 o'clock. Particulars in Catalogues, which may be had six days prior to the sale, at the Auctioneers' Offices. MONMOUTHSHIRE. To be Let by Tender, ALL that capital FARM, called ALTABTLLA,' situate in the parishes of Llangwm Uciia, Llan geview, and Gwernesney, comprising a good Farm House, Barn, Cider Mill, Stables, and other suitable Outbuildings, together with 113a. lr. 31p. of Arable, Meadow, Pasture and Orchard Land, belonging to the Trustees of Roger Edwards' Charity. Possession of the land may be had on the 2nd of February next, and of the house and outbuildings, on the 1st of May following. The Farm is situate about 2 miles from the town of Usk, about 12 from Chepstow, 9 from Pontypool and 13 from Newport. The Tenders must be sent in to Mr. WM. DAVIS Land Agent, Usk, before Wednesday, the 26th day of October, 1864. The Trustees do not bind them- selves to accept of the highest Tender. Usk, 29th September, 1864. IMPOBTAIT, IF you want to Borrow Money at a Cheap afad Easy Rate, go to Mr. W.WILLIAMS, 16, Dock street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and lie will guarantee that with Approved Personal Security, you can have any Sum from £ 60 to £ 1,000 for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, repayable by fixed half! yearly or quarterly Instalments. DK APE ROY- 1 DRA PE RY i I REDUCTION IN PBICES AT THE LONDON HOUSE, RAGLAN, ESTABLISHED 1835. J STEED (late C. FORWARD) begs to inform the Gentry and Inhabitants generally of Raglan and its vicinity, that he has just returned from the London and other Markets with a large and varied assortment of Autumn and Winter Goods, replete in the leading styles and best quality, of which he solicits an early inspection, trusting, by strict attention combined with the lowest possible prices, to merit that patronage so liberally bestowed upon his predecessor, Mr. C. Forward, for the last twenty- nine years. 15 per cent reduction in Calicoes. N.B.—A large stock of Winter Goods suitable for charitable purposes. October 15, 1864. THREE SALMONS HOTEL, JL USK. FAMILY PRICE LIST. WINES. s. d. Port (Draught) per Bottle 3 6 „ (Bottled) „ 5 0 „ it Extra Old 6 6 Sherry (Draught) 3 6 „ (Golden). 5 0 „ (Pale). 4 0 Champagne. •„ 5 0 „ (Moet's 1st brand) „ 7 0 Sparkling Moselle „ 7 6 Claret (3rd quality) „ 2 6 (2nd „ ). „ 4 6 ?> (1st ) tt 6 0 Rotisillon „ 3 9 Masdeu „ 4 0 Hock „ 5 0 ALE, PORTER, &c. Ale (best Burton) ..per Doz. pint bottles 5 6 Porter (London). „ „ (Dublin) „ Cider „ Perry „ SPIRITS. Brandy (Martell's 1st brand) ..per Bottle 5 6 111 (Pale) „ 5 0 Whiskey (Campbelton & Islay).. „ 4 0 „ (Irish). N Gin (2nd quality) „ 2 3 ,,(lst „ ) „ 2 6 Hollands. 6 0 Rum 3 6 LIQUEURS. Curacoa. „ Maraschino. „ Noyau „ J2RATED WATERS. Soda Water, (1st quality) per doz. bottles 5 0 Seltzer Water" „ 6 0 Lemonade" „ 6 0 Potass Water „ 6 0 Gioser&do «* „ CIGARS. Estrellas per Box" 24 0 Habanas. „ 34 0 Manilla Cheroota „ 30 0 Any quantity supplied at the same rate. Posting Arrangements on the most reasonable scale. T. EVANS, ~jk Boot, Shoe, and Gaiter Manufac- JbV turer, and Currier, 16 and 17, CROSS STREET, ABERGAVENNY, BEGS to call the attention of the Public to the LARGE STOCK ™ of BOOTS and SHOES of every HjjSI description he has constantly on ^HJ|K9 hand. RIFLE GAITERS made from the VMM primest Cowhide, on the most Reasonable Terms, Suitable for Shooting or Walking purposes. WANTED, a steady industrious young LABOR- ING MAN, who can read and write, and of obliging disposition, to attend to horses and the de- livery of goods with same, and fill up his time as porter; situation permanent. Satisfactory reference required.—Apply to N. WATKINS, grocer, Mon- mouth. WANTED, a YOUNG MAN, out of livery, as in- door Servant, who thoroughly understands the cleaning of plate, and waiting at table, and who (ran have a first-class character from previous situations,. -Apply by letter, T, at the Printer'a,j stating age, and all other particulars. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES.—Money lent JL in sums of not less than £100, on Personal Security, at a fair rate of interest. Also a large amount ready to be advanced on Freehold Securities, for a term of years, at from 4 to 5 per cent. interest; charges moderate, and the strictest confidence ob- served. Full particulars forwarded per post, on receipt of six postage stamps. Office hours from ten to three.—Apply to Mr. SYDNEY T. EVANS, Land and Estate Agent, Old Masonic Hall, Newport, Mon. MLES' EATING HOUSE, TEA, COFFEE, & REFRESHMENT BOOMS. 21 Falnnel Street. Aberoavenny, MONEY TO LEN D.-To TRADES- -ilJL MEN, FARMERS, & OTHERS.—MONEY immediately advanced on good personal security, or Leasehold, Copyhold, and Freehold Property, from X50 to jEoOOO, at 5 per cent interest. Upwards of three hundred thousand pounds have already been advanced—Apply to Mr. C. JOHNS, Licensed Appraiser and House Agent, 4, Prospect Place, Stow Hill, Newport, Mon. N. B.—All applications by post to contain 4 stamps for reply. "The SoutlTWales Coal Company HAVING appointed Mr. WILLIAM JAMES their Agent for USK, LLANDENNY, RAG- LAN and MONMOUTH, respectfully solicit a con- tinuance of that support of which, up to the present time, they have received so large a share, and which they take this opportunity of thankfully acknow- ledging. Orders for COAL, COKE, LIME, &c. given to the Salesmen at the above mentioned stations, will receive prompt attention, or to Mr. James personally, or at his address, St. Mary's street, Monmouth. Fire Bricks, Tiles, Pipes, Slates, and other Building Materials supplied to order. USK FARMERS' CLUB. PBESIDKNT :—Hia Honor JUDGE FALCONER. THE ANNUAL MEETING is fixed to take place at LLANDO\VLAS FARM, near USK, On MONDAY, October 24tll, 1864, when the following prizes will be offered for competi- tion :— PLOUGHING. For Ploughing Half-an-Acre of Land in the best and most workmanlike manner, within four hours, with a pair of horses, without driver:- CLASS I.—CHAMPION PRIZES.—Open to all England, to be competed for by Ploughmen who have gained the first prize in any year, in the two following classes: First prize, E6; Second prize, £3. CLASS II,—To the Farmer (being a member) or his Son: First prize, Z3; Second prize, £2. CLASS III. To the Ploughman or servant of a mem- ber: First prize, JE3; Second prize, L2; Third prize, fl 10s.; Fourth prize, Li Fifth prize, 10s. CLASS IV.—To the Son or Servant of a member, under 20 years of age: First prize, £ 110s.; Second prize, j61. Teams to be in the field at 8.30, when lots will be drawn, and the signal for starting will be given at Nine o'clock. If not more than two compete, the second prize will be with-held. Flays to be used, and the ploughing to be six inches deep. FARMS. CLASS V.—A Prize of £3 3s. offered by His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, to the Tenant Farmer who shews tha Neatest Farm, and the best kept Fences and Roadways, and displays the greatest economy in the management of his homestead, especially in the husbanding and preparation of manure. Entrance fee, 2s. 6d. THATCHING. CLASS VI.—For the best Set and Thatched Ricks, done by a Son or Servant of a member of this club, regard being had, to the number of ricks: first prize, Jgl, Second prize, 10s. HEDGING. CLASS VII.—Far Hedging Three Perches (twenty- one yards) within six hours: First prize, jBl Second prize, 10s. The Hedging to commence at Eight o'clock on the morning of the Ploughing Match. The prizes will be with-held unless there are three competitors. STOCK. CLASS VIII.—A Prize of JM offered by Reginald Herbert, Esq., for the best four-year-old Nag, by a thorough-bred horse. There must be at least five competitors, and the horses must have been bred in the County of Monmouth. CLASS IX—A Prize of 91 Is. offered by Messrs. Ogden and Co., Halifax, Yorkshire, for the best Pen of Six Wether Tegs. CLASS X.-A Prize of 91 Is. offered by Mr. Macfar- lane, for the best Pen of Five Breeding Ewes. CLASS XI.—A Prize ofjBl Is. for the best Fat Pig, fed by a Cottager, and having been in his possession for three months. 1. GREEN CROPS. CLASS XII.—A Prize of jM offered by Mr. Farlong, of Bristol, to the Tenant Farmer, occupying more than 100 acres of Arable Land, who shall grow the best Ten Acres of Swedes. CLASS XIII.—A Prize of JE3 offered by Mr. Farlong, of Bristol, to the Tenant Farmer, occupying less than 11)0 acres of Arable Land, who shall grow the best Five Acres of Swedes. The competitors to use at least four cwt. of Far- long's Artificial Manure to the acre. CLASS XIV.—A Prize of £5 offered by Mr. Roger Morgan, of Llaneilen, to the Tenant Farmer who shews the best Four Acres of Swedish Turnips, grown by artificial manure. CLASS XV.—A Prize of Y,2 offered by the Western Counties' Manure Company, to the Tenant Farmer for the best crop of Swedes and Turnips, not less than Five Acres, grown with the Western Coun- ties' Manure Company's Manure. PRODUCE. CLAsa XVI.—A Prize ofdBl Is. to the Farmer's Wife or Daughter who shall exhibit, at Two o'clock on the day of the Ploughing Match, at, the Three Salmons Hotel, the best sample of Butter, (not less than 61bs ). The exhibitor must have been in the habit of supplying the inhabitants of Usk with this article, either by attending the market, or dispos- ing of her goods at private houses. CLASS XVII.—A prize ot JEl Is. to the Farmer's .1. Wife or Daughter, who shall, at the same time and place as above, exhibit the best half cwt. of cheese, of her own making. CLASS XVIIL—A Prize of 10s. to the Farmer's Wife or Daughter, who shall exhibit the best eouple of Fowls for the table. To be bred and fed by the exhibitor. Notice of Competition for the Neatest Farm, Ricks, and Green Crops, must be sent in to the Secretary, on or before the 14th of October, and the names of the Ploughmen who intend to compete at the Plough- ing, must be given, and all entry Fees and Subscrip- tions paid to the Secretary, on or before Friday, 21st of October. The Committee reserves to itself the power of with-holding any Prize where the Judges consider there is not sufficient merit. The Members and their friends will dine together at the Three. Salmons Hoetl, punctually at Four o'clock. Dinner and Dessert, 3s. 6d. Tickets to be had at the Bar. J". H. CLARK, HON. SEC. To Anglers Visiting Usk. HERBERT WILLIAMS, Chemist, Bridge Street, LIL Usk, invites attention to his large assortment of FISHING TACKLE of every description, of first-class make. H. W.'s practical knowledge of the Gentle Art," enables him to supply such SALMON and TROUT FLIES as are peculiar to the stream, and which will ensure Buccess to the angler. AUTUMN SEASON, 1864. JONES AND POWELL BEG most respectfully to inform the Public that theiy Stock of Goods for the present season will be ready for inspection On Monday, the 17th instant, comprising a choice selection of all NOVELTIES in DRESSES, MANTLES, JACKETS, SHAWLS, FANCY SKIRTS, RIBBONS, BONNETS, GLOVES, HOSIERY, &c., and a large stock of CLOTHS, DOESKINS, CHEVIOTS, WITNEYS, &c. GENTLEMEN'S WINTER CLOTHING, Fancy Wool Shirts, Bats, Caps, and Umbrellas. MILLINERY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. EVERY ARTICLE IN FAMILY MOURNING, Bridge Street, Usk, Oct. 11, 1864. Societies for Promoting Christian Knowledge and the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign parts. THE ANNUAL MEETING of the Monmouthshire District Committees of the above Societies will be held at Monmouth, on THURSDAY, the 27th of October instant. Divine Service in the Parish Church will com- mence at 11 a.m., the Sermon will be preached by the Rev. W. J. C. LINDSAY, B.A., Rector of Llan- vaches. The Meeting will be held in the Borough .Court, at half-past One o'clock. W. J. C. LINDSAY,1 e j • THOS. WILLIAMS, j Secretanes- October, 1864. Collections will be made at the Church and the Meeting. The French Language. A TEACHER of the above, (a Parisian) is desirous of forming a class in Usk. Terms and other particulars may be known on application at the I Post Office.