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THE COURT. .-+--


THE COURT. -+-- THE Court has been held during the past week at Balmoral. The Queen takes her accustomed walks and drives in the vicinity. Upon one occasion her Majesty and her Royal Highness the Princess Helena, accompanied by the ladies in waiting—the Hon. Miss Lascelles and Miss Bruce-drove from Balmoral via Invercauld-housa and Allanquoich, where ponies were in waiting. These they mounted, and proceeded up the picturesquely romantic and secluded vale of the Quoich to Ben-a-Bourd, re-crossing the wide flat terrace that divides Glen Lui and Glendery from the Quoich Glen on their return to old Mar Lodge. Here the Royal carriage was in readiness, and her Majesty and the Royal party returned to the Castle, after enjoying one of the finest excursions of the season among the purple heath-clad hills and sombre pine forests. The Queen's usual happy fortune attended her in getting one of the pleasantest days of the entire week. THE Court Journal states that it is her Majesty's intention to return to Windsor on the 25th inst., and to remain there till about the 19th or 20th of Decem- ber. The Court will then leave for Osborne to spend the Christmas. HER Majesty has distributed among the farmers and crofters in the neighbourhood of Crathie copies of "The Principal Speeches and Addresses of his Royal Highness the late Prince Consort." THE various alterations and improvements at Windsor Castle, commenced immediately after her Majesty left for Scotland, will scarcely be completed before the Court returns to Windsor. THE Prince and Princess of Wales, throughout their tour in Denmark and Sweden, have everywhere re- ceived the heartiest welcomes of the people, and their gentle pleasing manners have won every one's heart. It is stated that their Royal Highnesses will make a short stay in Paris on their way home, and that the Hotel Bristol will be honoured by them, during their sojourn in Paris by being selected as their residence. The Emperor, it would appear, has no apartments to spare. AN ancient wine, which is not first cousin to but wedded to vinegar, was produced recently at Copen- hagen during the Prince's stay. It is called Queen Margaret's vintage, and is 400 years old, and required a good deal of sugar to correct its acerbity of temper, and was not even then very companionable. CHRISTIAN ADALBERT KUPFERBERG, proprietor of the well-known sparkling Rhine and Moselle wine manufactory, had the honour of a visit from his Royal Highness Prince Arthur of England and Prince Adolph of Mecklenburg. The Princes wandered through the spacious chambers of the vaulted cellar, which is two- storeyed, and made inquiries concerning the wine in all the stages of its manufacture, from the raw material to the creaming beverage, examining machinery and following the operations which were going on at the time. The Princes remained a long time in the manu- factory, thus evincing the interest they took in this important branch of industry, and tasted with appre- ciation some of the wines which have given M. Kup- ferberg's name a throughout the world.




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