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TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. AMERICA After the battle near WinchelterT Sheri'dfn pursued Early beyond Strasburg, and again attacked him at i isner s-hill. Sheridan's report states that the right ot the Confederate army rested on the north fork of the bhenandoah, extending across Strasburg valley westward to the North Mountain, and occupy- ing apparently an impregnable position. After much maneuvering Crook's command was trans- ATrr?i! tit ? .extreme right of the line of the North Mountain, and attacked the enemy's left carrying everything before him. Wbilst Crook drove away the enemy, and swept down behind their breast- works^ the 6th and 19th Corps attacked the rebel works m front, and the whole army appeared to be broken up. They fled in the utmost confusion, and sixteen guns were captured. The darkness only saved Early's army from total destruction. On Thursday night Sheridan pushed on down the Shenandoah valley. Two divisions of cavalry went down Luray valley. Sheridan says, "If they push on to the main valley the result of the engagement will be still more signal." Correspondents' letters assert that Early's loss in prisoners in the first day's fight will approximate to 5,000. Among the killed and wounded were the Confederate generals Rhodes, Ram- som, Gordon, Terry, G-oodwin, Bradley, Johnson, and i? ltzhugh Lee. The Federal lQSS in the same battle is estimated at between 2,000 and 4,000 men General Sherman is strongly fortifying Atlanta. General Price has crossed the Arkansas River for an invasion of Missouri. General Shelby is co-operating. The Missouri militia retreated before Shelby from Charleston to White Water River. Fremont and Cochrane have withdrawn from the Presidential canvass. Postmaster-General Blair has reared from the cabinet, at President Lincoln's request. The Democratic peace party have resolved to support General M'Clellan. The Richmond Enquirer contains a report that Sherman has proposed an informal peace conference with the Governor of Georgia and Vice-President btephens. Numerous other peace rumours are current. The Persia, Borussia, and the City of Cork have arrived out. No fighting has taken place at Petersburg. The Confederate pirates on Lake Erie have been captured. „ m, NEW YORK, SEPT. 24. On Ihursday night Sheridan continued the pursuit of General Early as far as Woodstock, where he halted to rest. Sheridan reports that he thinks there never was an army so badly routed as that of General Early. Three thousand Confederate prisoners have arrived at Winchester. CO, A J.i NEW YORK, SEPT. 27. Sheridan on Saturday was six miles south of New- market, and in dispatches forwarded on that day reports that he had driven the enemy from Mount Jackson without bringing on an engagement. The enemy were rapidly retreating. Sherman captured 20 guns and 1,100 prisoners at Fisher's Hill. Richmond papers admit the defeat in the first day's fighting in the Shenandoah Valley, and estimated the Confederate loss at 2,500 men, and that of the Federals at 6,000 men. Generals Rhodes and Godwin are killed, and Fitz- hugh Lee and York wounded. Sherman reports Hugh to be moving towards the Alabama line. Forrest with 8,000 men and ten guns is operating in Sherman's rear. He captured Athens with the garrison and destroyed the railroad between Decatur and Athens. Forrest is moving to capture Pulaski, Franklin, and Shelbyville, and the inter- mediate block-houses. Rousseau had taken the field against Forrest. A doubtful report from Cairo states that Mobile had been captured. It is reported from Louisville that the Governor of Georgia had tendered Sherman, propositions of peace, and that the latter had sent commissioners to confer with the Georgian state authorities. NEW YORK, SEPT. 29. Grant reports that Ord's corps advanced this morning, and carried the strong fortifications of url Chapin's Farm, capturing fifteen guns and: 200 priso- ners. Ord was wounded, General Birney advanced simultaneously from Deep Bottom, and carried the Newmarket-road and entrenchments, scattering the enemy, and taking a few prisoners. Birney is now marching towards Richmond, and has arrived at Junction-hill. The Newmarket and Richmond roads, and the whole country, are full of field fortifications. n ™ NEW T0EK> OCT. 1. tyrant reports that .Warren yesterday carried the enemy s line on the right, and was following tip-his success. General Meade has moved from the left and carried the enemy's lines near Poplar Grove. Butler has repulsed an attack on his line. The operations on the north side of the James River are successful.


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