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ABERGAVENNY. PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, before CAPEL HAN- BURY WILLIAMS, Esq., Captain WHEKLEY, and CEAWSHAY BAILEY, Esq., junior. DRUNK AND RtoTOCS.— William Brown, labourer, charged with this offence, was let off on payment of the expenses. TRESPASSING IN PURSUIT OP GAME.—James Shore, of the Wheat Sheaf Inn, was charge with trespassing as above, oh land the property of Michael Phillips. Mr. Lawrence Baker conducted the case for the defence. Wm. Morris deposed: This day fortnight I saw the defendant on Mr. Baker's farm; he had two dogs with him-—a spaniel and a setter; he went from there to Park Lettiee, and from thence to Mr. Phillips' farm, over which Mr. Herbert, of Clytha, has the shooting; I saw defendant walk one field over, and his dogs beat it; he had a man with him, but I don't know who the man was; I did not see him find any game there; afterwards he went into a turnip field, in the occupation of Mr. Phillips, and of which Mr. Herbert, of Clyths; is the owner; defendant kept on the footpath, but the man with him and the dogs beat over the field; upon approaching the top of the field, the other man threw a stone into an adjoining field, his object being to drive some birds that were there towards the defendant; I heard defendant aay, it's no good to try any more, for the dogs are too tired to work;" they both then went away towards Abergavenny. Mr. Baker, in addressing the Bench, argued that, even supposing the case to be made out, no wilful trespass had been shown. It was a mere act of inadvertence, and not an aggravated case at all. Besides, Morris was too far away to say exactly upon what field the defendant was, and the truth was, that the defendant was merely on his way to Pentre- gwyddol, where he had -permirsion to shoot. After some further observations, Mr. Baker called George Mahoney, who deposed: I was in the company of Shore on the day in question; we went on Mr. Powell's farm; Shore did not go on to Michael Phillips' farm, but I did, my object being to pick some nuts; the dogs did not go on to Michael Phillips' land; we afterwards went into a lane, and having walked along it some way, we came to a turnip field; I had not a stick in my hand; Shore did not say anything to me about the dogs getting tired; he did not work the dogs at all in the turnip field; they were on the path as near as we could keep them. By the magistrates' clerk: I did not throw any stones or clots at a fence; when we got to the top of the turnip field we saw Morris, who blackguarded Shore, saying that he had been beating the brake; it was Mr. Powell's brake Morris referred to; I am brother-iu-iaw to Shore. Defendant was ultimately convicted in the penalty of 40s. AFFILIATION.—Frank Edwards, of Llangattock-nigb- Usk, was summoned for the support of the illegitimate child of Elizabeth Prosser. He was order to pay 2s. per week. DRUNKENNESS.—Margaret O'Bryan, charged with this offence, was dischargedupon payment of 2s. 6d. and the expenses.



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