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BLAENAVON. ACCIDENT.—On Friday, a haulier boy, employed at the works, got, jammed between two trams, which resulted in a broken leg and other injuries. ANOTHER BROKEN LEG.-On Sunday, a man named John Baker, in the employ of Mr. J. G. Williams, brewer, whilst in the act of separating two men who were fighting, unfortunately fell underneath one of them and broke his leg. RIFLE SHOOTING.—The prize meeting of theBlaenavon Company of the 5th Monmouthshire Rifles took place on Monday last. Mrp. Howard Kennard, (wifo of one of the directors of the works), had kindly presented 95 to be shot for, in the shape of "university pewter" tankards, silver-plated, and Captain Steel and Captain Finch (Lon- don brigade), added subscriptions, so as to make. up the number of tankards to ten. A novel feature, too, was in- troduced into the competition, which gave great satisfac- tion to the competitors, who were chiefly workmen. About dBo, subscribed by a few of the inhabitants and agents, was to be divided among all who fired, each man receiving a share according to the numbers of marks made in shoot- ing tor the tankards; so far differing from Pool" shoo'- ing, that the competitors paid no entrance fees,and marks, not bull's-eyes, took shares. Lieutenant Williams, of the Pontypool company of the corps, acted as referee, but for- tunately his office was a sinecure; be, however, rendered good service in relieving markers, keeping,score, Ac. Un- fortunately the day was very cold, and a strong wind blew from the quarter least favourable to good shooting. Con- ditions: Five rounds at each distance, 200 and 400 yards; Wimbledon scoring; no sighting shots. The following were the winners of the tankards:—1 Sergeant Morris, 29 marks; 2 Lieutenant Steel, 26 marks; 3 Private Miller, 26 marks; 4 Private Palmer, 25 marks; 5 Capt. Steel, 25 marks; 6 Private W. Steel, 23 marks; 7 Bugler Williams, 22 marks; 8 Private T. Coles, 30 marks; 9 Pri- vate Adams, 20 marks; 10 Corporal Coles, 18 marks. Private H. Morgan tied for 10th place, but lost it. Ser- geant Morris, in addition to the tankard, r' ceived a small silver shield with inscription, to be worn on his cross-belt. All the competitors received sums varying from 6s to Is. We understand that the money won by the Messrs Steei, will be shot for on a future day by a few men who could not attend the competition.




To the Editor of the USK OBSERVER.