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ATTEMPT TO BURN THE NINE ELMS RAILWAY STATION. One of the most villanous attempts to destroy pro- perty that have been discovered of late was detected on Saturday by one of the officials of the South I Western Railway. On Saturday afternoon, after the men had left oft' work at the Nine Elms station for the day, the watchman on duty proceeded on his rounds as usual, when his attention was attracted by the unusual appearance of a pile of wood under one of the workmen's benches. A circumatarvoe so unusual caused him to examine it, and he soon discovered that the pile consisted of wood and coals. This still more extraordinary circumstance induced him to examine it more carefully, and also the locality all around where it was situated. He then found that under the wood and coals there wa3 a quantity of dry shavings, which, if once set alight, would be very difficult to put out, even if discovered directly after the ignition took place. Following the direction of the line in which the shavings were laid, and removing them with great care, the watchman discovered a box of lucifer matches placed in such a position that any person not perceiving the danger could scarcely avoid tread- ing on them, in which case the probability is that the whole of the workshops would have been in a blaze before any assistance could have been brought to put it out. It is something serious to contemplate the large amount of property that would have been sacri- ficed had this attempt of the ruffianly incendiary not been detected and frustrated. There are adjacent to the workshops several large ranges of warehouses well stored with valuable goods, and had the workshops caught fire, the whole of those buildings must have been destroyed, together with their contents. Infor- mation was at once forwarded to Mr. Scott, the traffic manager, and an inquiry set on foot to discover who could attempt so dastardly an act.


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