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EPITOME OF HEWS Lord George Campbell, eon of the Duke of Argyll, has been nominated a naval cadet. All the French men-of-war are, for the future, to have small steamers on board, to be used in case of need. ^dies aj;e being- used .as reporters by the Philadelphia papers. We liave no doubt that they will mate very •efecien-u and agreeable members of the press. Gardiner, the New South Wales bushranger, has ^n?J^enCe? U?'?er t^ree several convictions, and as the ???ct 111 succession, he is condemned to penal servitude for thirty-two years. At a recent trial of the Ames rifle gun at Bridge- port, a shell weighing 1071b., with a charge of 251b. of powder, went a distance of seven miles and a quarter in thirty seconds. A splendid paddle-steamer, built of steel ?VfiS;^fnLeVr0^/ne,Mersey for Halifax, en route for i1- Tlle new vessel is named the Colonel Lamb, and is intended for running the blockade. „■ London, says the Court Journal, is now connected with Sidon, and with .Jerusalem bytelegrapb. How strange ° J Bitfle lands invaded by modern inventions and improvements! T i ? i on» M.P., has proposed that Lancashire shall for the future get up an independent agri- showof its own, being at present co-partners with neighbouring-.counties.. The death of Mr. Joshua Bates, partner in the eminent house of Baring Brothers and Co., has just bjen announced. M. Van de Weyer, the Belgian Minister, married the,daughter of the deceased gentleman. At the meeting of the Mersey Docks and Harbour -board, held last week, it was resolved to have a nautical SJ? Jvwlbl £ measi»ed out in the Crosby Channel, at a cost Oj. i-m), for the purposes of speed testing. The magistrates of the West Riding of York- ^F?+- Te Captain Armytage, of the 6th West York Me governorship of the Wakefield Prison, vice Air. it. bhepherd resigned. The post is worth about £800 a year. By some returns we notice that the entertain- ments given by the City upon the entry of the Princess of Mfll.Tr™ f upwards of £ 5°.°00- Sumptuous as the Guildhall banquets are known to be, we suspect that so rich an en„i ce never graced a City entertainment before. The brig Buceleueh, from Leghorn, has just arrived in the St. Katharine's Docks, having on board the six children of an Englishman named Carney, who had been sentenced to eleven years' imprisonment in Leghorn for the murder of his wife. The French papers comment upon the English- man s love for sensation, and remark that the English public seem so entirely engrossed by the trial of Muller that they are almost oblivious of the death of their distin- guished countryman, Captain Speke. tcw 9° r1 seQ.neiace of the prevailing epidemic at estmmster (scarlet fever), which has proved so fatal in ^ei4^p°furx100 of Dean's-yard, Smith-square, and A i:h^re"?SSe^1I?g of Westminster School was postponed to Monday, October 3rd. An actress at one of the larger Paris theatres is w £ I™8 "? actl0n ?Sainst a minor actress for imitat- ^5- ^er/eSfcurtS1 aiId ™lca Stould the decision 0f the have to be careful! outraged artiste mimics will The traffic receipts of railways in the United the last week in September, on ll,fL8 miles, to £ 6^,127; and for the corresponding week of last year, on 11,1-16 miles, to £ 649,653: showing an increase of 482 miles, and of £ 48,47-1 in the receipts release At a recent meeting at the Sheriffs' Court, Red Lion-square, the following names were "proclaimed-"— aTaSrsjss,80™01 tie »*» for the fifth and last time. It is stated that. owing to the death of Mr. Bradv ?h tlie ? r EIy-' the da»?bters of Dr. Brady, M.P. foi the county of Leitrim, have inherited a for- tune of upwards of £ 1,000,000. The'deceased gentleman was the grand-uncle of the young ladies, who arlnowina convent school in France. m<t Prom an official return just published it ap- pears that the cases of sickness in the French armv have been two and a half times as numerous as in the British but that the number constantly non-effective from sickness and the sick time to each soldier have been nearly identical in the two services. It appears from statistics just recorded that Yar- mouth lacue3 must seek consolation from other sources than Yarmouth, for were all mated there would beaSyS I 'l l* The men being m the minority let their T?™n S are, it is said, more difficult to catch at Yarmouth than any other fish, including red herrings. A dealer in old books in London has occasioned a good deal of amusement to those who have inspected his stock by the curious labels which he attaches to different works. What, for instance, would Dr. Johnson say to the foUowingr-Lundun, and how to see hit;" and another labelled Leives of they Poayts—price 'arf a erown ?" Valencia, on the coast of Kerry, has just been the scene of anJttteresting ceremony—the laying of the founda- tion-stone of a life-boat house. The event created quiet a stir in the town; all the gentry were present, the coast- guard turned out, and the vessels and yachts were gaily decorated with flags. ° Their Highnesses the Maharajah and Maha- ranee Duleep amgh arrived at Thetford Station, Great Eastern Railway, on Friday, en route for the Print's new estate m Suffolk. As this was the first occasion on whieh the Maharanee had visited the place, the public at Thet- ford manifested considerable curiosity to see her. I At Stutton, Suffolk, a. boy of eleven has killed a companion of thirteen, by pointing a gun at him which he had capped, but supposed unloaded, and firing- The con tents entered the head of the poor little fellow but in an interval of consciousness before his death, he acquitted his companion of any malicious intent. A telegram was received a few days ago by Messrs. Glass, Elliot, and Co., announcing the. re-opening of the Malta and Alexandra telegraph for thd transmission of messages to Egypt, India, China, Australia, &c. In less than twelve months, it is supposed, the telegraph wires will run completely round the world. "ires « D^ing.the.past week the visitors to the South Kensington Museum have been as follows —On Monday Tuesday, and Saturday, free days, open fronTten a^m te ten p m. 12,234; on Wednesday Thursda^ and Friday, students days (admission to the public, Od ), open from ten a.m. to six p.m., 1,300. Total, 13,534. Prom the opening", of the museum, 4,857,322. A serious accident occurred the other day in the Piumstead-road, near the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich It appears that a horse and cart-the latter containing three men and two females-came in contact with a laden coal wagon. The cart was upset, and the parties thrown out with such \iolence that three persona received brokenlimbcj and were conveyed to a hospital. The newspapers were in error when they stated that by the death of the Duke of Cleveland Mr Henry Vane would be heir-apparent to the present duke, the fact being that Mr. Frederick Milbanke, second son of Mr. and Lady iVblbanke, is heir-apparent to the Rabyand other estates now in possession of the Duke of Cleveland. Lady Augusta Milbanke is the duke's sister. At the last Cornish ticketing 4,506 tons of copper ore realised £ 20,871 16s. Averages —qtnwio i 16s.; price per ton, £ 4 12s. 6d.: produce 6.' There we're 2o4aons 6 cwt of fine copper. Compared with the previous sale the standard has advanced 18s., and with the com sponging monthly sale on August 18, £ 3 5s. Price ner unit sale on Thursday last, I6s. 4|-d. P mt) Captain Burton has been removed from the cousulate of Fernando Po, in West Africa, to that of Santos, m South America. The rule of the Foreign Ofiice iq to allow six months' leave of absence on evers chans-e of residence-; these six months will be devoted by Cantain Burton to renewed explorations in Africa. He honi« ascend the Congo to its source. opes t0 Two brothers, named Gregory and George Pigott, axd a man named Brice, were rowing up the river Thames m a small skiff on bunday, and when near Battersea thev RILIV F?,UI01 A SAIHL1F barge' by which their skiff was unset and .all three were thrown into the water. By the exertions of people in tae vicinity Brice and George Pigott were resetted, but Gregory Pigott was drowned. The Manchester Free-trade Hall was -crowded on Saturday night, the occasion being the fir-af annual festival of the Lancashire and Cheshire Band of Hope Union, which brought together 4,000 children and half as many adults. The chairman, Mr. Alderman Heywood stated .tha.t it was probable the city council would pass one eighth of the Permissive Bill unanimously, by adopting for the city the Public-houses Act ot fast session. A movement has been commenced among the clerks in .the corn trade for obtaining a half holiday on Saturday. A munerously-attended meetfe^ held on Monday evening at the Corn Exchange, Mark-lane, to -ive impetus to the movement. A series of resolutions were unanimously passed, declaring that the offices of corn Z- chants and t^eir stands might without inconvenience he closed at two p.m. on Saturdays. Information has just been received by the metro- politan police that George Hage, who was conyicted and sentenced in lStil to ten years' penal servitude, had suo- ceeded in effecting his escape from the Criminal Lunatic Asylum, at Broad Moor, Berks. He is described as twenty- four years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, fair complexion auburn hair, and stammers in his sgeech. At the time of escaping he had on the usual convict clothing, each article marked with the name of the asylum. ° One day last week the workmen encased in digging out the eaj-tli in Mr. Hill's brickfield, IIford Essex came upon a mre specImen of fossil remains. When about sixteen feet from the surface the tusk, with part of the skull attached, of some gigantic animal, was discovered, and close by there lay a pair of horns, very much resembling those of the buffalo, but somewhat more curled. The tusk mea- sured twelve feet in length, and nine inches in diameter at the thickest part. The proprietors of the Atlas Works. says the Army and Navy Gazette, have succeeded in rolling an iron plate, -six feet fey seven feet, and thirteen and a half I inches thick. The idea, of manufacturing so enormous a I plate originated, we believe, with Captain Inglis, of the Royal Engineers, with a view of ascertaining if it would be desirable to protect casemates with such a powerful covering. The plate has been forwarded to Shoeburyness, where it will be exposed to a very trying test. There is some difficulty^ deciding the exact age when a man becomes entitled to vote. The revising barrister at Leeds lately decided that a voter must be twenty-one before his name can be inserted on the register, so that a person must be at least twenty-two before he could exercise the franchise. At Kidderminster, however, last week, the sitting barrister gave an exactly opposite decision, ruling that a man was entitled to vote if he was of age when his year of qualification expired. On the 1st of October six additional money order offices were ordered to be opened in London and the suburbs, and twenty-one offices of the same class at different places in the country. Two offices, in Liverpool and one in Birmingham are abolished, and one new office has been opened at Liverpool. Four money order offices will be opened on the first of October in Scotland, and one in Ire- land, at Arran Island, county Galway. In Canada, South Australia, and New Zealand, new offices will be opened.




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