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TOWN OF USK, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Desirable Freehold Property for Sale. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT j. the following most desirable and valuable PROPERTY, viz. LOT 1.—A Freehold Dwelling House, with Gar- den attached, now in the occupation of Mr. J. Buttery, as yearly tenant, at the rent of £) 2. LOT 2.—A Freehold Dwelling House, called the "Merlin Inn," with large Garden, Stable, and Yard attached, now in the occupation of Mr. George Roberts, as yearly tenant, at the rent of £16. LOT 3.—A Freehold Dwelling House, with Garden, Stable, and Yard attached, now in the occupa-, tion of Mrs. Hannah Dixon, as yearly tenant, at the rent of E13 10s. LOT 4.—A Freehold Dwelling House, with Garden attached, now in the occupation of Mr. A. Bul- lock, as yearly tenant, at the rent of Elo. LOT 5.—A Freehold Dwelling House, with Garden attached, now in the occupation of Mrs. C. Thomas, as yearly tenant, at the rent ofjElO. LOT 6.-A piece of Building Ground adjoining the last lot, with a frontage of 57 feet. The whole of these lots are situated in New Market Street, in the picturesque town of Usk, and within a few yards of the Bridge, and the gardens all extend to the river. The frontage of the Yards adjoining Lots 2 and 3 is about 48 feet, and is admirably adapted for building on. LOT 7.—All that old-established Inn called The Pelican," with Stable attached, advantageously situated on the corner of Bridge Street, and im- mediately adjoining the Bridge, now in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Joshua, as yearly tenant, at a reduced rent of £20. LOT 8.—-A Freehold Dwelling House and Shop ad- joining the last lot, now in the occupation of the Proprietor. i his lot is in immediate con- nection with the last lot, and should be pur- chased with it. LOT 9.—A Freehold Dwelling House, with Stable, Garden, and Yard attached, situated in New Market Street, and adjoining the premises attached to the Pelican Inn, now in the occupa- tion of Mt. Joseph Evans, as yearly tenant, at the low rent of £10. The whole of the foregoing property is situated in the most pleasant part of the town. The River. Usk, on which the property abuts, is famous for its Salmon and Trout Fishery. The Llangibby and the Monmouthshire Hounds are kept within a short distance of the town. The property is within five minutes walk of the Railway Station, on the Cole- ford, Monmouth, Usk, and Pontypool Railway branch, which runs in connection with all the Rail- ways of England and Wales, and it will be found to be a most valuable investment, either for private residences or business purposes. For further particulars apply to Mr. T. WIGGIN- TON, Chemist, Usk. LLANELLEN AND LLANOVER, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Desirable Freehold Farm. rpo BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. WILLIAM JL DAYIS, at the GROWN HOTEL, PONTYPOOL, On Saturday, the 15th day of October, 1864, At Four o'clock in the Afternoon, (subject to such conditions as will then and there be produced,) all that FREEHOLD FARM, called "PENTILLV," belonging to the living of Usk, and situate in the parishes of Llanellen and Llanover, in the county of Monmouth, comprising a Messuage or Dwelling- House, with a Barn, Stable, Cowhouse, Yard, and Garden thereto adjoining and belonging, and several Closes, Pieces, or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, containing by admeasurement, in- cluding the sites of the several buildings, 9 Acres and 30 Perches, more or less. Attached to tiie Estate is a Right of Pasturage upon Mynydd Graig Cwm Hills The property is intersecced by the public road leading from Blaenavon to Llanover, and is distant about five miles from the town of Abergavenny. Possession may be had at Christmas next. The Farm may be viewed by permission of Mr. Joseph Nelmes, the tenant, and further particulars may be obtained of the AUCTIONEER., at his olhce, at Usk, (where a plan of the property may be seen,) or at the "offices of Messrs. BURDER & DUNNING, 27, Parliament Street, Westminster, S.W. Dated, September, 1864. Llantrissent, Monmouthshire. MR. JAMES GRAHAM, jun., has been favoured with instructions from Mr. Thomas Rogers, who is leaving his farm to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, On Thursday, the 27th of October, 1864, The whole of his Live and Dead FARMING STOCK comprising 60 head of Stock, 200 Sheep, with the usual assortment of Agricultural Implements. Full particulars in future advertisements and handbills. Auctioneer's Offices, Newpurt and Monmouth 6th October, 1864, MONMOUTHSHIRE. To be let by Tender, ALL that capital FARM, called ALTABTLLA,' situate in the parishes of Llangwm Ucha, Llan geview, and Gwernesney, comprising a good Farm House, Barn, Cider Mill, Stables, and other suitable Outbuildings, together with 113a. Ir. 31p. of Arable, Meadow, Pasture and Orchard Land, belonging to the Trustees of Roger Edwards' Charity. ° Possession of the land may be had on the 2nd of February next, and of the house and outbuildings on the 1st of May following. b The Farm is situate about 2 miles from the town of Usk, about 12 from Chepstow, 9 from Pontypool, and 13 from Newport. The Tenders must be sent in to Mr. WJI. DAVIS, Land Agent, Usk, before Wednesday, the 26th day of October, 1864. The Trustees do not bind them- selves to accept of the highest Tender. Usk, 29th September, 1864. "t^OR SALE.—About 6 Sacks of CIDER APPLES. Usk ^mediately at the Observer Office, pOR SALE.—A few g00d CIDER HOGSHEADS. "*• -"Apply at the Observer Office. WHY PAY MORE THAN zC6 PER TON? GUARANTEED BETTER THAN EVER. J. H. S. WILD SMITH AND CO'S. PREPARED BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, for Potatoes, Turnips, Mangolds, Wheat, -L Grass, Barlev, Oats, Beans, and all other Crops is the BEST and CHEAPEST FERTILIZER known. Price £6 per Ton, equal to any hitherto made and sold at £8 per Ton. If Tons is equal to 1 Ton of best Peruvian, contains the same elements, and costs nearly X5 less. zC6 per Ton, free in Wolverhampton; or delivered to any Railway Station or Canal Wharf, E6 IDs. per Ton. FOR FULL PARTICULARS, READ OUR CIRCULAR AND TESTIMONIALS. TERIOTS: FIVE PER CENT. ALLOWED FOR CASH WITHIN ONE MONTH, ADDRESS :— CHEMICAL WORKS, HORSLEY FIELDS, BONE WORKS, WILLENHALL ROAD, WOLVERHAMPTON, AND SPA ROAD, LONDON. Mr. GEORGE JONES, Coal and Manure Merchant, Agent, Abergavenny. Chepstow Farmers' Club, 1864. THE ANNUAL PLOUGHING MATCH is fixed JL to take place on a Farm in the occupation of Mr. VALENTINE PARSONS, Slough, Caerwent, near Chepstow, On TUESDAY,, the 18th day of October, 1864. Members whose Sons or Servants, compete for Prizes at the Ploughing Match, must pay their Sub- scription on or before the entrance of the teams into the Field. No notice of competition required. THE FOLLOWING PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN FOR PLOUGHING :— No 1.—To the son of a member residing with his parents, not exceeding 21 years of age, who shall plough half-an-acre of ground in four hours, in the best and most workmanlike manner, with a pair of horses without a driver (given by the Society) jEj 5 0 Cup. No. 2.—The same as above, not ex- ceeding 18 years (given by the Society) 3 3 0 Plate. No. 3.—The same as above, to the Ploughman in the employ of a Member (given by the Society) 1st Prize 2 2 0 Money Ditto ditto 2nd Prize 1 10 0 „ Ditto ditto 3rd „ I 0 0 Ditto ditto 4th.. 0 15 0 „ Ditto ditto 5tli 0 10 0 „ No. 4.-Tbe same, for Boys under 18 years of age (given by the Society) .1st Prize ] 10 0 „ Ditto ditto 2nd „ 1 0 0 Ditto ditto 3rd „ 0 10 0 „ Ditto ditto 4th 0 5 0 No. 5.— The CHAMPION PRIZE, open to all England (given by the Society) 1st Prize 2 2 0 „ Ditto ditto 2nd „ 1 10 0 „ Ditto ditto 3rd „ 1 0 0 No. 6.-The Iron Swing Plough Prize, open to all England (given by the Society) .1st Prize 2 2 0 „ Ditto ditto 2nd 1 1 0 „ Ditto ditto 3rd „ 0 10 0 „ Ditto ditto 4th „ 0 5 0 „ No. 7.—The same for the Servants of Manufacturers of Ploughs (given by the Society) a prize of 2 2 0 jE28 2 0 CONDITIONS. The teams to be in the field at half-past eight o'clock, and to start at nine o'clock punctually. The Stewards to determine the depth and width of fur- row, and manner of ploughing, and may withhold premiums should there not be sufficient merit, or when any deception is practised. No person who has received a FIRST PnIzE for Ploughing, will be allowed to compete for any other than CHAMPION PRIZES. All kinds of Ploughs will be allowed; but to be provided with flays. THOMAS P. WILLIAMS, RICHARD PARSONS, and WILLIAM PlUDE are appointed Stewards of the Plough Field, who, with the President, are to ap- point Judges of the Ploughing. it Competitors for Farms, Roots, and in Servants' Class, are to notify their names and address by post to the Hon. Sec., stating the No. they compete for, by the 18th of October, and for all other classes not later than the 31st of October, 1864, on a separate printed return paper. An entrance fee of <5s. to be paid for each prize competed for in classes for Farms and Roots, which will be forfeited to the club if competitors withdraw. Subscribers of 91 Is. are exempt. The Schedules containing rules and regulations will be sent to each member in October, and any returns not sent by post will be rejected. Extra schedules can be had of the printer, price Sixpence each. THE ANNUAL SHOW WILL BE HELD I on TT-IURSDA Y, the 24th of November, 1864 Prizes amounting to about £150 will be awarded for Stock and Poultry, in the Yard. None can be admitted for competition after ten a.m. by the church clock. No one but the Stewards and Servants of Exhibitors allowed to be in the Yard during the time the Judges are making their awards. The Stewards will attend the Yard, near the Steam Mill, (kindly granted by the President,) from half-past eight till ten o'clock on the day of showing No bulls will be admitted loose, and the exhibitors must provide chains for the rest of their cattle. Judges of Farms, Roots, and Stock, cannot compete for prizes over which they are appointed Judges. The Stock to remain in the Yard till two o'clock, and will be open for Sale till that hour. Admission to the Yard, one shilling, (excepting the Stewards, Judges, and Servants in charge of the Stock, &c., from twelve till two o'clock. The members and their friends will dine on the day of the Annual Show, at the George Hotel, Chep- stow, at four o'clock punctually. Dinner Tickets, 3s. 6d. each, including dessert and waiters. After the cloth is removed, the awards will be read and the prizes paid over to the successful competitors. Parties wishing to exhibit Implements, &c., must give notice to the Hon. Sec. of their intentions, on or before the 13th of November, 1864 On the day of the Ploughing Match, and on the day of the Annual Show, the Bristol and South Wales Union Railway will run trains at convenient periods. All Subscriptions to be paid to the Hon. Sec. on or before the 31st of October in each year. Chepstow, Aug. 20th, By OnPER. I A USK FARMERS' CLUB. PRESIDENT His Honor JUDGE FALCONER. THE ANNUAL MEETING is fixed to take ± place at LLANDOWLAS FARM, near USK, On MONDAY, October 2ith, 1864, when the following prizes will be offered for competi- tion PLOUGHING. For Ploughing HaIf-an-Acre of Land in the best and most workmanlike manner, within four hours, with a pair of horses, without driver CLASS I.—CHAMPION PRIZES.—Open to all England, to be competed for by Ploughmen who have gained the first prize in any year, in the two following classes: First prize, £5; Second prize, £3. CLASS II,—To the Farmer (being a member) or his Son First prize, zC3 Second prizo, jB2. CLASS III.-To the Ploughman or servant of a mem- ber: First prize, E3 Second prize, JE2; Third prize, jEl 10s.; Fourth prize, Li Fifth prize, 10s. CLASS IV.To the Son or Servant of a member, under 20 years of age: First prize, dEl 10s.; Second prize, El. Teams to be in the field at 8.30, when lots will be drawn, and the signal for starting will be given at Nine o'clock. If not more than two compete, the second prize will be with-held. Flays to be used, and the ploughing to be six inches deep. lz!l FARMS. CLASS V.—A Prize of 23 3s. offered by His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, to the Tenant Farmer who shews the Neatest Farm, and the best kept Fences and Roadways, and displays the greatest economy in the management of his homestead, especially in the husbanding and preparation of manure. Entrance fee, 2s. 6d. THATCHING. CLASS VI.—For the best Set and Thatched Ricks, done by a Son or Servant of a member of this club, regard being had to the number of ricks: First prize, 21 Second prize, 10s. HEDGING. CLASS YII.—For Hedging Three Perches (twenty- one yards) within six hours: First prize, 91 Second prize, 10s. The Hedging to commence at Eight o'clock on the morning of the Ploughing Match. The prizes will be with-held unless there are three competitors. STOCK. CLASS VIII.■—-A Prize of zC5 offered by Reginald Herbert, Esq., for the best four-year-old Nag, by a thorough-bred horse. There must be at least five competitors, and the horses must have been bred in the County of Monmouth. CLASS IX-A Prize of £1 Is. offered by Messrs. Ogden and Co., Halifax, Yorkshire, for the best Pen of Six Wether Tegs. CLASS X.—A Prize of £ 1 Is. offered by Mr. Macfar- lane, for the best Pen of Five Breeding Ewes. CLASS XI.-A Prize of £1 Is. for the best Fat Pig, fed by a Cottager, and having been in his possession for three months. GREEN CROPS. CLASS XII.-A Prize of zC5 offered by Mr. Farlong, of Bristol, to the Tenant Farmer, occupying more than 100 acres of Arable Land, who shall grow the best Ten Acres of Swedes. CLASS XIII.A Prize of £ 3 offered by Mr. Farlong, of Bristol, to the Tenant Farmer, occupying less than 100 acres of Arable Land, who shall grow the best Five Acres of Swedes. The competitors to use at least four cwt. of Far- long's Artificial Manure to the acre. CLASS XIV.—A Prize of 95 offered by Mr. Roger Morgan, of Llanellen, to the Tenant Farmer who shews the best Four Acres of Swedish Turnips, grown by artificial manure. CLASS XV.—A Prize of £2 offered by the Western Counties' Manure Company, to the Tenant Farmer for the best crop of Swedes and Turnips, not less than Five Acres, grown with the Western Coun- ties' Manure Company's Manure. PRODUCE. CLASS XVI.—A Prize of .EL Is. to the Farmer's Wife or Daughter who shall exhibit, at Two o'clock on the day of the Ploughing Match, at the Three Salmons Hotel, the best sample of Butter, (not less than 61bs ). The exhibitor must have been in the habit of supplying the inhabitants of Usk with this article, either by attending the market, or dispos- ing of her goods at private houses. CLASS XVII.-A prize of Xi Is. to the Farmer's Wife or Daughter, who shall, at the same time and place as above, exhibit the best halfcwt. of cheese, of her own making. CLASS XVIII.—A Prize of 10s. to the Farmer's Wife or Daughter, who shall exhibit the best couple of Fowls for the table. To be bred and fed by the exhibitor. Notice of Competition for the Neatest Farm, Ricks, and Green Crops, must be sent in to the Secretary, on or before the 14th of October, and the names of the Ploughmen who intend to compete at the Plough- ing, must be given, and all entry Fees and Subscrip- tions paid to the Secretary, on or before Friday, 21st of October. The Committee reserves to itself the power of with-holding any Prize where the Judges consider there is not sufficient merit. The Members and their friends will dine together at the Three Salmons Hoetl, punctually at Four o'clock. Dinner and Dessert, 3s. 6d. Tickets to be had at the Bar. J. H. CLARK, HoN. SEC. The French Language. A TEACHER of the above, (a Parisian) is desirous of forming a class in Usk. Terms and other particulars may be known on application at the Post Office. rpHREE SALMONS HOTEL, JL USK. FAMILY PRICE LIST. WINES. s. d. Port (Draught) per Bottle 3 6 „ (Bottled) „ 5 0 » Extra Old „ 6 6 Sherry (Draught) 3 6 „ (Golden) 5 0 71 (Pale). 4 0 Champagne. 5 0 „ (Meet's Ist brand) 7 0 SparklingMoselIe. 7 6 Claret(3rdquality). 2 6 v (2nd „ ). 4 6 „ (lst ). 6 0 Rousillon. 3 9 Masdeu. 4 0 Hock. 5 0 ALE, PORTER, &c. Ale (best Burton) ..per Doz. pint bottles 5 6 Porter (London). „ 11 (Dublin) Cider „ Perry. „ SPIRITS. Brandy (Martell's 1st brand) ..per Bottle 5 6 (Pale) „ 5 0 Whiskey (Campbelton & Islay).. „ 4 0 » (Irish) „ Gin (2nd quality) „ 2 3 >< (1st „ ). „ 2 6 Hollands. 6 0 Rum „ 3 6 LIQUEURS. Curacoa. „ Maraschino Noyau iERATED WATERS. Soda Water, (1st quality) per doz. bottles 5 0 Seltzer Water „ „ 6 0 Lemonade 6 0 Potass Watcr" „ 6 0 Gingerade „ „ CIGARS. Estrellas .per Box 24 0 Habanas 34 0 Manilla Cheroots „ 30 0 Any quantity supplied at the same rate. Posting Arrangements on the most reasonable scale. To Anglers Visiting Usk. HERBERT WILLIAMS, Chemist, Bridge Street, H Usk, invites attention to his large assortment of FISHING TACKLE of every description, of first-class make. H. W.'s practical knowledge of the" Gentle Art," enables him to supply such SALMON and TROUT FLIES as are peculiar to the stream, and which will ensure success to the angler. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES.-Mohey lent j. in sums of not less than £100, on Personal Security, at a fair rate of interest. Also a largo amount ready to be advanced on Freehold Securities, for a term of years, at from 4 to 5 per cent. interest; charges moderate, and the strictest confidence ob- served. Full particulars forwarded per post, on receipt of six postage stamps. Office hours from ten to three.—Apply to Mr. SYDNEY T. EVANS, Land and Estate Agent, Old Masonic Hall, Newport, Mon. ■SIU9TNP3;SUI IIPIA}.I«NB .10 AJJBOX paxg Áq ajqt3jCi3d3.i 'sibsa 9 jo f 'g Iz 11 JOJ looolly oj 09:; niojj rang fuv OA^quBO noA'A^unoag [Buosiaj paAOjddy lfHM. JBIJJ aojueuBng Illti aij pm.) 'aj!'l tnoS eansuj puu l-uoj\[ 14iodwaN >100(1 '91 'SM¥TTlIA\,AY,JFi °) oS ASTJG; T pue dBaqQ is ieuojt juouog; o} nol jjX 'A, %i V 'Lai t)d Nil A TEA PARTY will be held at the BAPTIST CHAPEL, USK, on Tuesday, October 11th, 1864, in aid of the liquidation of the debt. Tickets one shilling each. Tea on the table at four o'clock. The South Wales Coal Company HAVING appointed Mr. WILLIAM JAMES their Agent for USK, LLAN DENNY, RAG- LAN and MONMOUTH, respectfully solicit a con- tinuance of that support of wbich, up to the present time, they have received so large a share, and which they take this opportunity of thankfully acknow- ledging. Orders for COAL, COKE, LIME, &c. given to the Salesmen at the above mentioned stations, will receive prompt attention, or to Mr. James personally, or at his address, St. Mary's street, Monmouth. igSg" Fire bricks, Tiles, Pipes, Slates, and other Building Materials supplied to order. MARKET STREET, PONTYPOOL. JOSEPH. SAUNDERS, FRUITERER, SEEDSMAN, &c., begs to announce that he has taken a License for the Sale of Game, and he begs to solicit the patronage of his Friends and the Public. CIGARS. Oysters, Pickles, Sauces, Plain and Fancy Biscuits, &,c., Always in Stock. WANTED, a very steady MAN to take charge of two or three Nag Horses, milk two or three Cows, and make himself generally useful about a house in the country. It married, without children preferred. Must be strictly sober and produce a good character. A cottage and garden found, and fair wages given.-Apply to Mr. EVANS, 15, High Street, Newport. WANTED,—A Man, as Loader, and to take W charge of Horses. House and Garden rent free. A married man preferred.—Appiy to Mr. COLEMAN, Prioress Mill, near Usk. mO MALTSTERS.—WANTED, a steady, expe- X rienced Man, to work a small house. Must be well recommended —Apply, Z.Y., OBSERVER Office, Usk. TO BE LET—A Cottage, adjoining the Baptist Chapel, Usk.—Enquire of Mr. Wm. THOMAS, Bridge Street, Usk. TO BE LET.—Four Acres of good AFTERMATH GRASS, near the town of Usk.—Apply, Mr. J. NASH, Castle Inn, Usk. 1^0 BE LET.—A convenient CIDER MILL, with every convenience for making, per day.—Apply, Mr. J. NASH, Castle Inn, Usk.